10DLC - Part 2

Watch this webinar replay to learn everything you need to know about A2P 10DLC.


Here are the summaries for all the parts of the Salesmsg 10DLC Compliance webinar: Introduction to 10DLC Compliance and its importance for text message marketing. Overview of 10DLC Compliance and how it differs from A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging. Explanation of the different use case categories and how to choose the appropriate one for your business. Discussion of the registration process for 10DLC Compliance and the information required to complete it. Explanation of the different 10DLC Compliance packages available and how to manage them within the Salesmsg software. Q&A session addressing common questions about 10DLC Compliance, such as how to know when you are about to exceed your package limits and where to find billing information. Final thoughts and call to action to leave a review for Salesmsg and reach out for help if needed.

Morning and we are all right so again we are at the top of the hour i want to be very conscious of your time this is very important uh and so i'm excited to share with you all the great stuff around A2P 10DLC and so the title of this is everything you need to know about atp 10 dlc and before i get too deep can can you guys just drop a comment in chat can you see my screen okay i've done a lot of webinars and the worst thing about doing webinars not sharing your screen and everyone can't see it so just want to make sure we are good all right i can see yes yes yes perfect thank you so much all right so the title of this is everything you need to know about a2p 10 dlc i'm going to wrap it all up in a nice tidy bow so you can walk away from this and knowing exactly what to do or to not do and this is a step-by-step guide to get a 99 open rate with text messaging the whole reason why this whole atp 10 dlc exists uh and we're going to dive into that so i am joined with my co-founder uh he said you got to make sure you put cpo in there and so i did so cpo chief product officer uh and cto and so um sergey is doing um i appreciate you for joining sergey is sort of that technical brain um and then i'm the the messaging the marketing the the product brain and so we we join forces and as uh sergey says we have a good venn diagram so needless to say is all the great features all the great product that you guys are seeing is because of sergey and our amazing development team we have um sergey heads all that all your feedback that comes through it's through sergey and through our team so he's gonna be joining me adding uh sort of my right my right man right here my right side so sergey thank you chris all right excited about the webinar let's get started all right let's do it so uh what you are going to learn today again it's my goal it's my mission to support you on this whole understanding of what atp is how you can navigate through it and so really the first thing is what's the new rules for sms text messaging right sms we're all using it and so what are the rules what is this this all these new changes that are coming uh what is a2p10dlc don't worry i'm going to get into what the abbreviations and you know the naming of all this stuff is we're going to dive into that so what exactly is it right what's the benefit there's a reason um that this is important so what are the benefits for a2p 10 dlc what's the process for registration you know businesses that are messaging in the united states they need to go through this process we're going to dive into that and some deadline dates this is really important we have what i would consider plenty of time uh within the next couple of weeks to get what you need to get over to us and through that process so we're gonna dive into that and then we're gonna open up for q a so again if you do have questions pop them in the q a section you should see it in the zoom bar there's like chat and qa chats for chatter qa's for hey i got a question can you answer that so we're gonna dive into that all right so let's uh let's get into it so this is really a once in a decade title shift in how businesses message consumers and this is not just something that hey it's you know i've heard of regulation happening you know for years around messaging but this is one of those like this is a big deal so we're going to dive into that and again it's just something that is necessary needed for the industry and so let's talk a little bit about the power of sms i think we all get it right i don't need to to harp on this but you know sms gets a average open rate of about 98 right when you combine that or look at compare that to any other channel sms is the king kong for engagement right so businesses that want to engage with contacts engage with customers engage with leads sms is that channel um 90 open that text message within the first three minutes i've seen all sorts of stats from like 85 within the first 15 minutes the point of that is like oh wow people are going to actually open up your message so if you really want to get something out there sms is the channel to do that a 45 average response rates if response is an issue for you and your business with other channels sms is that and so there's high value in sms as a channel to connect there's really three things you got email you got calls and you got sms now granted there's a million other channels but those are really the the three main ones that you're going to connect your leads and customers and so messaging isn't a nice to have anymore it's really a prerequisite for success and again we've got calling which isn't as successful as it once was um we have email and then we have sms as a channel so as a business owner you really want to take an omnipreneur omni channel approach and sms can do that now here's the big problem right which is unwanted text messages decrease trust how many of you guys show hands drop it in the chat here have you ever gotten an unwanted text message i got one today right we get them all the time and so what this does is this is an erosion of trust and the carriers realize that they're like man we got to clean this up can you imagine if your gmail account was just full of all sorts of pills you wouldn't use it right like you would not use that tool in that provider and so they take extra care and effort to ensure the quality and integrity of gmail uh well the carriers want to do the same thing okay yeah pre-election was uh was insane so unwanted text messages they come from short codes right or shared short codes in most cases um and they come from 10 digit phone numbers so you probably get a text or it's got a whole long string of a link probably somewhere and it's from a local number and so the carriers realize wow because it's so easy to get a local number well then bad actors are going to take advantage of them you know when you have a shared short code bad actors can hide behind that short code which is used across tens of thousands of customers and a bad actor can sort of send those messages through and they really ruin it for the rest the way i got is like you've got shared hosting and somebody starts sending spam email on your web server and then next thing you know you uh you can't send an email but you're sharing it so uh here's the whole deal behind this and so i'm going to talk about this a lot which is the carriers want to know two things they want to know who you are right as a brand as an individual and then also as a brand and as a company and they also want to know what are you sending right now they don't know you for a company and and who you are right like who's sending those text messages what company or what individual and then what's the type of content you're sending you know they want to know those two things to keep that integrity um around the channel so what is a2p10dlc uh what it means is application to person and so this is really any text message sent from any software to a consumer and so what this means before there was a p2p or p2p texting but the carriers have sort of now blanketed and said hey look every text message that's sent across any software that's a to p it's application to person therefore it has to abide by these rules and regulations uh and then the 10 dlc just stands for 10 digit long code right so a local number like this 561 878 your number you have on sales message is considered a 10 digit long code there's other types of numbers we'll get into that so sort of what i talked about with email is you know you have your esps so you've got yahoo and the gmails and hotmail and aol and you know they all have their sort of providers and the way they filter and spam and do all that sort of stuff some are better than others and then similar to that you have your mobile carriers so like the gmails of the world are really on the email side and you have a t and sprint and verizon that are on the mobile side right these are the quote unquote aggregate you know these are the platforms from which you can deliver uh text messages right so if we look at this right we've got email we've got sms so esps right well the esps are gmail and yahoo the carriers are t right we've got spam and blacklisting on email we've got filtering and blacklisting that happens at the carrier level from text messages we've got unsubscribes and we've got unsubscribes as well which keep you in compliance for sending text messages right sales message has those features you have certain laws that are like can spam and uh in the sms world we have tcpa ctia all these acronyms for regulation right who can send text messages how can you get them delivered you know all of that legally is around messaging at least in the united states right uh you have dkim spf records this is on the authentication of like hey that's that company sending email well 10dlc is essentially what the other side of dkim is which is the authentic the authentication of your messages who are you and what are you sending and so before this was sort of a black hole well now 10dlc fits this little area does that make sense all right hopefully i'm not getting a little too technical here but at the end of the day is they just want to know who you are so what are the types of numbers right we've got short codes which is the five digit number you get those typically marketing messages you've got toll free numbers which are 888 you know 866 you've got 10 digit long codes intended at long codes right you can see on the right side there really is not information that the carriers know but if you get a short code guess what we take you through a process our team like david and alex will walk you through how do we get your shortcode provisioned you've got another brand and the use case and the consent and there's a whole process takes eight to 12 weeks to get a short code right they've actually simplified that but there's a whole process to get a short code even provisioned toll-free similar to that you can get a number but to go through it's optional to get sort of approval 10dlc they never had that well now they do right and so it's the carriers understanding who you are and what are you sending and it's mandatory right shortcode mandatory toll-free number optional uh 10-digit loan code mandatory everybody has to do it so which numbers require 10dlc might be asking that question so shortcode nope you don't need to do it toll-free number nope you don't need to do it however if you have toll-free numbers mixed with local numbers you got to do it right so if you have local numbers which is in the most case for all sales message customers there's a handful that maybe just use landline numbers you don't need to do this so if you have a landline number um well you don't need to do 10 dlc sergey am i is that is that correct just so you understand sort of the track that's that's exactly right nothing but local numbers are subject to uh 10 dlc rules and and this is this is exact reflection of it awesome cool and uh and that's it so if you have land lines and that's all you got cool you can you can skip this however if you ever go to acquire another local number on the sales message platform those are considered 10 dlc those are local numbers now if you just went straight toll-free numbers you don't have to go through this process or at least you're not filtered in a way so what are the benefits right there's a lot of things around this but what's the benefits of 10dlc we understand why they're doing it but how are they really going to help you as a business by by going through this process well one is improved deliverability how many of you have had carrier filtering right like we all have maybe you're sending messages and you're like why didn't that message go through well similar to the way email providers provide filtering and spam traps the carriers do the same thing and the reason they set a lot of that stuff up is because they're like whoa this is a brand new number never sent any text messages to that person and it includes a link whoa that's a little fishy and it looks sort of spammy let's block it however when you go through this 10dlc process they're going to put you into a separate pipe call it an approval pipe right hey i'm in this approval pipe i can start to see better deliverability of my messaging right so specific sms routes for approved businesses number two is increase throughput and speed right so faster texting very quickly you've got um one sms per second on local you've got up to three sms per second on toll free and then if you're on a short code you can send up to a hundred text messages a second that's the way it's always been however i'm going to show you how you can get more throughput and so lower costs as well so if you want to do high volume messaging traditionally before you'd have to get a short code well now you don't have to spend thousands of dollars wait six to twelve weeks to get a short code you can do a high volume sort of messaging on 10dlc um all right so requirements first of all caveat this is only for sms traffic meaning if you are only canadian which right now sales message serves us in canada if you're only sending text messages to and from canadian numbers this doesn't apply to you however if you're sending messages in the united states to other u.s numbers 10dlc is a requirement for that we can get into some of that maybe you have a question if you do let us know so again they want to know who you are and what you are sending sergey let me stop there anything you wish to uh talk about here no i think uh chris i think there are a couple of couple of things that's worth reiterating this is not an optional thing this is something that everybody must do so this is not the mandate by by sales message this is really something that the industry entire industry is moving to and from our perspective even though it's inconvenient even though it's laborious this is what this is what's going to keep the field clean and all the deliverability alert rates that you were alluding to um they're gonna remain high and so this is a good it's a good thing even though it's a complicated thing yeah exactly and the complication trust me on the back end there's a lot of magic happening behind the scenes but we made it so simple for everybody to register so um so let's get into really these two packages and so um when you think of package it's not like sales messages creating this package is sort of an industry term for like the path you take and so i just i was like you know what let me make some icons uh to make it easy so you're gonna be the once you go through this we've got the package icon for store starter and then we've got the rocket icon for standard so how do we determine what package we are on very simple okay so which package is for me this is a simple flowchart and do you have or plan on having five or more local numbers right if your answer is yes you are standard package and we're gonna get into the details of what that is um if you don't have five or more numbers you go in the know path and then the next question is hey are you sending or plan on sending more than 3 000 messages per day from local numbers if your answer is no well then you go into the starter package right so if you have five or more numbers or five or more local numbers or plan on having five or more you'll have to register and it's a requirement from the carriers to register for standard if you answer no to those your starter package so i'm going to do a quick poll here i'm going to get fancy so i just popped up a poll let me know what package do you fall under right are you a starter are you standard are you not sure if you're not sure go ahead and post a question or post in chat david our team's here to support you and maybe you don't know how many messages you're sending you don't know how many numbers you currently have on your on your sales message account the way to check how many numbers you have is if you go to settings and then if you go to um you've got members and you've got inboxes and you can sort of add that up if you've got more than five then you're going to need that but again our team's here to help you out if you don't know then just ask a question someone will reach out to you and we can sort of put you down that path so the good news is so i'm going to end this poll right now thank you everybody we got a good amount of people that filled that out if you haven't i'm going to shut this off in three two one all right cool there we go so i'm gonna share those results with everybody so it looks like starter package about 49 standard 32 and then there's about 20 set 20 of people that are not sure don't worry about it we are here to support you to make that decision most likely you're going to fall under the standard or the starter package um and uh when i say package we have nothing to sell so this isn't something we're gonna upgrade you or upsell you into this is just part of the part of the the phase you get all right so again starter package five or less local numbers right or uh you're sending more than 3 000 messages per day that's the starter um and so here is the registration if you fall under the starter package right so the 49 of you good news you don't have to do anything we already did that for you in fact if you go into your account you will see that this has already been done for you so the good news is you've already we've already registered you for free there's no cost for the starter package right and so uh you can go into your account in fact let me see uh how what that looks like i'll show you a second i think we got a slide there um so the standard package right again more than five local numbers or you're sending more than three thousand messages per day you fall under the standard package right so if you you know you're you know your starter great if you know your standard it's good to understand both of these and so we're going to dive into into that so here is what these options look like right so throughput on a starter package you'll get one to two mps which is messages per second right which in most cases is totally fine right you're sending out conversational messages if you're in the standard package again you go through this approval process and then you can send between three or 180 messages per second 100 messages per second is a lot 20 messages per second is a lot right so but either way you get this sort of throughput option now there are daily message limits so the carriers are sort of putting a daily message limit of 3 000 per day for the starter package in most cases most people aren't sending 3000 messages per day so not to worry about that standard package there's actually a daily limit based on a trust score which we'll get into local phone number limit five you can have up to ten thousand local numbers on the standard package um and don't worry we're gonna send all the stuff out so if you have any questions around what do i do you know all that stuff we have got you covered we've got great resources to point in the right direction the brand registration is individual so we send to the carriers is basically the individual information i'll go into that and then for the standard there's a business an ein number is required or a tax id number is required there's a lot of verification that happens from the carrier level around who that company is we'll dive into more of that registration for starter is instant we do it automatically for you the registration for standard package is uh you gotta register over in sales message we're gonna walk through that registration fees it's free for starter everybody who starts on sales message automatically gets pushed into starter so that registration is free and then to go through the standard there are some fees we're going to cover all that brand and carrier fees um okay so registering your business right so the starter package not that you need to know this information but obviously we want to be as transparent as possible in this process um all right can you guys see my screen i want to make sure no good yep perfect okay so the starter package again when you create a sales message account we automatically push you into the starter package and the carriers are requesting this information so first name last name email billing address and phone number sergey has done some amazing magic sergey if you want to maybe speak to how we're sort of doing this or treating us love to uh hear your thoughts on that all right chris um let's see what's what's on our next slide maybe we'll show the actual the actual example okay so a couple of things to reiterate uh what chris already already mentioned um for everyone who's our customer or you just started trialing sales message you already achieved a base level of compliance because we had registered on your behalf we registered you for the starter package and if you go into the administrative section of your account you should be able to see your statuses approved and uh and again which is the very very few accounts that that achieve that got some kind of error this is what you should be able to see now we're aware of any and all issues that are occurring with any of the account registrations so you you don't even need to alert us we're doing this on your behalf if we need to re-register it or rerun the process we're actually doing it without you prompting us now our customers fall into two buckets or or two and a half buckets i would say the bucket number one it's the starter package and there is nothing really for you to do uh bucket number two you are actually exceeding on either on a daily basis you are exceeding three thousand messages or you have more than five numbers if that's the case this is the banner that you're gonna see you're gonna see the banner to prompting you to click on the registration link and bring you to the account and you will see register for standard button you see at the bottom of the screen uh next screen chris chris yep yeah so this is like you know the starter it shows approved and and okay sorry that that already switched all right cool so if this is this is your starter screen you don't see a registration button so there's nothing to confuse you there so if you don't see any alerts or anything like that that basically means you're in full compliance and your limits have not been exceeded next all right so the standard package registration so this is the information that's going to be required now standard package we we try to make it as simple as possible for the registration purposes but there's still quite a few steps to go through so let's just let's just detail those out even though there's a lot of information that's been asked it's fairly straightforward so once you have chris if you can go to next screen um so this is what's going to happen once you click the button and start the registration process this is you're going to see that sorry it's already in progress and just on the first step we're asking some general information next screen chris uh business information is going to be asked on the next screen uh next chris all right so this is this is just some business information that that needs to be communicated and moving to uh uh points of uh for the continent let's talk about a couple things on here as well sergey which is uh in this section you know we mentioned the ein number so you know a tax id obviously here in the united states is it's a tax id number and so that tax id um is what the carriers are sort of looking up and so they want to make sure that you know this is a business and so if you don't have a tax id number then that will probably cause some sort of failure to be approved and so you know it says business registration number you can also put in a duns number um i believe duns number is the other the other option so if you have a dun and bradstreet number which is like nobody has that but if you got it you can use it if you have an ein well then you'll put your ein in here and this is just the information that we are passing to the carriers creates a profile and then it goes through submissions so there's really two parts there's brand uh registration which is these steps uh and then there is the campaign registration so it's a super simple process should take you a couple minutes um and sergey i'll just uh i'll pass it to you here uh chris thank you for reiterating that once you once you put your business information we will help you uh will help you determine your your dance number your en number but you need to you absolutely need to verify that and just to make sure it's correct and again the reason we're harping on this is because the entire process should be fairly seamless you should be able to almost instantaneously once you fill it out you should be able to get your your trust score which is we're going to cover a little later and you just you should get a you should should get a status which will alert you to exactly what's happening however if you don't provide the correct information the entire process could take up to seven days with on average being two to three days if the information is incorrect so please fill it out to the best of your ability as accurately as you possibly can so up to this point you could see on the step number three you had provided the official for the officials for the business business representative so now now you have registered at this point you already registered your business and now it's the time to declare your campaign right so this is this is the next major step that you need to do uh next screen chris so at this point you are you need to identify your use case and declare your campaign now what what are the campaigns basically you need to you need to tell us what exactly are you using are you using sales messaging for uh what do you what are you texting what is what is your specific case what is your business and what exactly what exactly you're you're gonna do now this is gonna determine this is gonna determine the cost and it's also gonna determine what it what throughput for your campaign is you're gonna get and we give you a couple of examples of uh uh if there is a drop down that you could select from and we give you a couple of examples of the use cases that you could specify again the more the uh you you should have that and these are the different campaign types between higher education and marketing and mixed and polling and voting so these are the uh by by and large you should you should fall within some kind of category on this list and if you don't please let us know and uh we'll add it in yep yeah and so you know if you get here and i think you know i was telling sergey i'm like man people they don't know what to choose right and so uh these use cases you know it's not so much around choosing the wrong thing uh it's choosing something that the majority of your messaging is going to be used for right so account notifications not a lot of folks are really going to use that right we're not really a notifications platform uh customer care so if you're using this for like customer support account management you know customer interaction um that's that delivery notifications probably not a use case on sales message like it's not like hey you're you know your tracking number is that most people aren't using that for sales message higher education so for your college or university it's probably the one that you'll want to choose marketing right if you're using it for promotions or limited offers i wouldn't select this if like the majority of your messaging is conversational and then yeah we do a little bit of marketing messages you'd fall under that next category so i would say you know if there's you're looking at this and you're like um you know marketing is probably and we'll get into like risk factors on what the carriers look at but marketing is sort of like they don't like it so much and so um if you're using it just for that yes like that's the category you should choose but also understand that sales message is not just you know a messaging platform like that so um mixed is again sort of you know customer it's a mix of sort of all these things that's a good category to choose polling and voting we don't have polls or votes in sales message not yet ta-da but uh we're getting there and so it's probably not a category you choose public service announcement you know maybe your government agency or something like that that would be that audience so those are the options there's always more that are coming up there's special cases but that gives you a good sort of example on which one to choose again i would say most people are probably going to choose either mixed or customer care totally depends on your business but that would be my my high level understanding on most of our our users um and then here's just a couple sample messages so when you're going through the process for registration they're like well again what do they want to know they want to know who you are what types of messages are you sending so a great way to just pull up a message is like go to some of your chats and just like oh well here's a typical message that i send a lot that's a great sample message so just go to your chat see which messages you know are sort of you're sending a lot that becomes your sample messages here's just some ones that you know we have in here um these are not by any means like vetted by the carriers so it's not like these messages you know you can just copy paste and then you'll get like great approval um so these are just some examples but again best things just go to your account take a look at it and see what you're sending and pop that in in a in the sample message there um and then uh circuit i'll let you uh yeah wrap it up and once you once you have again the steps one two and three you could think of them as basically just registering your business and then campaign registration is on step four and once you have once you have completed all that you're basically ready to accept terms and conditions and you're at the end of the at the end of the process so by this time um again majority majority of our customers um we've seen filling out this forum it takes somewhere between five to ten minutes assuming you uh you have most of the information is to go through again laborious but not something that should take you hours and hours and hours so again within five to ten minutes you should be able to get to the very end of it yep yeah it takes a couple minutes now um all of this what this comes down to is the trust score in fact let me show this slide because it paints this picture here so the 10 dlc truss score this is sort of like the reason for doing this yes we now have uh messaging scores just like we're getting other scores out there right so we've got 10 dlc trust scores so you fill this business registration this processes through what's called a campaign registry campaign registry looks at all this information it's an algorithm i don't have any influence over it i wish i did and they spit out a score and go here you go here's your score and that's what it looks like right here so this is you can see standard package it's been approved and then your trust score is a 46. we're going to have some other help information here so you may be wondering what does that mean we're going to have some links that will show you what that means so if you're seeing that now and you're like well i don't know what that means if you go to help.salesmessage.com you can see our 10 dlc articles on that and so here's what it means again this is represented in one of our articles and so you get a trust score right so starting at the top right which is really the highest score think of it like a credit score for your messaging um you've got high performance right you've got messages per second up to 180 uh you've got you know 66 through 85 is your upper mid you get 30 nps a second and let me just say 30 messages a second is a lot of messages right 30 messages times uh and that's a second 30 times 60s what yeah 18 hundred i don't know i'm really bad at that so um anyhow it's a lot of messages that you can really push out very quickly all right 26 through 65 is three messages per second even that's pretty good and then you have the low which is 2.2 and so again that truss score gives you the throughput um and there's the the packages in fact i think let me get to i think there might be another slide in here yeah before before you're gonna you're gonna do that so just a quick word about the about the truss score you're gonna get it's easy and especially because chris compared it to uh to your credit score meaning that if it's lower it's bad if it's higher it's it's better but it's it's not necessarily how you you should think of it lower doesn't mean doesn't mean worse it's a combination of of your business information and the use case you have provided so basically some of the some of the scoring that carriers give you um is based on the information that you gave so it's not don't think of it as is good or bad think of it as well this is consistent with the information i have provided now if you provided the information that's uh that erroneous and you need to you need to fix it somehow then come back to us and there's a dispute process that you could go through but again as chris mentioned some of the some of the messaging throughputs is quite high and i i would encourage you to think about it uh in terms of well if i need to if i need to dispute this because i want it higher there's a there's a cost associated with it and there's an effort just think about if you really really really need it and if you truly provided the information that it was not consistent with what your true use case says then certainly come back to us and we'll help you yeah yeah and we uh we actually have a question on that too we'll get to um cool so once you understand your trust score and it's fairly instant you know once you go through that process uh i believe it's it's somewhat instant within a couple of minutes um but up to what 24 hours is it sergey it actually so if the information you provided is inconsistent and it takes quite a long time it could be 24 48 hours but the true sla could take up to a week on average it should be should be within minutes um if it takes longer don't uh don't think that something is broken it could be one or two hours but again if the information is incorrect it could take much longer right yeah and maybe um and we'll get to it too but maybe you submitted it maybe it's still in progress just reach out to our team uh this is all fairly new for us and everybody else and so it might be some some sort of lag also if it fails too just get in touch with our support team and we can troubleshoot through that usually it's just one sort of piece of information that's missing or incorrect or invalid that we need to uh to do that so the big question here is like great this is all awesome chris but like what's the cost right so again if you're on the starter package well then there is no cost to that and when i say cost these costs we don't make any money off of this so like it's not like hey we're gonna charge you this and we're gonna mark it up there is no market these are the carrier fees google it go look at all this is the standard raw retail or wholesale rate for carrier fees and so we don't charge anything we don't make any money off of it we pass those fees down to you so you can essentially message on the sales message platform so if you fall under starter cool you're good there's no fee however once you reach those limits you'll then have to register to become standard you'll go through that process we went through and these are the fees associated again these are the carrier fees this is not sales message sergey is not buying lunch based off of this so we've got brand registration right which is a one-time fee of 44. okay um and we've got a t-mobile fee this is a one-time t-mobile fee so if you look at the grand world of messaging in the u.s we've got the big boys we've got atnt uh you've got t-mobile who now owns sprint so t-mobile and sprint collectively own about 60 some odd percent of the market so they like apple can enforce a fee so it's a 50 fee uh that goes to t-mobile which again sort of encompasses t-mobile internet all right at least that's my understanding sergey is that is that correct right that's that's exactly right chris and one of the one of the things that's also important here if you uh you register for uh for standard if you if you truly need standard and you and you're gonna you're gonna want to register it uh for it then 50 fee for the t-mobile is waived until october 1st so hurry up and do it if you truly truly need it that is very important so if you don't want to pay that 50 t-mobile fee go right now and start this process um if you wait until the deadline which uh we'll you know we have a slide later but the deadline is the end of the month so september 30th at midnight you gotta get it through if you get it on october 1st october 1st going forward these are these sort of additional so if you don't want to pay a t-mobile fee fill that registration out if it comes back failed let us know we'll handle it and make sure that that gets complete by the end of the month so you can save on that um so the one-time total fee is 94 bucks right 44 plus 50 and then you've got a monthly fee that again the carriers um are applying to essentially your 10 dlc plan right so that's between two and ten dollars a month right so the recurring fee is two to ten bucks a month uh if you were to do the math you know the low end it's 96 bucks um so after you go through that whole process what sales message does and in fact we actually you know we don't submit this yet but there is that fee and so when you go through that whole registration we essentially submit those costs on your credit card on file and then obviously we then pay the carriers for that so that's the fee to fully go through the registration um i'm sure you may have questions if you do please post it we're david's doing a great job of responding to those answers we're gonna go through some of these questions too i think it's great great questions everyone so thank you for that all right so that is the brand registration right so 10 dlc registration carrier fees and then you've got the messaging carrier fees now one thing to note too is there's always been messaging carrier fees we just never told you about them right because it doesn't matter to you guys and so um we've never talked about carrier fees because you just pay per message and that's it and so but what happens is those carry fees we we assume those costs uh for you guys and so um uh these messaging fees uh are slowly sort of increasing and the penalty uh for not registering there are penalties therefore the cost of this so one of the things that will happen fairly soon is we're just going to pass those fees down to you guys uh and so if we look at this so like single use non-marketing fee guess what a t has a a fee and this is the fee from the carriers there is no negotiation this is the fee we just pass this to our customers right so that's 0.002 for sms mms which is multimedia that is sending pictures or images or gifs vcards that has a higher fee of 0.0035 right mixed in marketing 0.003 for mms inbound and outbound by the way 0.0035 and then you've got the boys over at t-mobile and sprint they have their own fees so again these sort of main three companies make up the larger market and so you know if i send a message to sergey and sergey's on t-mobile well and i'm registered well i'm going to pay that 0.003 right now if you're unregistered meaning you are on you're on starter which is already taken care of we already took care of that for you so everybody that is a sales message customer has applied for starter you already are approved but if you don't register your standard package then these will these unregistered penalties which is aka higher prices for for messaging so you can see here the whole red line just shows you hey here's these fees and again these are not sales message fees these are the carrier fees um that uh are that that is the cost percent messaging so you don't want to pay higher fee you want to register so here is the deadline the deadline really is september 30th at midnight uh and so you register you don't pay a penalty you don't pay the fee you'll actually the like sergey said is the 50 t-mobile you that will be waived so you don't have to pay uh the um that carrier fee did not register well you're going to pay a penalty right so what's the next steps well if you are in standard package you sort of went through that little funnel there you can take a look at your account it's already been applied for you're good nothing to do there and then the standard package just make sure you register before october 31st or september 30th at midnight um you'll want to do that right so there is the deadline um and that's it so hopefully that makes sense we've got a bunch of great questions here so don't leave yet because i think a lot of people um probably has some of these questions sergey before we move on is there anything you'd like to mention dive into now i think i think you're you're pretty much covered what needs to be done again we're gonna it gets a little nuanced with the standard package so uh so bear with us and uh if you have if after the webinar you still have some questions please don't hesitate to reach out we want to make it as chris mentioned at the very beginning want to make it as transparent as you as we possibly can and we have accumulated a lot of knowledge on this so we'd love to pass it along to you so let's dive in all right so again if you have uh questions please post them um in chat i see them in q a and so we're going to run through probably the most important ones and then your questions we'll dive into that i'm here to stay as long as possible to help make sure everyone understands [Music] where they're at so again if you're not unsure on which package you are standard or starter uh you're already registered for starter so that's number one but for standard if you don't know which one well then go ahead talk to our support team we're here to help you and make that decision and it really comes down to two things hey do you have enough numbers are you sending high volume if so then standards for you so sales message the only company this affects no this affects everybody any platform so it's not like oh these sales message guys no no go anywhere everybody's doing it they have to and so it's not just sales message it is an industry wide change and update for the better i believe which numbers require 10dlc registration local if you have landline numbers which one of the cool things of sales message whether you know it or not but we can text enable your existing landline so if you're a doctor's office and you've had this number for 30 years right well we can text enable it that keeps your calling with your telecom provider and texting can then live on sales message so if you didn't know that well now you know and so we can text enable your landline numbers you don't have to go through 10dlc because it's not considered a 10 digit long code or a 10dlc number um toll free you don't have to do it shortcode you don't have to do it but again the moment you start adding local on there after five you need standard we already registered for for starter package so you don't really need to do much what countries does this affect it's just the us so messaging to us-based phone numbers that affects that if you're just messaging two canadian numbers maybe you got a us number that you're sending messages to it's best just to register you know if you plan on doing messaging you know in the us well you got to go through it right if you're just canadian then you know maybe you can get by with like just having unregistered traffic you're just going to pay a higher fee you know if it's like a small small amount but it only affects in the us so um circuit [Music] all right what happens if i don't register for 10 dlc standard package okay so there's you there are going to be start starting october 1st there are going to be some deliverability issues and additional carrier fees we're including the matrix in the in our support uh in our support article there is there you will see if there if you don't register there your carrier fees are going to be higher and eventually there is going to be some penalties where your message throughput is going to is going to go down and then potentially things are going to get blocked so this is and we're going to try to protect everybody by by simply not allowing you to exceed now uh this is why i was referring to some of our customers falling into two and a half buckets because some of our customers are already there so we we can't we can't stop you or we can certainly alert you to uh to the fact that you're about to send more than 3 000 messages but but if you have more numbers we need to do something about it so you do need to register yep yeah and uh and if you don't i mean again there's penalties you're gonna pay a higher price but also deliverability which is really at the end of the day you want your messages delivered so they're gonna treat that traffic not as whitelisted they're going to treat it just like you're sending pills so you don't want to be in that category right so uh that's that's the idea with that um i've applied what my status shows has failed what do i do what does somebody do in that case well in that in that particular case it could be an instance where you provide any information that's not consistent that's it's not correct so the best thing to do is to reach out to us so majority of the failed statuses are really non-recoverable we need to we need to try to understand what occurred and we have actual error messages that are passed to us from the carriers so we we can try to figure it out with you so if you see things fail please don't hesitate to reach out to us because it's not going to correct itself yep yeah our team can can help you out and again this is all fairly new so you know our team is working hard they have been working very hard to make sure that this is simple and easy and you know all things work correctly but truth be told it's software stuff doesn't always work perfectly and we'll help you out so not not a big deal can i dispute my trust score [Music] and trust score is certainly disputable it's not guaranteed your trust score is going to go up but this is something you could certainly dispute again keep in mind there's a fee associated with it and it's not always um sometimes you're absolutely okay with the score that you got and you just want it higher again that's why i encouraged everybody not to think of it as high and low the score is consistent now within that consistency you might be able to get it higher if there is a form of dispute and you could certainly do that at this point um all this is what one-off cases and we we're going to help you handle it yeah um very good all right what happens if i add my sixth phone number all right so again keep in mind that six is a magic number but it's only applicable to local numbers so don't count your toll-free numbers don't count your landline is in in that number now we're actively going to stop you from adding the sixth number and we're gonna what we're gonna do is once you're going to try to add the sixth number we're going to tell you you need to register if you're on starter you need to register for the standard package if you don't do that we won't allow for you to do that we won't allow you for you to violate the rules and again this is for everyone's protection so if you're going to try to add the number one thing you could do is swap swap out the numbers for some reason but at the end of the day you will have to register yep yeah and uh and maybe you go to the settings you're like i don't see the registration for standard um just reach out to our team you know we set it up so you know you know if you don't need to register then we don't give you that ability but again once you sort of reach these caps then we reveal hey now you need to go through the standard account however if you want to just go ahead and register for standard then our team reach out to them they can provide you a link and that will take you through that standard process there um can i sergey can i apply for the standard package while on the starter package you absolutely can as a matter of fact you you can have you can have multiple packages existing at the same time so don't think when you're gonna when you're on a starter package and if you're applying for standard something is gonna stop functioning that is not the case things are gonna function in parallel and we are not going to switch you until we're 100 sure that things have succeeded on the on the standard package so you certainly can apply for uh for a standard package because you think you're not sending uh the high volume messages um just yet but you're planning to and you're gonna add more numbers um so if you're anticipating that and you you're okay with the fees that come with as part of the standard please do it and you certainly can very cool uh sergey can i downgrade from standard to starter so this is a this is somewhat of a unique case so you uh at the time at the time that you uh thought that you were gonna send something but something didn't come together and you're not gonna do that so you're you would like for those uh recurring fees to go away yes that is possible currently that's not an option we offer directly within the software we don't want to confuse everybody but on the back end we have an option of doing that so please reach out to support and we could certainly switch you back to standard uh back to starter yep all right uh when does my daily limit reset this is um it's a good question so uh circuit there there is a this is a really good question because what happens is um we're calculating and the carriers are calculating the total number of messages so really total number of message segments to be to be precise so don't think if you haven't reached 3 000 yet you haven't you haven't broken the limit you potentially could have if you your message is multi multi-segment so you have 3 000 messages or 3 000 message segments within the 24 hours now this 24 hours is calculated from a utc perspective utc is the standard time and this is you could see a table in front of you in terms of what that time is so you could think of from an eastern standard time between uh from eight o'clock to eight o'clock the next day p.m you're gonna you're gonna we're gonna count your 3 000 message segments so within within that so if you're scheduled to broadcast that's going to exceed something where you could just wait and uh and send it again uh next day as long as it doesn't exceed 3 000 messages you're good yep yeah and this is you know the carriers too and i think there's some conversation around like well that's sort of weird why not just do that at midnight so they may or may not change that up but these are essentially the times in the u.s from like obviously 8 pm to 5 pm so so it resets there um cool all right um how will i know i am about to exceed the starter package limits again another really good question so the way you're you're gonna know is so if you fall into a bucket where you already exceeded it where you're going to see you're going to see a banner and we're going to send you an email that you have exceeded the limits if you're about to exceed it so in other words you're still within the balance of a starter but you're about to exceed it we'll send you an email as well to let you know now if you're about to add a number um that's that's beyond five that you already currently have we're gonna we're gonna let you know right away that that's what's going to happen or you inviting a team member that that potentially could exceed it then the only option they're going to have is toll free because toll freeze toll-free numbers don't fall under the 10 dlc rules and that's going to be the only option for selection yep cool last question that we have and then we'll dive into the uh q a questions here that we can we can dive into uh where will i see my 10 dlc one time in recurring fees okay so all the fees that are associated with 10 dlc you're going to see in the billing section you're going to you're going to be able to download a pdf detailing it out and you're also going to be able to see in the billing info section uh administrative portion of your account so you should be able to go there and basically see a complete breakdown and uh and be completely apprised of what what are those pass-through fees from 10 deal from carriers are um are going to be applied to your account or have been applied to your account yeah yeah and uh and this is still sort of a work in progress here but you'll basically see sort of a line item on your subscription and it will be you know 10 dlc registration 10 dlc carrier fees so you'll be able to see exactly what what those fees are um all right cool so we've got some other questions here i'm going to stop sharing and i want to just bring us live here all right so hey everybody all right a good question from chad and david answered this already but if we use multiple systems um actually sorry let me take a look there we go all right so if we use multiple systems for texting do we have to register for 10 dlc on each platform is registration per phone number or per business sergey do you know the answer to that i i do so the registration is per per business now we have no way of looking up other carrier or other providers so if we we don't know about your registration so if you're coming in you have to go through this process again if you use multiple platforms unfortunately you will have to do it multiple times chances are in the future there is going to be a standard lookup and we're going to be able to look up your status and where the registration is no longer going to apply but currently there is there isn't such a registry yeah or there is a registry there is no lookup so we we cannot we don't know therefore you have to go through this process yeah i think um at some point the carriers realize that like why you charge all these carrier fees per platform doesn't make any sense so i'm sure they'll come up with something just right now uh they don't have it um all right so uh this is a good one so say we have five number five users with numbers and then one number that is used collectively does that put us at six numbers actually you know what before i get to that um chad's other question is is registration per phone number or per business uh the answer to that is per business so it's not a per phone number thing it's just it's your brand right it's your campaign and then that overlays all your numbers so it's not a per number thing it's just a company thing and then a sort of use case and that's what they call it a campaign use case um all right libby thank you for the question uh say we have five users with numbers and then one number that is used collectively does that put us at the six numbers uh what would you recommend to consolidate so we use the starter package sergey do you have an answer for that one i do so it's um from uh from a carrier's perspective it's completely irrelevant how many users you have as long as the number exceeds five and those are uh five local numbers it's gonna be applicable to 410 dlc rules the way the only way to do this is basically consolidation of the numbers so in other words don't have individual numbers have more shared inbox numbers and under those shared inbox numbers you should be able to stay within the balance of five or choosing a toll-free number again keep in mind the toll-free numbers are going to be deliverability and throughput is going to be much much worse so you need to you need to then also analyze your traffic going through these numbers and making sure that the ones with the highest deliverability requirements are actually under they're not toll-free numbers yep very cool um ranjit great question what about canadian companies what business registration number do we use uh and so again if you are a canadian company sending messages to us phone numbers you have to register um again starters already taken care of but to register for standard you have to register again if you want to be in compliance um and so the other option is if you don't have a tax ein number which is a united states thing then it will be a duns number i believe done bradstreet has a canadian sort of offering as well that then is the number that you would use for that so um hopefully that answers that uh let's see here we go joshua thank you for the question what's up josh what if the use case is only one-to-one messaging between a sales rep and a prospect is that customer care um i have my opinion on that what do you think sergey um it does it does fall under um customer care again uh think of it in terms of exclusivity right so if you only exclusively use it for that purpose then that's that's the choice you make now the safest choice is mixed now then you're not gonna you know that does not open it's it's basically very broad and this is what you should choose choose a specific one when it's that and only that and you're 100 sure yeah yeah um and really the use case too it's like uh you know it's it's it's so early just to know like what what the carriers would would see that as i mean everything could essentially be customer care right um but you know also the sample type messages so they want to make sure that that matches with sort of what you provided and trust score again is that's the brand side of it and then the use case you submit then that gets into nps and those sort of message throughput all right so how do we get stats on our sales message triggers looks like david provided that um okay uh rachel or raquel are we safe to assume that if we already signed up for with sales message that the numbers we have are already compliant or registered or do we have to still register um again the good news is when you create a sales message account sales message like magic automatically registers you for the starter package therefore making you quote-unquote 10 dlc compliant once you sort of move up the chain with adding more numbers or sending more messages that's when you are required to register for standards so um in your case you don't have to do anything rachel simply because we already registered for you so this webinar didn't have to exist unless you start to meet those those requirements there um is there a page that shows what package we are on yes um if you go to your settings you go to believe organizational stuff organizational settings and you will you will see it there yep you can see it over there and uh this is a good one um caleb thank you for the question he says does the starter package expire sergey package uh it depends what you mean by expiration and in what sense starter package does not expire it just it remains and as a matter of fact multiple packages can can exist in parallel and it just really depends which which one are you using and again if you are we're automatically switching you between the starter and the standard package when you're exceeding when you have registered you have exceeded the limits you have registered you now successfully receive the score then we switch you nothing really expires yeah um cool i mean we've got tons of other questions it looks like david um thank you david i appreciate all the follow-up with everybody again rock star thank you this way chris to cut you off dave you're you're a hero behind the scenes yes sir i salute you my friend um cool what i think obviously we're over time i want to thank you uh thank everybody for joining us hopefully this gives you uh some some good ammo to understand where you lay in this whole landscape for most of you you're already approved for starter if you need to go through standard package we have a whole process that will walk you through that if you come up with any issues or any problems we're here to help connect with us on live chat you can go to our help center we have documentation on 10dlc what this stuff means all of that and if you have any questions um feel free to reach out one thing you know also is like you'll never make the wrong decision so like if you go up against oh my god what use case do i choose um just choose one that again if you were to choose a safe route choose mixed but unless it falls into that direct category then choose that most likely you're not doing delivery notifications so that could just be an option you don't even look at so um not to fear at the end of the day your messages are still going to get delivered you're still going to get approved and you will just throughput really is the only thing that that matters but if you're not sending tens of thousands of messages it may not apply to you so don't be scared don't be fearful there's really nothing to fear um just go through it if you get stuck we're here to help you out and if you have any questions um you know how to find us so thank you everybody have a great rest of the week i hope this was awesome sergey final final answer what do we got guys thank you so much and chris thank you for letting me be your sidekick awesome awesome presentation and guys ton of ton of information a ton to know and a ton to ask about and so please don't don't hesitate we we'd love to help absolutely on behalf of everybody here at sales message thank you so much also too if there's any features you want to build we love building features and cool stuff look at sergey smiling from ear to ear so uh let us know if there's something you really want we love um hearing your feedback and um if you thought this was awesome here is one thing you can do right now we would greatly appreciate it go to google type in sales message and leave us a five star review um either on google or on capterra we would really greatly appreciate it and um yeah thank you so much that's all we live for it's just your feedback so thank you so much thank you guys have a wonderful day bye ciao
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