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This video presents a walkthrough of the Salesmsg and HubSpot integration for franchise-based businesses. It covers how to set up Salesmsg and HubSpot, how to invite franchisees to Salesmsg, how to manage subscriptions and payments, and how to manage contacts and lists. The video shows how the integration can be customized to fit the needs of franchise owners with different usage levels and budget management preferences.

Hi everyone. We are back with another feature Walkthrough Video. This one in particular is designed for franchise based businesses. So if you are a franchise and have taken the first step to empower your team with HubSpot as your tool of choice for sales, marketing and support with the features I'm going to walk you through today, you can take it a step further and give them the power of, of business messaging. A powerful channel for engaging customers to all your franchise owners. Go from zero to 10, effectively and efficiently. So this is somewhat of a detailed walk through. If you're watching on YouTube, you can um, go back to the previous sections as needed by clicking on the timestamps in the description. So in today's Walkthrough, I am going to walk you through first as kind of a parent organization or the HQ. How you can quickly get set up, get up and running with Salesmsg and HubSpot. Once you've done that, how you go about inviting your franchisees one by one into Salesmsg so that they can take advantage of the features that Salesmsg offers. How we can manage subscriptions payments and plans, whether you want to do it in a centralized or a decentralized manner. And then we'll go a little bit deeper into the day to day management of the tool once all your franchise owners are onboarded. From creating a template organization to cloning and mapping HubSpot teams, to how contacts and lists are handled. So again, it's much somewhat of a detailed walk through. Feel free to go back to the sections that you feel more interested in. All right, so the first step obviously is if you are not a Salesmsg user, is to start your free trial. And once you do that, connecting to Salesmsg is actually quite simple. So you'll navigate to the organization settings in the main app, ah, and then you will be able to integrate to HubSpot. As long as you have the login as the admin of HubSpot, you should be able to do that. I'm not going to walk through that in detail in this video. But there is, if you go to help and HubSpot integration, there is a detailed guide that will walk you through how to integrate into um, HubSpot with all the details that you need to know. Now as a franchise, um, who is using HubSpot, ah, you are most likely taking advantage of the HubSpot teams feature to represent all your franchise owners across whatever regions you operate in. So, um, I have a kind of a simple example here in our demo environment of multiple regions and then multiple franchises under each region. So the thing here is, doesn't matter what hierarchy you have, we have an easy way to map that into Sales Message and extend um, the application, the tool Salesmsg to some or even all of your franchises without changing any of your structure here in HubSpot. So what does that look like? So once you are up and running as kind of the parent, um, organization the HQ if you will in Salesmsg, your first step will be to come here to organizations and then start creating organizations. So an organization here, you can think of it as one of your franchise owners. So once you go about that, here is where it gets really powerful. You can use your integration, in this case HubSpot to map to existing HubSpot teams. So, as you can see here, all the teams that I just showed here are visible for you from within the application. And then if you go about, let's say, for example, under Miami we go ahead and create a third team or a fourth team here, Miami Four. And I save that if you go back here and just refresh you'll be able to see this new team is here for you, right? So you select the team that you want to invite a Salesmsg. You type in the email address of, let's say, the franchise owner or whoever is handling marketing for that regional team, uh. And from there, we give you a lot of flexibility, actually added flexibility for franchise based businesses to make this, scaling this very easy for them. So let's walk through that. You can go about first either with one of our standard plans and if you have different franchise owners with higher usage than others, you can customize which plan you give to them based on their size, on their need on their market, based on your understanding of how much monthly usage they would need. Or you can work with our team for us to craft a custom plan for you that will apply for all your franchise owners. This is a great option for you to take advantage of volume discounts whereby you will go and get one um, purposebuilt plan for the company as a whole. So that's kind of the first level of flexibility you get as you start to onboard these franchises to franchise owners to Salesmsg. The next level of flexibility is dependent on how you manage your marketing budget. Is it centralized, whereby there is a certain budget and then that is used to extend tools and softwares for all the franchise owners. Or it's decentralized where each franchise owner, they take care of their own marketing spend. So you can either pay right away, right as you invite the organization, or you can upload that to them and have them pay upon sign up. So once you go ahead and create the organization, what's going to happen is the franchise owner or whoever you're listed here as um, responsible for this application will get um, an invite. They'll be able to pick a Salesmsg number and then they will be up and running with the Salesmsg tool already integrated into their instance of HubSpot. So one of the key questions we get asked when it comes to franchise businesses is how are contacts and lists going to be managed? Given that centrally, you might have a lot of lists and contacts, but each franchise owner has their own list or their own subset of contacts. And that's one of the things that we put a lot of thinking into to make it as streamlined, ah, as possible. So let's take a look at example here in our demo environment, we have a whole bunch of lists mapped to um, a variety ah, of teams, right? As the parent organization, you have access to all of those lists. So if I go to settings here under the HubSpot integration, one of the features we have here is the ability to import and sync your HubSpot lists into Salesmsg. That way you can later send a broadcast or like one on one messages based on your HubSpot contacts. But as the parent organization here, if you select your HubSpot list, as you can see here, you have access to everything, right? But let's say you have already started creating organizations and you have invited, let's pick a team here, for example, Dallas One, right? As you can see, they have four lists dedicated to them in HubSpot. So let's see what that looks like in Salesmsg. So I believe I've already mapped this team to Dallas one. I'm just going to quickly confirm, no, that's Seattle Four and maybe this one. So yes. Dallas one. So one of the things we give you the ability to do as kind of the central team managing Salesmsg is the ability to assume organizations, which um, um, if you will, gives you the ability to remote into that account for training purposes to see how well they are using the application. But also, um, you can give them tips build templates for them, see how well they're using the application. So on their view of the application, if I go here and do the same thing I did for the parent organization and try to import HubSpot lists so as you can see, they only have access to the four lists dedicated to them here in HubSpot. That way you have the peace of mind that there is not going to be headbutting between all the different franchises for the contacts and the leads for the sales reps. All that is taken care of. So that's one of the ways these franchise features make it easy for you to get up and running and scale quickly with Salesmsg and HubSpot together. So last but not least here, if you go back to the organizations, um, I'm going to stop assuming this organization, go back to the parent account where you can do everything, literally everything from here. So you have the ability to create a template organization. Let's say you want to create one organization that have, um, the saved replies, the keywords. And I'm going to leave links to all of these in the description below so that, you know some of the features that are available for you. Um, but once you do that, you can start to clone that organization. That way you quickly onboard new franchises to the latest and greatest template, if you will. Um, and then it just makes that process more efficient. You can also refresh the team members and the contacts. Team members here is essentially who are the users who are on this team. When you refresh the team members, what ends up happening is that the contacts owned by these team members are going to be accessible for this organization and not for any of the other ones. Right? You can also, as you scale, you can see any pending invites. You can revoke the invites or resend the link for you to ensure that your franchise owners are taking advantage of the application. So that's the franchise feature for franchises, um, who are on HubSpot and would like to use business messaging through Salesmsg by all means reach out to our team. We can help you get started and grow quickly and take advantage of this awesome feature. And yeah, if you have any questions, by all means, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you so much…
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