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This video introduces a number of actionable analytics features that will help users track key conversion events for their business, including conversion tracking, click tracking, trigger and broadcast analytics, and an analytics dashboard. Users can create a conversion event, track the number of clicks on URLs, and monitor the performance of their campaigns. The analytics dashboard provides an end-to-end view of how the Salesmsg platform is being used, from messaging to calling to member analytics to contacts. Users are encouraged to start using these features today to get the most out of their Salesmsg subscription.

Have you ever wondered how effectively are you using Salesmsg to drive your business goals? Well, in this video, I'm going to walk you through a number of actionable analytics features that will help you do just that. First on the list is conversion tracking. Conversion Tracking is an awesome new addition to the Salesmsg platform that essentially was designed to help you track track key conversion events for your business. This could include the booking of an appointment, the subscription to a newsletter, or even the purchase of a product. Creating a conversion event is really simple. Simply hit Create Conversion and give your conversion a unique name, specify the URL of the success or thank you page that indicates a successful conversion. You can even specify like, a currency amount for the revenue amount for each conversion, and then choose a conversion attribution method. From there, you can add convergence to your broadcast. And by doing that, you'll be able to know exactly how much revenue and convergence each of your Salesmsg podcasts generated for you. Next on the list click Tracking. Click Tracking allows you to track the number of times the recipients of your messages clicked on URLs you include in your messages. It's there for you for both triggers and broadcasts. And the core part is, if you have more than one URL in the message body of your campaign, clicks will be tracked for each one. In addition to Conversion and Click Tracking, you also have triggers and broadcast analytics. These are a number of metrics that help you understand how effective your campaigns are. These includes things such as total messages sent, number of successful messages, number of failed messages, and even opt outs. You can also zero in on any of those metrics and see the actual contact and perhaps even export those results for further analysis. Last but not least, the analytics dashboard gives you an end to end view on how you and your team are using Salesmsg. From messaging to calling, to member analytics, to even your contacts, you can zero in on a specific day trade you're interested in, and even export a report for further analysis. This rounds it up for actionable analytics. Start using these features today to get the most out of your Salesmsg subscription, and if you have any questions, by all means reach out to our team. We will be more than happy to assist force you and give you the help you need. Thank you.
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