May, 2022 - Product Updates

Conversion Tracking, Media Library, Numbers Management, and More!


In this Salesmsg monthly product update, the team introduced several new features and improvements to enhance the platform's functionality. These include conversion tracking, a new and improved media library, a dedicated page for managing numbers, and Salesmsg triggers and actions for additional HubSpot workflow types. The update also includes a new HubSpot update specifically for the number field to give users more flexibility.

Hello, a Salesmsg Nation another month and another monthly product update. Last month the team got very busy building awesome features and improvements that will help you get the most out of Salesmsg. So I cannot wait to walk you through them in this video. First on the list is an awesome addition to the Salesmsg platform that we are very excited about and that is Conversion Tracking. Conversion Tracking tracking helps you measure the ROI and the impact of Salesmsg on your business. Setting up a conversion is really easy. All you need is a name, a URL of the success page of the conversion, a value uh for the conversion, and an attribution method. From there, simply add a conversion to any new broadcast you create and you'll be able to know how much revenue and how many conversions that broadcast generated. Next on the list is the new and improved Media Library. The team really took the time here to take what we built initially to the absolute next level. With the new Media Library, you have the ability to drag and drop files or use a URL to upload a file. You can also upload multiple media formats from images to videos and files in the same text message. Before you hit send, you can review what you have attached and delete any files if necessary. Once you hit send, the files will be rendered beautifully on the conversation timeline for you to know what you have shared with your customer. One of the biggest updates from last month is this separation of the management of Inboxes from numbers. As you can see in the settings now, you have a dedicated page for managing numbers. From there, you can add new numbers by either text, enabling a landline or adding a brand new toll free or local number. You can also release numbers that you no longer need. With just one click. You can simply assign all the conversations open with that number to another inbox and you're ready to go. As you may already know, we invest a lot of time in building one of the best HubSpot extensions out there in the market. And last month we did just that by adding Salesmsg triggers and Actions to three additional HubSpot workflow types including Ticket, Quote and Feedmack. Submission based workflows. Now use SMS to boost your HubSpot automations in no time. Using Salesman last but not um least, yet another HubSpot update specifically to the Actions Salesmsg. Actions for Contact based Workflows and this one is for the number field and will give you a lot of flexibility. Now you can use multiple HubSpot tokens and even a typed number in that field. This helps you have a fallback option if you have more than one HubSpot attribute that has stores the phone number, but it also allows you to send messages to a specific number if you have a certain type of workflow where messages need to be sent to a specific number at a certain step in the workflow. That wraps it up for this month, but there is still more to come and the best way to stay informed of the latest and greatest from Salesmsg is to subscribe and hit that bell icon. Thanks for tuning in and I'll see you next.
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