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SMS for All HubSpot Workflows, Advanced Send SMS Action, Import & Sync HubSpot Lists, Create & Update Salesmsg Contact Action, Outbound Messages Round Robin Assignment.


In this recorded webinar, Salesmsg presents new features and improvements made to the HubSpot Salesmsg integration. The presenters walk through four particular features, including multiple workflow types, new workflow actions, and more ways to bring Salesmsg and HubSpot into alignment. The webinar is designed to help attendees understand the use cases for these foundational features and how they can enable their business. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions during the webinar, and a Q&A session will be held at the end.

All right, we are at the top of the hour, so we can get started here, Ben, as our folks starts to trickle in. Hi everyone. Tawheed here. Thank you so much for joining another of our webinars that we do as we release new features and we take these as an opportunity to walk you through them and the use cases they can open up and enable for you. We got a pretty exciting agenda today. It's going to be a HubSpot focused webinar. Last month was a big month. We released a lot of new features and improvements and updates to the HubSpot Salesmsg integration. So fortunately we're not going to be able to cover all of them today, but we're going to go through four in particular, namely the multiple workflow types. A brand new workflow action that is very exciting. We'll do a deep dive on that. More ways to bring Salesmsg and HubSpot into alignment with the ability to import your lists to HubSpot and then a new workflow action. So one thing I want to say about these features as they go through this webinar is that they're more like foundational features that open up a whole suite of use cases. So although we can't cover a lot of all the use cases, we did select a few to go through today. But um, if you are unsure how these features can enable your business, by all means post a question in the chat or reach out to us directly after. We'll be happy to walk you through it in a lot more detail. And again if you have any other questions related to the features we're going to discuss, again post them in the chat. We'll be happy to take a look. Myself, Ben and I believe also David might be joining us shortly to the call and then we're also going to have a Q and A towards the end of the webinar, but you don't have to wait until then. So you might have seen us if you've joined one of these before. So myself. I'm Talhit. I'm the product marketing manager here at Salesmsg. And I got with me here my good friend Ben. Ben, why don't you introduce yourself? Yeah. Hey everybody, um, my name is Ben Francis. I head up the customer success and support team here at Sales. Message. So really helping our customers get the most value from their text campaigns, whether they're doing marketing, sales, customer engagement, or some combination of the three. If um, you're curious how you can best implement texting into your business and not sure where to start or if you should be doing it a specific way, m, I'm here to help as your resource. We also got David who is probably crushing customer requests as we speak, so he will probably join us a little bit later during the call. Yeah. Tal and I will be monitoring the chat directly. Um, when one person is talking, feel free to post your questions in the chat. Myself or Taller will pick them up, um, and either answer them directly in chat or if it's something that we can answer as a part of our discussion, we're happy to help as well. Excellent. So the way we're going to go through this, we're going to go feature by feature. Um, Ben and myself will be going back and forth. We'll flip between HubSpot and Salesmsg. We'll make it as interactive and as hands on as possible. One thing to note though, please don't worry about taking any notes or capturing all this information. This webinar is recorded and the recording will be sent to you afterwards. And again, even with the recording, if you still have questions, you can reach out. So I would say kickback, relax, enjoy your lunch if you're having it, and then just enjoy the webinar. So first on the list we got the addition of multiple workflow types for HubSpot and then I'm going to pass it over for you Ben, to kind of speak some through use cases this unlocks for our customers. Yeah, if you want to go and advance on the slides. And then we'll dig into exactly what it looks like in HubSpot directly. So from a high level, um, we've been integrated with HubSpot for a very long time, primarily on the contact record to be able to initiate a text message to your contact directly based on seeing some sort of value change on the contact record. Well, that's only one part of the equation if we're looking to do text messaging as a part of our marketing, sales and customer engagement campaigns. Um, so what we've done is we've built integrations with more of Hubspot's record types and workflow types to be able to add SMS as a touch point with your customers in more places. Um, whether you're doing top of funnel marketing type engagement, high volume outbound, or some sales qualification. Trying to get this customer deeper down the funnel, or getting a deal closed or even working a deal record directly. Creating a ticket within HubSpot directly for your customer service or customer engagement team, um, to manage as well as following up with customers to ask how satisfied they are with your brand. We cover all of those record types where you can add texting as an easy way to engage with your customers. Um, again, you'll get a copy of the slides afterwards, so no need to memorize anything you're seeing here. Um, but we'll dive in into the HubSpot platform in our demo account and outline a few of these workflow types that we have the Send SMS feature built for. Sound good? Cool. Perfect. So, do you want to share your screen bit? Absolutely. Go ahead. Cool. Okay, so can you see my screen top? Yeah. Ah, you sure can. Perfect. So we've got a couple workflow types in this demo environment already built and you can see here from the list view, we've got a contact workflow type, a deal one a ticket and feedback submission. All of the different workflows that we have the ability to use Salesmsg to initiate conversations with our customers wherever makes sense. Um, so if we pop into use case one, you have a funnel lead qualification. Your customers are entering our ecosystem and we're automatically applying a lead status to that contact record. From there we can initiate an action step to send an SMS, um, and introduce the brand to this customer. Ask if they're interested in setting up for a demo. Um, additional features directly from here. Um, so Salesmsg. By connecting Salesmsg to a workflow, you have the ability to drop in an action step four, send SMS um, into a couple of different places. So if you already have HubSpot integrated into your workflows, you'll likely see that the action step that you guys are previously using was Send SMS Deprecated. And um, the reason we named this deprecated a we don't want to impact your existing workflows by removing an action step but we have a new Send SMS step which has a bunch more granularity that Tau is going to get into in just a little bit. Um, but from here we've got a bunch of different options for, um, how we can define when we need to send a text to a customer and what we say as a part of that engagement. So for this specific example, we are querying off of the contact phone number. I'm selecting a specific number or smart inbox that this outbound message is coming from and then I'm crafting my message if I want to link to media assets, um, apply a tag on the HubSpot contact record. I have all of those options directly from here. So in this case we are trying to qualify this. Is this a marketing qualified lead or is this a sales qualified lead? Um, by asking them, hey, do you want to connect for a demo? Um, this actually will tie perfectly into a feature that we've just released called Text Join Keywords which will be coming out. We'll have a deeper discussion of that in our next webinar but you should also see it in your Salesmsg account directly. So customers are entering our ecosystem. We want to ask if they're interested, if they replied demo. We're going to use an um, if then condition, say if they did reply back with the word demo. Perfect, let's qualify. Let's get them onto a demo as quickly as possible. So find a time that works and we link to a calendar link or a call booking platform as quickly as possible and automating this process. The second we receive that demo reply text. From there, we then shifted into a sales qualified lead type of type of territory. So let's create a deal record. We'll use that here in just a minute and then let's create an internal notification for whomever is going to be listed as the deal owner, who's going to be facilitating this demo. And then we have the ability to enroll them into an additional workflow. Inversely, if we don't receive that engagement, we can do more of a nurturing type campaign to try to keep them in an MQL type of territory, set a delay, send a follow up text, change our call to action a bit, reinforce what brand is following up, which is great from a compliance perspective as well. So if we take a look at our next workflow, so we've gone from this MQL to SQL conversion. Now we need to move them further along in the process and start working a deal. So we created that deal record and last workflow. Now we can send a follow up hey, thanks for scheduling some time. Here's an appointment reminder type of text. If you need to reschedule, here's where you go, then we have that engagement. If we want to send an email or any additional steps, update records sign a task to follow up after the call into your sales team. Salesmsgs is one of many communication and steps that you can add into your workflows wherever makes sense. So we're going to operate on the assumption we had that positive engagement, we drafted some pricing, we sent that out to the custo…
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