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HubSpot Integration allows you to use all functionality of Salesmsg within your favourite CRM!


The video is a quick overview of native integration of Salesmsg functions into HubSpot. A quick walkthrough that will let you set up the integration between your HubSpot and Salesmsg accounts within few minutes.

Hey, how's it going? I'm Chris Brisson, the CEO and cofounder of Salesmsg. In this quick video, I'm going to give you an overview of how Salesmsg integrates into HubSpot. From a high level Salesmsg is a text messaging (SMS, MMS), calling platform. It allows you to send and receive text messages from local numbers, toll free numbers, and existing landlines. For mass texting we can also enable short code. For businesses that want to have conversations, two-way SMS, and want to deploy it across their entire team, you have it all tracked inside of a HubSpot. We do it better than anybody else out there. So let me dive in. First of all, you'll have a section where you can have multiple inboxes. An inbox could be a number, like a sales rep or a customer support inbox. You can have multiple team members collaborating and managing all those text messages from Salesmsg. You can go ahead and add a contact or you can search for a phone number. You don't have to import contacts into Salesmsg. We actually look at HubSpot CRM to see if that contact is available. If so, we'll go ahead and allow you to text that person right away to the phone number. You can send a text message, insert snippets or saved replies, and merge in HubSpot properties like a first name, a deal or a custom property. We can merge this information into our text messages. You can also send videos, images, gifs, docs. You can create audio messages or record a video right from Salesmsg. And all of this then gets tracked into HubSpot. If you go to these settings, we have a phone number of our Atlanta office, we have multiple team members here. We have some really cool ways allowing you to round robin conversations based on a HubSpot contact owner. All calls that you make from Salesmsg get logged inside of HubSpot activity, you can mark them as unread, you can export these conversations, change the opt-in status. If you want to opt somebody out so they won't get text messages, you can easily do that. Plus, if somebody replies “Stop” or “Cancel” or using some other colorful language, you can opt them out. We do it automatically and you can do it manually too. More importantly, it gets posted over to HubSpot property. You can also do scheduling. If you want to schedule a message for a later date, you can do that. You can see all the conversations here. You can call, you can create a new text, you can see which ones are mentioned, who has opted out, which ones are blocked, closed and, more importantly, you can go right to the HubSpot record. So let's take a look at a couple of things that are revealed here. You can send and receive text messages from a contact record, from a company record, from a deal, from a ticket, from, all the different areas within HubSpot. So for example, I can go over here, I can log this up, it's going to pull up and I can easily send a text message. It's all in real time. If I reply back to that text message I received, we'll easily see it populate here inside of Salesmsg. So, I'll go ahead and send this in and we should see this text come in in real time, right? You hear a little sound, it comes in so you can easily reply. You could see that it's unread and you can choose to reply. You can also add a note for your internal team. If you want to tag a team member, you can easily just tag them, they'll get a notification. If you want to switch over to an inbox, you can easily just switch over to an inbox, all from HubSpot. Again, these messages get posted over to the timeline. Another thing, Salesmsg will create custom properties. So if we go down here, we can take a look at Salesmsg properties. We actually create a lot of properties that give you the ability to run reports on all the data that exists inside of Salesmsg we reveal to you inside of HubSpot. We have a product or an add-on called PhoneCheckr. This will look up whether it's a VoIP number, a landline, a mobile phone number or a bad number. We'll push here the carrier name, we'll create the last activity date, last contacted, last SMS, the opt in date and status, opt out date, total messages sent, total messages received. The beautiful part about this is these all then become the ability for you to run reports right from HubSpot. Let's go over workflows. We have a couple of workflows here: attract, engage and delight aligned with the HubSpot ecosystem. You can build text messaging into any part of a HubSpot workflow. It works on contact, on company, tickets, quotes, and conversations. It works on every single workflow type where you can add a text message. One of the examples is a chat bot. If you want to capture a lead from a chat bot and immediately engage with SMS, text to join keywords. You can go over to the actions, type ‘Salesmsg’ and you will have two actions: one is to create or update a contact or to send a text message. We would just put the phone token here which is the phone number of the contact. We can choose a specific inbox to send the phone number from or send the text as coming from. We can also select a HubSpot contact owner if we want the text to come from the person who actually owns the contact here. If you're assigning leads to certain people you want that text to come from that person's phone number. You can easily set up a contact owner and we'll send the message out from that person’s number. Another thing is an inbox ID that creates a very scalable, dynamic way to send text messages. You can type in your text, you can put emojis, you can put any tokens that are in here. If you want to do MMS, send an image or a GIF, a V-card, a file, you would just put the URL in here and we will include that in the text. You can also tag them. From Salesmsg tags, you can segment your list. Then if you want, you can add an opt out message, which would be ‘Hey, reply stop to end’. That's how you would create a text message here. We also have the ability to include different triggers like when a contact is created, a message has failed, a message was received, a phone call was received, a phone call was restarted. All of these become trigger points of enrolment, enrolling folks into a workflow. Moreover, you can send mass text messages to HubSpot lists. If you want to send a message to a group of people from a HubSpot list, you can do that. You can even do recurring broadcasts and you can use a HubSpot workflow for that. We can select a new filter, a HubSpot list, and there it is. I can send this to 118 people, select that and then boom. Among other cool things are workflows, keywords and built-in analytics. Keywords are like text to joints, for instance, ‘Text Love to 5522’. We have beautiful analytics with any information you need: average time to first response, average time to respond, average time to close. Some of these metrics are important for particular roles, so we reveal all of that within Salesmsg. We also have the ability for a franchise account. If you have an account where you have one HubSpot instance and are using teams to manage access, we have a really amazing way to make that work. Last but not least, from a compliance standpoint, we have a simple process to get 10DLC approved, which is the compliance around being able to send text messages within the US. We have that for local numbers too. We also have calling compliance. STIR/SHAKEN, CNAM, these are the ways to ensure you don't show up as spam likely when you make calls. We have toll free compliance, it's a TCPA, it's a compliant platform and we have all sorts of different security with two step authentication, email-to-SMS, etc. If you want to import your HubSpot lists, you can do that as well. From a pricing perspective, Salesmsg is quite affordable. We have plans that start out at $25 a month, then $49, and it can go up to a custom price. Hopefully that gives you a great overview of our HubSpot integration. If you have any questions, definitely reach out to us and our team. And we look forward to working with you and showcasing all the other amazing features that Salesmsg has to offer with HubSpot. Thanks so much. Hope you enjoyed the video, talk to you soon. Bye.
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