SMS Integration for Slack Makes it Easy to Send & Receive Business Texts Right From Slack

Finally! A simple SMS integration for Slack to send and receive business texts.

SMS Integration for Slack

We’re excited to officially launch the Salesmsg SMS integration for Slack today!

Our integration for Slack brings the power of Salesmsg's scalable business texting platform with Slack's robust features for real-time communication. So whether you and your team need to send off a quick text or collaborate as a team to manage text message conversations, you can now do it all right from Slack so you never miss a message.

We've completely build the integration for Slack from the ground up, making it simple and intuitive to send, receive, and manage your text message conversations in just a few clicks. You can even apply tags, assign conversations, add notes, and click right to the conversation in Salesmsg.

And if you're using an integration like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive, or another CRM, all of your text messages are logged to your CRM automatically.

Send & Receive Texts From Slack

For all the Slack fans out there, with the Salesmsg-for-Slack integration you can now send and receive SMS right from Slack! Simply integrate your account and map your inboxes to Slack Channels.

Send sms from Slack

Send Texts Using Slash Commands

Start a new Salesmsg SMS conversation in no time with the a Slack Slash command. Simply type forward slash, Salesmsg, the from and to numbers and the text message you want to send.

Send SMS using Slack slash commands

Reply in Threads

Replying to SMS conversations in Slack threads will help you and your team stay organized and focused . You can open, close and reopen  conversations as necessary.

Reply in Slack threads

Assign Conversations To Your Team

Assigning incoming conversations to the appropriate team members is very easy. Just click on Assign Member from the drop down and chose the right team member to assign the conversation to.

Assign conversations to your team

Add Private Notes

To help you better collaborate in Slack, you can leave conversation notes in Salesmsg threads. This feature is perfect for answering questions, coaching your team members, and more.

Add private notes

And here’s what else you’ll love...

👍🏻 Text from any phone number - Get a local, toll-free, short code, or use your existing landline phone number.

🎵 Never miss a text - Get notified right in Slack for any new incoming calls and texts right within your Slack channel.

😃 Send SMS and MMS texts - Reply to texts with images, gifs, emoji's, and more to richen your conversations.

☁ Send "saved replies" to save time - Select an SMS message from your list and we'll send it right away.

📚 Apply tags, add notes, and assign conversations - Manage your contacts and conversations right from Slack.

This is just the start. We’ll soon be introducing many more great features to make this integration even better.

Start your free 14-day trial today!

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