Added Value of Email to SMS for Your Business

Unlock the Power of Text Messaging with Email to SMS, the game-changing feature that lets you receive and respond to SMS messages right from your email or HubSpot inbox. Learn how this tool can help you stay connected with your customers and manage your multichannel communication all at one place.

Added Value of Email to SMS for Your Business

Using several applications at once can be an exhausting routine, that’s why Salesmsg is constantly trying to improve your experience bringing to life all possible and impossible integrations. This time, we created a feature that allows you to forward incoming SMS messages to your email addresses. This new feature has been developed to make it easier for you to manage customer interactions by bringing SMS messages directly into your existing inboxes. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of the feature and provide you some insights to showcase how you can use it to improve your business performance.

Single Thread Conversations

With the ability to forward incoming SMS messages to email, you can now have all your conversations at one place. All messages from a single conversation will be shown as a single thread in your email inbox. This means that you can easily keep track of your conversations without having to switch between different platforms or apps.

Respond to Text Messages via Email

Another benefit of Email to SMS is that it allows you to respond to your text messages from your email inbox. This means that you can reply to your customers' messages from your email inbox without having to log in to the Salesmsg app, a great time-saver for busy business owners and customer support representatives.

Third-party Apps

In addition, Email to SMS also allows you to integrate your conversations into third-party apps. You can now use the full power of SMS without having to log in to your Salesmsg account. This can be incredibly useful for businesses that rely on other apps to manage customer interactions. For instance, a business can integrate Salesmsg SMS conversations with a HubSpot CRM platform.

Chronological Feed

All text messages will be shown in a HubSpot inbox’s chronological timeline giving you the possibility to check previous messages. The link to the contact’s details registered in HubSpot will help you know more about the context of the conversation and will let you see all interactions with the customer done via different communication channels.

Salesmsg's Email to SMS is a great way to receive your text messages to your inbox which allows you to be on top of your customer conversations. With the ability to see all messages in a single thread, reply to them from email or HubSpot inbox, Email to SMS provides you with the most efficient way to manage multichannel conversations all at one place! By leveraging the full power of Email to SMS, you can save time and provide better customer service and support!

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