Send a Text Messages From Your Computer

Improve your business’s communication by sending a text from a computer. This article will cover all the information you need to know about this topic.

Send a text from computer

Living in the modern world, it's vital to have a cell phone within reach. The ease of sending a text from a cell phone will always be appealing, from when you are running around doing errands to lying in bed. However, when you are at work in the middle of tasks and projects, the best device to use for business-related texts is not always your mobile device.

Computer Texting

Many people prefer computers for multitasking and completing important tasks. It could be a larger keyboard or screen that makes computers more organized and productive devices. When you send a text from a computer, you can focus on more of your business conversations. Because of this, the majority of those in a working environment prefer using a computer to complete work tasks. As mobile devices have increased in popularity, you might think that people would prefer to use a mobile device to complete work tasks, but this may not be the case.

A study was done by the Nielsen Norman Group that looked at preferred devices. They found that even though there have been product and device improvements, users still preferred to complete their more important internet-based activities on larger devices. Some device constraints limit the complexity of the achievable activities on a mobile device, and that could be a factor in professional preference for a computer over a cell phone. However, when people leave their house their mobile device becomes their primary device to complete tasks.

Sending Computer Texts can be Beneficial

Anything you can do on a mobile device you can do on a computer. You can even send a text from a computer. Some feel the need to keep their mobile phone close to be able to send text messages and receive them, however, being able to do so from the computer can eliminate the need to have your cell phone close at all times.

Sending a text from a computer can also be very helpful when texting internationally and sending messages for SMS marketing and business communications.

This article will go over different ways to send text messages from a computer, and why it would be helpful for your business.

Email and Texting

No matter what industry you work in, you will most likely use email as the main form of communication. Email has been around for decades, and allows you to send messages around the world in a matter of seconds for free. You can send emails from a computer, smartphone, or other mobile device. Email is used for business and personal use.

Daily activities such as buying, selling, marketing, and much more are done through email. It makes sense why it is a huge part of any business. Communication is a key factor in business and email is often the main source of communication.

Business communication is when you share information about your products and services with people, along with answering questions and requests for information. It also includes promotions through marketing and exchanging information about the business.

Email has many uses, including one one you may not know about: sending texts via email from your computer! You can send free text messages right from your email.

How to Send a Text from Email

  1. Log in to your email account.
  2. Enter the phone number and @ their wireless provider’s gateway address (use google to find a carrier lookup site if necessary).
  3. Type your message into the email body and send.
  4. All replies will come back to the email inbox. 


If you are an iPhone and Mac user, you can easily send texts from your computer to other IOS devices while using iMessage (a service that uses WiFi or cellular data to send text messages.)

How to Send a Text from iMessage on a Mac Computer:

  1. Open Messages and log into your apple ID.
  2. Once you log in, the devices will automatically sync all messages across all devices.
  3. You are able to send SMS text messages and MMS text messages just like you would from your iPhone.
  4. Type your message in the message box and send it!

Android Messages

If you aren't an iPhone or ISO user you can still easily send text messages with your Android device using Android Messages

How to Send a Text from Android Messages

  1. Go to (
  2. Scan the QR code with the phone to pair devices.
  3. Send texts just like on an android phone.
  4. Open your messages app, select your desired contact, or desired phone number, and send your message. 

Wireless Carrier Website 

One way to send a text from a computer is to use your wireless service provider's website. You can use your wireless carrier's website to send text messages straight from their online portals, which can be assessed from a web browser. Some of these wireless providers include T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and AT&T.

Some wireless service providers offer desktop apps to use for text messages. This is so you don't have to keep a tab open in your browser. This is an option for Verizon users, but you need to double-check with your provider before planning on using this option.

How to Send Text Messages from a Wireless Carrier's Website

  1. Sign into your account on a web browser.
  2. Use their site to send texts.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that was created in 2009 by Google. You just need an internet connection to send text messages and receive messages, and phone calls. Google Voice also offers call forwarding, which allows you to forward calls from your Google Voice number to your personal device.

Google Voice can be used for personal or business purposes. The personal version has fewer features than the paid features available in the business version.

Many consumers and businesses like to use this service due to its ease and convenience. However, it does have limited communication capabilities, which some businesses feel constrained by. Incoming text messages are sent to the Google Voice account until it is convenient to respond.

It is free for personal use but has its limitations. To access all of the texting features you need to have a paid business account.

Send Texts from a Free SMS Website

There are options to send completely free text messages from an actual mobile number on a computer with no cell phone number or plan needed. One option is using a free SMS website.

On these free SMS websites, you just need to type your recipient's phone number to send free text messages including an international text message. However, there are many disadvantages when using free websites.

The majority of free texting websites only support SMS messages. They don't usually support group messaging, sending multiple text messages, or multimedia texts. When using these free services there is also no guarantee the text will go through, and there is no way to know if the text was received or not.

A lot of these free SMS text messaging websites are very simple and won't let you receive a text back. Because of this, the best option for your business may be an SMS text messaging service.

SMS Text Messaging Service 

What is an SMS text messaging service? SMS stands for “Short Message Service.” It is a text messaging service available on most mobile phones and other mobile devices. SMS is based on standardized communication protocols to send text messages from device to device. The standardized nature of SMS is the reason it's the most universal text messaging service.

If you are wanting to send short, text-only messages SMS is perfect to use. SMS is usually a cost-effective available media for sending text messages. SMS messages are a great way to market your business. You can also look at a multimedia messaging service.

Salesmsg is the Text Message Service for you

Salesmsg is an SMS text messaging service that makes sending a text from a computer easy and efficient. You can send, receive, and manage SMS conversations online. Salesmsg gives you a simple dashboard where you can send, receive, and manage all of your text message conversations. You can access all of the services online or on the go. You can also engage with your customers quickly with two-way texting. With Salesmsg you have unlimited contacts and can assign chats to teammates.

Salesmsg Features

With Salesmsg you can use your existing landline phone number or they can provide you with a new one. You can place phone calls, receive phone calls, and even set up call forwarding.

Salesmsg has the option for private and shared inboxes. You can have a private inbox for each of your team members or a shared inbox for your team to manage conversations together. This way you can see all of the conversations across multiple inboxes.

One more great feature that Salesmsg offers is the ability to send out mass text messages to a group of contacts. You can send personalized SMS or MMS text messages quickly and efficiently. It is as easy as uploading your contacts, then creating a personalized text message. You have the choice to schedule a text message to be sent later or send the message instantly. You are also able to track and manage the conversations and then see their performance.


Computers are essential for any business in any industry. They are arguably the most sought-after and preferred device to complete important tasks. Sending a text message from a computer is common and makes business efforts easier. Depending on your preferred messaging app, you can easily connect that app to a computer. As discussed in this article there are a variety of ways to send a text message from a computer. You can send a text message from iMessage, Android Messages, wireless providers' websites, Google Voice, or SMS services.

If you are sending text messages for business purposes, an SMS text messaging service is the most effective.

Enable your business to easily and efficiently send texts from a computer! Contact Salesmsg today!

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