Can You Text From a Landline?

Learn how to text from a landline and how you can use this channel to haul in more customers and retain loyal ones.

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In 1876, landlines revolutionized communications in the business industry. Using a landline number to communicate with prospects and existing customers allowed businesses to offer a level of reliability and better voice quality, which isn't always available when communicating through cell phones. A landline phone number also worked as an excellent backup when there was no good cell phone reception or access to broadband.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and businesses worldwide are still using landline services. Research shows that landlines still play a crucial role in the internal and external communications of a business due to their reliability regardless of the availability of internet access and weather conditions.

Business landlines might seem like a thing of the past but large and small businesses still use them to this day. In fact, countless businesses rely on landlines and other similar equipment to properly route internal calls.

As technology advances, the scope of landlines also changed. Today you can use a text-enabled landline to send text messages from a landline. Landline texting guarantees improvement to your business's communication. It can help your business attain long-term success in the industry.

This article will cover all of the essential information on landline texting. By the conclusion, you'll fully understand what landline texting is and how this technology can benefit your business in more ways than one.

What Is Landline Texting and How Does it Work?

To answer the question posted in this article: yes, you can text from a landline. Landline texting has been around for years and this technology has allowed businesses in all niches and sizes to reap countless rewards.

As the name suggests, landline texting is simply the enabling of text messaging using an existing landline number, so it can be utilized for two-way messaging and mass texting. Aside from using an existing landline phone number, you can also use new local and toll-free numbers to send landline messages.

Through landline texting, you can send messages from your existing landline number or use a VoIP number and receive text messages as well. Instead of voicemails and phone calls that lead to long hold times, you can use a landline texting service to send and receive SMS and MMS messages using a landline number.

Using a landline service to send and receive text messages is convenient and efficient for businesses as it allows them to interact with several people simultaneously. The average open rate of text messages is 99%, with 97% of text messages being read within 15 minutes of delivery. This goes to show that text messaging guarantees faster and better responses from customers.

Setting up your existing landline to send and receive text messages is an easy process that usually requires one business day. Once everything is set up, all of your previous conversations can be viewed and managed on a dashboard. From there, you can easily see who's texting your landline number and respond to messages ASAP.

Why Do You Need to Text Enable Your Landline Phone?

Text enabling your landline requires adjustment from your staff, but going through the process is worth it. In fact, you should prioritize investing in a text-enabled landline service for the following reasons:

Better Quality

Unlike mobile phones, landline phones have better quality. This is important because the quality of communication channel your business uses impacts your brand — use a channel that suddenly loses signal in the middle of the conversation and the public will think your business is illegitimate or untrustworthy.

As mentioned, landlines don't rely on an internet connection, which means you can continue sending and receiving text messages even if there's no access to the internet. This will improve the quality of your customer service.

Works without Power

The person on the other line will likely feel frustrated or angry when your exchange of text messages is suddenly interrupted due to blackouts. This is especially true if that person was waiting for long periods before they are able to get in touch with a representative.

Another reason why you need to text-enable your landline phone is that it works even without power. Traditional copper lines use their own power supply, meaning you can continue communicating with customers through voice calls and text messages even during a blackout.

No Dropped Calls

Aside from calls being cut because of power interruption, dropped calls are frustrating for customers. No one wants to wait for minutes to have someone cater to their calls and realize the call has been dropped.

Dropped calls are a non-issue for landlines. As mentioned, business communications using landline numbers are more stable and reliable than when you're on a cell phone.

Extremely Convenient

Sending text messages through your existing phone number is convenient. Once landline texting is set up, you just have to select a phone number you want to message, write the text message, and hit Send. This process is straightforward as it doesn't require any technical knowledge or experience in using any additional hardware.

The convenience brought by a landline texting service makes it very easy for your staff to learn and maximize the technology. This lessens the downtime of your operations and ensures faster and better ROI.

Businesses Need it

Almost all businesses in the world use text messages to connect with their prospects and engage with their existing customers. This communication channel is deemed effective by many businesses, and most would recommend the same to their colleagues.

Because landline texting has become more common, your customers expect your business to hop on the bandwagon and use SMS text messages to foster professional relationships with them.

Missing out on the opportunity of text-enabling your landline to send text messages can mean losing customers and staying behind the competition. This can adversely affect the growth of your business and its ability to gain leadership in the industry.

Your Customers Need it

According to research, 85% of customers worldwide would prefer to receive text messages over an email or phone call when being contacted by a business. With this in mind, it's crucial to use a dedicated phone number to send messages to your customers. This is one way of meeting and even exceeding your customer's expectations, which will eventually improve your branding.

Saves Time

Creating formal emails and calling all of your customers is stressful, especially if you have hundreds of existing and potential customers. Hiring new staff just to complete these tasks is always an option but can put a dent in your business's finances and may not be the most effective use of time and resources.

One of the biggest reasons why you need to enable text messaging in your existing landline is because it helps you save time and energy. With this technology, you can communicate to countless customers simultaneously without the need to manually create and send text messages. Write a text message once, and with the click of a button you'll be able to communicate with several individuals within seconds!

Mix Automated and Conversational Messages

You need to pay attention to the type of messages you send to your customers. Sending the same text message over and over again will make your brand look and feel too robotic, which can prevent you from connecting with customers.

Text enabling your existing business number enables you to mix conversational and automated messages. This means you can send automated messages using specific keywords and conditions or send conversational messages when the need arises.

The flexibility of the type of text message you can send makes your brand more "human" and help you evoke customers' emotions. Over time, this will make it easier for you to connect with your customers at a more personal level.

Why Should You Text Enable Your Landline With a Business Texting Service?

Text-enabling your business landline is fast and easy because you can work with a business texting service that'll set up everything for you. Simply reach out to these service providers, let them know what you need, and they'll be ready to set up phone numbers that receive and send text messages.

Partnering with these service providers will cost money, but with the benefits landline texting offers, paying for it will be worth it in the long run.

Here are four reasons why you should text enable your landline through a business texting service:

Add Text to Your Existing Business Phone Number

Your business phone number is probably displayed in various marketing materials — in billboards, commercials, and even flyers. And if your business has become a household name, everyone in your area might already memorize your phone number!

With a business texting service, you can text-enable your existing business phone number. This means you don't have to use another one and spend valuable resources changing your marketing paraphernalia. This process will not require any additional hardware or software, too.

All you have to do is pick a business texting service and inquire how to port or host your existing phone number.

Your Competitors are Already Texting Landlines

Because of the advancement of technology and the competition in the industry, business communication has changed throughout the years. Today customers are looking for more convenient and immediate messaging experiences.

Someone — may it be a prospect or existing customer — might have been trying to text your landline without your knowledge. In fact, research shows that 58% of customers have tried texting back after missing a call from a business.

This implies that if your landline isn't text-enabled yet, you're missing the opportunity to provide the best customer service and share your sales pitch with prospects.

Customers Prefer Texting With Businesses

To succeed in business, you need to meet your customers' needs and wants. Today, this usually means communicating with them through business text messaging.

Ninety percent of customers worldwide prefer to text rather than chat on the phone with businesses. Text messages also have higher delivery rates, click rates, and open rates than other forms of communication. Most importantly, text messaging is more engaging than voice calls and emails.

This status quo should prompt you to work with a business landline service pronto. The effectiveness of text messaging is undeniable, and using the same channel will provide several benefits to your business.

Centralize Messaging and Business Phone Lines

Using different tools for different purposes is stressful and time-consuming. This also increases your business's risk of committing errors.

By using a text-enabled landline and texting service, you don't have to worry about this problem. You can centralize your text messages and voice calls on one platform so you can call and text your customers using the same phone number. Over time, this will improve your brand recognition.

Additionally, centralizing all your business communications in one platform prevents you from missing any calls or messages sent by customers. Your landline won't become a virtual black hole where communications sent by customers will be lost.

Takeaway Points

Landline texting can benefit your business in a lot of ways. Investing in this technology ASAP might even become the key for your business to stand out from the competition, earn more revenue, and haul in new customers.

To ensure that your business can make the most out of landline texting, partner with pros, like Salesmsg. Trusting a business texting service to text-enable your landline is one of the best investments you can ever make as a business owner!

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