Everything You Need to Know About Six-Digit Short Codes

Learn what a short code is and the benefits of using one, as well as how to get a six digit short code to use for your business’s text message marketing.

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Text messages play a vital role in the success of any business's marketing initiatives. Statistics show that texts have an average open rate of 98%, while emails are only at 20%. Texts also have a click-through rate of 19%, while emails only have 3.2%. So, what explains the effectiveness of the first and the struggle of the second?

Consider the convenience of receiving messages through a texting app vs an via email on a smartphone. Texts feel more personal as that's what you associate with most of your communication to friends and family. They're easy to consume and respond to if needed. Whether you use Apple, Google or some other mobile device, your eyes watch for the color of texts on your screen.

In contrast, an email from a business can feel long and formal. Maybe even like a potential scam! Access to your email account often requires some sort of navigation to an inbox. Businesses must be selling something right? That notification can wait!

Given these numbers, it's clear why countless businesses worldwide choose to send text messages to their customers to promote new products and services. Take this as a sign to use a six-digit code for your marketing! Using a six-digit number will enhance your brand awareness which leads to consideration and purchases.

This article contains everything you need to know about using a six digit code. We're confident you'll find practical applications for your business model.

What is a Six-Digit Code?

Also referred to as a short code, or six digit phone number, six-digit codes are numbers created by major wireless carriers. These phone numbers allow marketers to communicate with consumers about things like promotional offers, new products and services.

With ever increasing cyber security threats, these six digit pins serve as a verification code and provide a great system to help users authenticate their identity. It's not uncommon for companies like banks to issue a verification otp (one time password) to confirm security while logging in.

The benefits of using a six-digit code aren't limited to certain businesses or industries. Creative use of these codes can improve your customer experience and help you connect in meaningful ways!

Easier to Remember

Since a short code only has six numbers, it'll be easier for your target audience to remember and use. Over time, short codes will be associated with your brand, improving brand recognition.

Consumer Engagement

You can use a short code to increase engagement with your consumers. You can send personalized reminders, critical alerts and encourage two-way messaging. This diversity of outreach allows you to know your customer better and determine what their needs are without using different communication channels.

With this information, you can watch for ways to improve your existing strategies as you'll know what works and what doesn't to avoid wasting resources.

Database Portability

You can continue using a dedicated short code even if you decide to use another SMS provider. This prevents confusion among your customers and minimizes marketing disruptions. Your target audience can continue using the same six digit code even as you make the switch, resulting in a consistent brand image and customer satisfaction.

How Does a Six Digit Code Work?

Short codes are used by companies worldwide to accomplish different tasks, such as sending marketing blasts, notifications, and alerts conducting two-factor authentication. These codes are leased from the Common Short Code Administration, and once approved, your business can send and receive SMS and MMS from.

Getting a short code for business use isn't free. You'll have to follow certain rules to ensure compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

One of the most important rules to follow when using a six-digit code is asking customers their explicit permission before sending them any message. Failure to comply with anti-spam laws can lead to fines.

As customers will need to give their written permission, you can ask them to send a specific keyword. For instance, if your business sells clothes, you can ask them to send the keyword "clothes" to your six-digit phone number to subscribe to your text messages and alerts.

How Can You Get a Six-Digit Phone Number?

To get and use a six-digit code for your business, you must pay between $500 and $1500 monthly. The price of this service depends on several factors including the availability of the number and the other benefits you want to avail from the provider.

The first step in getting a short code is deciding if you want to use a random combination of a six-digit code or a dedicated vanity code (for example, if your company's name is Pearl, you can set your short code to 73275).

If your budget allows, we recommend getting vanity short codes as they're easier to remember and make your brand sticky. But if you're strapped for cash, a random combination of six-digit codes is cheaper, making it a better option for small or new companies.

Steps to Getting a Six-Digit Code:

Step 1: Visit the cellular provider's site and fill out the necessary application forms on their page. 

Step 2: After getting a short code, cell carriers will test out the number first. This is to verify that all the information you've provided in the forms is accurate.

Step 3: Watch for the cellular provider’s final approval before launching a text message marketing campaign. Once approved, you can use your six-digit phone number to reach out to your audience and inform them of your company's latest promos and offerings.

6 Digit Code Takeaway Points

Using a 6-digit code can improve the effectiveness of your business's marketing campaigns to help your business stand out. As long as it's used in accordance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, a six-digit phone number can become your key to long-term success in business.

Now that you know how beneficial a 6 digit phone number is, we encourage you to contact pros, such as Salesmsg Salesmsg. This award-winning platform provides short codes to businesses quickly and easily! You can visit their website at https://www.salesmessage.com/.

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