Salesmsg Advanced Analytics

Realtime, actionable insights in a few clicks.

Advanced Analytics

You have taken an important step to empower your team with texting & calling capability through Salesmsg.

You have set up your integrations, imported your contacts and, sent your broadcasts.

Now it is time to see how well you are doing.

The good news is you do not have to guess. The Advanced Analytics feature is here to give you all the actionable, real-time insights you need to get the most out of Salesmsg.

Start With the Key Metrics

Get a bird’s eye view on how well your team is doing with the Overall dashboard. View team performance metrics as well as Messaging and Calling KPIs.

Detailed Dashboards = Deeper Insights

Each key area of the platform has its own dashboard. Whether you want to see how many calls your reps are making, or how many conversations were closed last week there is a dashboard for that and some more.

Understand Your Team's Performance

With the performance dashboard, you can understand and evaluate the responsiveness of your team. View overall & individual KPIs for responding to and closing conversations.

Segment Your Data With Ease

With the drill down filters, you can slice and dice your data by number, inbox, team, and more. Get to the bottom of the insight you are after in just a few clicks.

Beautiful (and functional) Visualizations

The new Advanced Analytics dashboards come with beautiful, yet fully functional charts that give you total flexibility over which metrics to view and at what time resolution.

Always Informed with Email Reports

Get the insights you need on the go with new Analytics Email Report. Set the frequency to what works best for between daily, weekly or monthly.

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