Automating Aircall SMS for Missed Calls

This tutorial will teach you how to automate an Aircall SMS from Salesmsg to your caller when you receive a missed call from your Aircall numbers.

Automating Aircall SMS for Missed Calls

What you will build

In this tutorial, we will set up a Zapier automated workflow that sends an SMS message from Salesmsg's business texting software, after you receive a missed call from your Aircall numbers. This will allow you to quickly follow up potential leads and improve your response time.

With this tutorial you'll be able to send Aircall SMS text messages from your Aircall phone numbers!

First thing you need to do is to make sure that you have a Salesmsg account, Aircall account and Zapier account. Zapier is what we use to automate this message. For more information check out this post about our Aircall SMS integration.

Integrate Aircall with Salesmsg

To integrate Aircall to your Salesmsg account you need to:

  1. Connect to Salesmsg
  2. Go to integrations
  3. Click integrate with Aircall
  4. Go to settings
  5. Refresh your number

Once you activate the number you can text with this number on top of Salesmsg. When you have an Aircall account set up, you can connect it to Zapier by following the instructions in the Aircall Zapier integration guide.

Integrating SMS with Aircall is really easy and we have a full guide on how to integrate. Check out the help article here.

Integrate Aircall to Your Salesmsg Account

Integrate Zapier

To integrate Zapier you will need to:

  1. Connect to Salesmsg
  2. Go to integrations
  3. Choose Zapier and click Connect
  4. Log In to Zapier and set up your account
Integrate Zapier to Your Salesmsg Account

Make a Zap

Next, you will need to create a Zap (short for "automation") in Zapier. A Zap is a series of actions that are triggered by a specific event. In our case, the event will be a missed call in Aircall.

Start making a Zap, by clicking on the "Make a Zap" button.

Make a Zap

Then, you will then need to create a trigger which in our case will be a webhook. Choose a webhook, then Catch hook, and click Continue.

It’s gonna ask you to pick up a Child key, there's no need to use it, just click continue. Copy your webhook URL.

Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier

Create Your Aircall Webhook

Head over to your Aircall settings. The first step there is to create a Webhook with your Aircall account so when a call has ended and it was missed we can trigger some automation from Zapier. From Aircall start page, click on Integrations & API, then Discover Integrations and choose the one that is called Webhook.

Choose Aircall Webhook Integration

Next, click Install integration, choose a name for your webhook, paste a URL that you created earlier in Zapier. Turn on the events that you need. In our case, it will be “Call ended”. Do not forget to turn off the events you do not need.

Create an Aircall Webhook

The webhook will contain the information on the reason of the ended call, based on which we'll be able to catch all missed calls and build our further automation around them.

Automate With Zapier

Now we can integrate Zapier with Salesmsg to receive your webhook and automate your SMS from your Aircall number using Salesmsg.

Trigger: Webhook

Call your Aircall number, hang up the call, Aircall is going to send a webhook, it is going to be visible on Zapier, where you’ll see the details of your events. The one that is particularly interesting is a missed call reason. If it has any value, that means that a call was missed and we can trigger the actions.

Now we are going to create actions  on Zapier to accomplish the automation.

Action 1: Filter Missed Calls

The triggered webhook contains the information on the missed call reason, if the reason is null, it means that the call was taken, otherwise, the call was missed. So, the next step is to filter out calls that have any information on a missed call reason. This will ensure that you only send an SMS message to those leads whose call you missed. To do this, you will need to add an action step to your Zap, and select "Filter" as the app.

Choose Filter by Zapier

Choose a Data Missed Call Reason and set up a condition “Exists“, press continue, and choose Action 2.

Choose a Data Missed Call Reason

Action 2: Set up a Number Formatter in Zapier

To be able to use Aircall phone number for sending out a text message, we need to format the number using Number Formatter in Zapier.

Once you have filtered out missed calls, you will need to format the phone number so that it can be used to send an SMS message. To do this, you will need to add another action step to your Zap, and select "Number Formatter" as the app. Choose Numbers in Formatter by Zapier, select a phone number and format it, click continue and test the action. It’s going to format the number.

Choose Numbers in Formatter by Zapier

Action 3: Create an SMS in Salesmsg

The final step is to create an SMS message in Salesmsg, which will be sent to the caller via Salesmsg. To do this, you will need to add another action step to your Zap, and select "Salesmsg" as the app.

Choose Salesmsg

Choose a “Send a Text Message” event.

Send a Text Message

Choose a Salesmsg account, select a Salesmsg number or add an output number in Number Formatter. You can then type your SMS message, add media if you want, test and publish a Zap.

Publish a Zap

Next Steps

Once you have set up your Zap, you will be able to automatically send an SMS message to the users whose calls you have missed. This can help you quickly follow up with potential leads and improve your response time. It is important to test your Zap to make sure it works as expected.

Additionally, you can review your automation and make adjustments to it as needed.

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