Aircall SMS - A Brand New Way to Use Aircall and Salesmsg for SMS

Want to amplify and extend the power of Aircall? With the most powerful Aircall SMS integration available, we've got you covered. Adding SMS to your sales and support workflows only takes a few clicks and will help you improve your conversations and close more deals.

Aircall SMS - A Brand New Way to Use Aircall and Salesmsg for SMS

Aircall is a deceptively simple business phone system. In a few minutes, you can go from zero to having a quick and easy way to manage support and sales calls. 

Plus, you can do it from anywhere in the world. Making it a great solution for remote or distributed teams.

However, there’s one thing you can do that’ll elevate the quality of your support and sales calls, without any added work on your end.

What is it?

SMS messaging.

SMS makes it easy to reach out and follow up with your prospects and customers using a channel they prefer. It’s got near 100 percent open rates and can be easily integrated into your existing processes.

Customers, prospects, and people today prefer to text over call. It’s simple, fast, and efficient. Plus, there’s no need to schedule a time to chat. It’s instant. 

With Salesmsg you not only get access to the best SMS messaging platform out there, but it works with Aircall in a couple of clicks.

Yes, there’s still a big need for phone systems in a business setting.

But without the power of texting, you’re putting a lot more pressure on your phone calls, and probably leaving a lot more money on the table. 

SMS can streamline your sales calls, and pipeline, and relieve some of the burden of your support team. 

Keep reading to learn how our SMS integration unlocks the power of SMS for your customer support and sales teams. 

Offer Customers Flexible and Accessible Communication Options

Not every customer communicates the same way. Some prefer a phone, others a quick email, or simple text. Not only that, both you and your leads and customers are on the go and live and work in different time zones. 

Aircall offers you an incredibly flexible business-calling solution and allows your teams to connect with customers and prospects around the world. It supports all kinds of features that simplify the calling experience including:

  • Virtual phone numbers
  • Easy call routing to direct calls to the right teammates
  • Warm transfers 
  • Call tags to give team members context
  • Insight cards that pull caller data from all other apps
aircall platform screenshot

All of this allows for a very smooth and seamless customer experience…once you get them on the phone.

But, what if you didn’t have to get your customers on the phone? 

What if you could send a simple message, and:

  • Move your prospect further down your sale pipeline
  • Get your lead to upgrade their free trial to a paid plan
  • Quickly answer customer concerns
  • De-escalate support issues fast
  • And much more

Salesmsg makes it easy to communicate with your customers, even if they don't want to talk. We're in an age where a lot of customers prefer the ease and simplicity of texting, over making a phone call.

Plus, if you need to get your customers on the phone to close a deal. You can use texting to ease them into a phone call, by providing value, helpful resources, and other good stuff. 

Think of it as a way to grease the pipeline and simplify the sales process for you and your team.

One-Click CRM and Helpdesk Integration for Better Contact Management

Chances are, you have dozens of different tools and platforms you’re using to manage and communicate with your leads and customers. 

You’re not doing your lead management any favors if you’re trying to parse together data and customer insights from multiple platforms. Luckily, Aircall has some robust features to help you out.

Aircall not only supports some of the most popular business tools and CRMs out there, including ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Intercom, and more. But, adding the integration is as easy as a couple of clicks. These integrations make it dead simple to improve your lead management and overall sales process. 

With your CRM integration active all of your call data will be automatically logged, including recordings, comments, and tags. Plus, Aircall uses Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), which creates a popup screen with all your customer information right up front. You can even view your entire SMS history from your Aircall dashboard, while you're on the call.

aircall insight cards sms

All of this is pretty powerful on its own and goes a long way towards helping you better manage your leads, and track them across your sales pipeline. 

The Salesmsg integration takes this even further. 

With this active, all of your SMS conversation data will be logged into your CRM too. Since text messages are written this data can be very valuable and easy to scan. Not only can you better understand how your customers voice their problems and concerns, but it’s easy to decipher too. 

Plus, your SMS messages and calling data will be integrated, so you can see the timeline for all your customer communication in one place. 

aircall sms calling

Access Real-Time Analytics and Data to Enhance Customer Communication

Want to know how your teams are performing in real time? 

Aircall gives you access to instant data on how your sales and support teams are doing. You can see all the activity that’s happening across your teams and even coach, or secretly speak, to your team members while they’re on the call. 

Plus, you’ll find all of your calling analytics data in one place. You’ll get access to useful data like:

  • Overall performance of your sales teams
  • Team and individual KPIs
  • Average call time, missed call rate, and more

All of this data can be filtered too, so you can find the exact data you’re looking for on a team and individual level. Over time, you can identify areas to improve and use what you’ve learned to improve your calling strategy.

By integrating Salesmsg with Aircall, you not only improve support and sales with SMS, but you get access to even more data. Salesmsg gives you all kinds of valuable insights like:

  • Average time to first response
  • Average time to close
  • Total messages sent
  • Inbound and outbound messages sent
  • Conversion tracking for link clicks
  • Number of replies and opens
  • And much more

Seeing all of your prospect data in one place will not only help you on an individual level, but it’ll let you refine your sales and support processes as a whole.

Deliver a Unified Support and Sales Experience

One of our core beliefs here at Salesmsg is that more conversations lead to more sales.

Aircall has some advanced calling features that help to bring this to life. For example, with advanced call routing and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities, you can ensure that callers are always directed to the right department or agent. 

Not only does this reduce wait times, but it ensures your customers will always be talking to the right person who can help them the most. This means your customer will never get passed around or have to deal with annoying wait times. 

Our Salesmsg integration improves this experience further.

With SMS you can reach your customers and prospects any time. With the sky-high open and response rates of texting, you can almost guarantee they’ll at least read your message. Even a simple text follow-up after a call can go a long way toward deepening your customer relationship. 

You can also automate your Aircall texting based on specific triggers like missed calls. This helps keep your customers and prospects connect and in the loop, without any spending any additional time. 

Another way we’ve been able to enhance our customer support process is by letting our customers text us with what’s called a textable number. So, instead of having to make a phone call, they simply shoot us a text with any questions they have.

It’s a simple thing really, but the results have been phenomenal. Not only does this help resolve support issues quickly, but it’s led to a lot of sales, by being able to address objections instantly. 

Unlock the Power of SMS with Aircall and Salesmsg Today!

As an Aircall user, you can use the native SMS functionality. It's a relatively new feature that does play nicely with the platform. It works if you're sending simple text messages without a ton of thought behind them.

However, if you truly want to unlock the power of SMS and use it to transform and elevate your sales and customer support teams, then give the Salesmsg integration a try.

You'll be able to send, receive, and manage all your SMS text conversations with your existing Aircall number. It's scalable, easy to implement, and will help save your business time while closing more deals. 

Give our Salesmsg integration a try today and improve your customer relationships, while making more sales.

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