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Salesmsg has announced a native integration of its two-way business texting feature with ActiveCampaign, allowing ActiveCampaign users to build and manage their automations without the need for workarounds or third-party apps. Previously, users had to generate a special URL called the Web hook inside of Salesmsg and paste that link into the automation step. With the new integration, users can simply add a new action and choose Salesmsg under CX Apps to send SMS and MMS messages. Salesmsg has also developed a Chrome browser extension for users to read and respond to messages without leaving ActiveCampaign. Customers are encouraged to share their feedback with Salesmsg.

Hey, Salesmsg nation. We love all of our CRM partners. But today we have a special announcement for ActiveCampaign users. And so if your job has anything to do with Sales marketing support or running a team on ActiveCampaign while lean in and listen close because this announcement is for you. All right, well, let's jump right into it and talk about, well, what is it? On the docket for today, we're excited to announce the native integration of Salesmsg with ActiveCampaign. And so, just as it sounds, a native integration means there's no need for workarounds or third party apps or switching between our triggers feature and the Active Campaign automations to build your ultimate workflow. Now, with just a few clicks, you can connect all the power of Salesmsg two way business texting with ActiveCampaign and build everything you need inside of ActiveCampaign automation. So, what was it like before? Well, life before this upgrade wasn't terrible, but it certainly wasn't as good as it is now. Yes, you could accomplish what you needed, but you needed to master our Triggers feature as well as Active campaigns. So in this case, less is more. Now, let me tell you about it. For every message you wanted to fire off from your Active Campaign automation, you needed to generate a special URL called the Web hook inside of Salesmsg and then paste that link into that step of your automation. Sort of not the best experience for you. And on top of that, to keep track of all of your web hook triggered messages, you needed to invent a clever way to name your Salesmsg trigger. So whenever you needed to update that message, you could easily find it and update it. So if you had 20 5100 text messages integrated into Active Campaign, that's a big pain in the you know what whenever you needed to update that text inside of Salesmsg. So welcome to the future where you never need to do that again. So, what's life like now that you have this feature available to you? Well, no matter what Active Campaign trigger you use, you can simply go into add a new action and under Cxapps, find Salesmsg, send Smf and MMS Message, then choose the number or inbox you wish that message to be sent from, and then create your message. Easy peasy. Done. As you can see, it's easier than ever to build and manage your automations. No matter whether the action is based on when a tag is added, removed, a page is visited, a uh form is submitted, a field value changes, or a stripe or PayPal order is received. And of course, the list goes on and on. Now that you've seen the bright future ahead, I'm going to show you how easy it is to integrate. Plus a uh power user tip you ought to know once you do. So, first things first, let's get you integrated. To start, head over to, log in as the account owner and then go to your settings. From there, click Integrations, find ActiveCampaign and hit the Connect button. Once you type in your Active campaign credentials, you're good to go and ready for this power User tip. Okay, you ready? Here it is. Because we build Salesmsg around your ideas and Feedback, we've developed a Chrome browser extension to let you live inside of ActiveCampaign and not force you to learn and live inside of the Salesmsg app as well. That means once you connect Salesmsg to ActiveCampaign using the native integration and here's the Power User tip download the Chrome extension, you'll never need to leave ActiveCampaign again in order to read and respond to your messages. So whenever a lead customer contact replies to an automation power text message or any Salesmsg text message, the Chrome extension will light up and stay lit up with the number of unread text you can read and respond to right from there. How's that for a Power tip? Okay, well, let's wrap it up with a big shout out to you and all the other amazing customers who took the time to share their ideas with us, as well as the whole Salesmsg team who supported bringing this to life. We're big on making life bigger for you every step of the way. And so if there's anything you want to share with us, take the time right now to visit us at feedback, where you can share your ideas with us. So, on behalf of the whole product team, engineering team, team Sales, and support teams here at Salesmsg, thank you, and we look forward to seeing you on another update soon.
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