Automate Your Text Messaging With Our New Zapier SMS Integration

With our new sms text messaging integration with Zapier, you can connect Salesmsg with 750+ apps in a few clicks. Easily send and receive sms online.

Automate Your Text Messaging With Our New Zapier SMS Integration
Zapier + Salesmsg
"Does Salesmsg integrate with _________?"

We get that question quite a lot here, but truth be told, it's nearly impossible to integrate with every single CRM and niche platform out there. There's literally thousands of systems, platforms, and CRM's out on the market, yet such little time, resources, and manpower to integrate with them all.But thanks to our brand spanking new Zapier integration, Salesmsg now integrates with over 750+ apps to bring you the world's easiest way to send and receive sms messages online.

What is Zapier?

For those of you who aren’t too familiar with the software, Zapier is a software that lets you automate aspects of your business workflow by connecting apps together.  For instance, you can automate text messages to leads 15 minutes after they fill out your webform online. You can automate actions on over 750+ different web apps based on actions that occur in your Salesmsg account and phone numbers.The possibilities are endless!

How does it work?

An integration between two apps is called a Zap, and a Zap is made up of a ‘Trigger’ and an ‘Action’. Whenever the trigger happens in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the action in another app.

Want access to the integration?

Click here to get the Salesmsg Zapier integration.

Now, let's dive into the nitty gritty and how Zapier and Salesmsg can help you automate your business.

Salesmsg Triggers

Salesmsg Zapier Triggers

When we were building out Salesmsg integration we knew we wanted to make our Zapier integration powerful and we're excited to bring you some great ways to start Zapier triggers.

What is a Zapier Trigger?

A Trigger is the event that starts a Zap. For example, if you want to automate sending a text message each time you receive an email, the "new email in inbox" is the Trigger.Let's take a look at what Triggers are available with Salesmsg within Zapier.

New Text Message Received

When a text message is received on your Salesmsg phone number, we'll let Zapier know and you can setup all sorts of automation when you receive a text.

How can you use this trigger?

One of the best ways to use this trigger is if you or another team member needs to be notified when you receive sms online. You can use Zapier's SMS to notify a number via text.Another great way is if you want to log the text message in your CRM as a note. For example, with Salesforce you can add an activity when you receive a new text message from Salesmsg and post it to the contact.

New Text Message Sent

This trigger will occur when a text message is sent from your Salesmsg phone number.

How can you use this trigger?

A simple way to use this is to start logging the outgoing text messages. Now, we do integrate with HubSpot and Infusionsoft to add the incoming and outgoing text messages to the timeline and notes, but with Zapier you could add the outgoing texts from Salesmsg to your CRM.Here's a few ways...

  • Log the outgoing text message to a CRM like Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, etc.
  • Log the outgoing text message Google Sheets, Basecamp, or another management platform

New Phone Call Received

This trigger will happen when your Salesmsg phone number receives a call.

How can you use this trigger?

This is an under utilized Zap that I think lends itself to an amazing lead generation strategy. Let's say people call your phone number and from Zapier, you set a delay so after 10 minutes, they get an automated text message from that same Salesmsg number starting a text message conversation.It's an automated way to generate a conversation right away.

Phone Call Completed

This will trigger when a phone call is completed from your Salesmsg number.

How can you use this trigger?

After a phone call happens, maybe you want to log the call in your CRM to timestamp the incoming calls you and your team have received. You can add the FromNumber, duration, and other information and store it in your CRM platform.

New Contact

This trigger happens when a new Salesmsg contact is added.

How can you use this trigger?

Because Salesmsg doesn't integrate with every platform, a great way to add a contact to your email list, a webinar, or CRM is to use this Zap to do it automatically for you.

Salesmsg Actions

Salesmsg Zapier Actions

When a trigger occurs in Zapier you can use these text message marketing Zaps to send texts and create contacts. The implementations are endless and here's a way you can start using these Actions to engage your customers.Let's take a look at what Actions are available with Salesmsg within Zapier.

Zapier SMS MMS

Send a Text Message

This action will send a text message from your Salesmsg phone number to a phone number you specify.Now, I could go on and on with the ways you can use this, but here's a few of the most impactful ways you can start using this immediately in your business to see great results.How can you use this action?

  • Send a text message reminder to GotoWebinar Registrants to increate attendance
  • Send a text message alert to Calendly invitee's about the upcoming meeting
  • Send a text message to people who's payments have failed in Stripe
  • Send a text message to unconverted leads to initiate conversations to get a sale

We're curious... what are the ways that you can use this?

Create or Update Contact

This action will create a new contact or update an existing contact in your Salesmsg account.

How can you use this action?
  • Add a new contact when you get a new Stripe order
  • Add a new contact when you add a new client in TeamworkPM
  • When you add a new client in Basecamp, add the contact to Salesmsg

Because Salesmsg provides two-way texting, a great way to stay in touch with your customers is to send them text messages. So if you have an important meeting, need important and timely information from a client, then a text message is and may be the most effective way for you to reach them when it counts.

Ready to Get Started?

Click here to start using the Salesmsg Zapier integration.

As we roll out this new integration and extend the features of Salesmsg, more will come, but in order to steer in the right direction, we want to hear from you.How do you plan on using Zapier with Salesmsg?Drop us a comment with any suggestions, recommendations, or awesome Zap's you've created.

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