20+ Sample Text Messages To Customers [+ 4 Key Tips]

This article shows you 20+ tried and tested sample text messages to customers for upsells, support. You’ll also find four key tips for business texting.

20+ Sample Text Messages To Customers [+ 4 Key Tips]

Looking to boost your text message marketing?

With people always on their phones, text messages are the easiest way to engage customers quickly. It’s simple, fast and is the most efficient form of customer communication today.

Yup, it’s even better than email marketing!

But what makes a brilliant text message?

What leaves your customers wanting more?

In this article, we’ll give you 20+ tried and tested SMS templates to help you get started right away. We’ll also give you four simple tips for business texting success.

Tip: To find out more about what makes a brilliant text message, read our comprehensive guide on SMS marketing.

Here’s what this article contains:

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20+ Sample Text Messages To Customers

So what makes a brilliant text message?

While there’s no clear-cut answer, there are a few things common to all SMS marketing campaigns. They all contain messages with: 

  • Powerful call-to-action triggers to create a sense of urgency to improve open rates.
  • Short links to your website or support pages to engage your recipients to improve click-through rates.
  • Your name and contact details for further communication.

To help you get started, use these SMS templates for your business text messaging needs. Use these sample text messages to customers to engage your audience irrespective of the occasion:

  1. Sales and Marketing Messages
  2. SMS Notifications and Alerts
  3. Order Confirmation Messages
  4. Customer Service Messages
  5. Payment Reminders
  6. Lead Engagement Messages
  7. Exclusive Offer Messages
  8. Feedback and Review Messages
  9. Appointment Reminders

1. Sales and Marketing Text Messages

Sample 1

Hey Erin, thanks for shopping at Clothstore! We’ve got tons of exciting deals in our upcoming Fall Collection. Stay tuned or visit www.cstore.com to learn more.

Sample 2

Hello Elize, thanks for subscribing to USWines. We’re eager to serve you better, pls reply to this msg now with R for Red Wine, W for White, P for Rose Wine.

Sample 3

Hi Bryan, your fav messaging partner now lets you instantly engage with social media leads! Tap http://bit.ly/2nOFcRS to get started.

Sample 4 

Hey Brandon, we’ve stocked our shelves with assorted mint cookie treats for you. Visit your local KookieU store. Hurry! This flavor is for a limited time only.

Why These Examples Work

Your marketing and promotional messages have to be crisp and concise.

Think about it.

They’re supposed to interest and engage your subscribers immediately. There’s no time to beat around the bush — you have a few seconds to catch their attention before they move on. 

Avoid lengthy, detailed messages that don’t directly address a customer’s wants. Only use text messaging here to show your recipients that you have something they need. Everything else unnecessary information.

Also, notice how we’ve included words like “learn more”, “now”, “hurry” and “get started”? 

These are powerful calls to action that prompt the client to engage with your text immediately. 

2. SMS Notifications and Alerts

Sample 1 

Mr. Chris, your package has been shipped - ETA: 9-10 A.M. on 18th October at your residence. To track your parcel, visit www.trackmypkg.com.

Sample 2

Dear Sam, we regret to inform you that today’s session with Dr. Ross has been canceled due to an emergency. Pls click here to reschedule. U&I Welfare.

Why These Examples Work

SMS notifications and alerts about your customers’ purchases and deliveries must be brief.

These text messages must only contain:

  • Information that is essential to them (like delivery information). 


  • the information they need to take action on immediately (like rescheduling).

When sending messages as alerts and updates, it's important to always include mentions of: 

  • Pick-up details.
  • Your contact information.
  • Tracking links.

Remember, the goal of these messages is to get the customer’s attention immediately. Only provide them with relevant information to make the message easier to grasp.

3. Order Confirmation Messages

Sample 1

Your PNR is AB7753 for flight BA4807 on Sun, 20th Oct from LAX to JFK at 18:30. Your e-ticket document has been sent to your email. Bon voyage, British Airways.

Sample 2

Order Confirmation - Thanks for using your promo code “IO20” at In N’ Out! 20% discount applied to order #7954. Stay tuned for more exciting discounts from us.

Sample 3

You paid $40 to XYZ. Txn ID: 123456789. Updated balance: $200. Contact www.xyx.com/care for any issues.

Why These Examples Work

Sending text confirmations are pretty similar to sending alert messages.


They both aim to communicate something important to the customer.

However, unlike alerts, text confirmations need to be fairly detailed. You need to include:

  • The booking or transaction ID - for easy reference purposes.
  • Your company name - lets them know who the sender is.
  • Links to support pages - for further assistance and clarity of information.
  • You can also include a thank you note as a courtesy.

But remember, even though these messages are detailed, they’re targeted. You’re only presenting the customer with information that’s immediately relevant to them. 

These messages should simply confirm things to prevent the customer from worrying about them. 

4. Customer Service Messages

Sample 1

Hey Jen, thanks for contacting Kay Tennis Court. Pls reply to this msg with the date and time you would like to book a court in the format: “MM/DD/YY” “TIME”

Sample 2

Hi Dan, it looks like you had an issue with your order. Sorry about that. We’re working on it right now and will send you a msg once it’s resolved. - Customer Service@UH

Why These Examples Work

Customer support texts differ from most other business text messages.

While the goal of most other text messages is to inform the customer of something, customer service messages aim to help the customer with something

Use words that are polite and conversational to make your messages friendly and accessible. In case you’re responding to an issue they have, try and be genuinely apologetic. 

However, ensure that you don’t spend all your text messages apologizing. You’ll have to provide the customer with an actual solution for maximum customer satisfaction.

You can also include freebies and discounts for the customer to compensate them for their troubles. This will show them that your organization really values them.

5. Payment Reminders

Sample 1

Dear Wallace, this is a payment reminder for your credit card ending with XXXX.. $150.70 is due on 20/10. Pls follow the link to make your payment www.paymentlink.com. 

Sample 2

Hey Julia, your policy no. AB45 is up for renewal on 20/10. Pls contact your local branch or visit www.link.com.
If already renewed, please ignore msg - Easy Policy.

Why These Examples Work

Payment reminders can be tricky because it's easy to make them sound harsh.

After all, you’re asking the customer to pay up — there’s no nice way to put it, right?

Except, there is.

Instead of harshly reminding the customer to pay up immediately, gently inform them about it. You shouldn’t try and force them — simply nudge them to pay.

The key here is to ensure that your message doesn’t make them panic. While creating a sense of urgency can get a customer to act, it can also scare them.

Your message should ease any concerns they have, remind them of what they owe and give them avenues to contact you in case they have queries. This way, they have the information they need to take action on your payment calmly.

6. Lead Engagement Messages

Sample 1

Hey Ayla, HAPPY BDAY! As a bday present, here’s an exciting deal! Use code” BDY20” to receive 20% off on your next 5 orders. Valid till 20/10.

Sample 2

Want to receive daily hacks that help boost your confidence? Then send YES to 555222.
Msg & data rates may apply. Text “STOP” to unsubscribe. - Mind Business

Why These Examples Work

The goal of a lead engagement message is to pique your customer’s interest and get them to communicate with you

The best way to do this is by using powerful keywords and events that resonate with your audience.

Words in CAPS are a good way to get your customer’s attention instantly and so are expression words like “happy” and “exciting”. You can also leverage events such as a customer’s birthday to send text messages wishing them along with a special birthday offer just for them. 

SMS contests are another good way to get your recipients to engage with your messages. However, if you’re sending messages as contests, it’s a good idea to include unsubscribe links like “text STOP to opt-out”.

This way, they’re not forced to receive messages about contests they’re not interested in. 

7. Exclusive Offer Messages

Sample 1

Thanks May, for being a LOYAL CUSTOMER! Here’s a reward - receive a 30% discount on all orders. Special offer valid till 15 Nov. Terms and conditions apply.

Sample 2

Dear VIP customer, show this SMS to your waiter to receive a complimentary drink with your next 3 meals. The offer is valid till 9/10/19.

Why These Examples Work

The goal of these messages is to make your subscribers feel special, right?

You’re giving a deal that only they have access to.

You can send them exclusive offers occasionally or provide them with special discounts and services as part of your customer loyalty program.

Insert keywords like “thanks”, “complimentary”, “valuable”, etc. to show your customer that you value them. Also, ensure that you include the validity period of the offer in your SMS. This creates a sense of urgency that will nudge them to take action quickly.

8. Feedback and Review Messages

Sample 1

Hi Ann, we'd love to receive your review of our service. On a scale of 10 (10 being best), how would you rate us? To leave your feedback, pls reply with a #.

Sample 2

Hi Rose, how did you find our service last week? We would love to serve you better.

Pls take a few mins to send a text review to 78946.

Note: You can use SMS tools like Salesmsg to allow your customers to respond to your text. Not all text messaging programs give you this option.

What Is Salesmsg?

Salesmsg is a simple two-way business texting service that simplifies sending, receiving and managing text messages from your computers and smartphones. Large and small businesses like Comcast, the Ritz-Carlton, and CrossFit have used its powerful text messaging features

With Salesmsg, it’s incredibly easy to send SMS online and receive SMS online.

What’s more?

The app simplifies and automates two-way business texting with powerful features like:

  • Automated Texting - automatically send text messages to leads in your SMS campaign.
  • MMS Texting - easily send and receive pictures, gifs and vCards in text messages.
  • Schedule Messages - schedule text messages to be sent in advance.
  • Double Opt-In - get your customers’ consent to receive texts as subscribers.
  • Mass Texting - send mass texts using your own dedicated shortcode.

Why These Examples Work

Feedback and review messages are incredibly vital to improving customer experience.

They allow you to get inside your customer’s minds to determine what they like, dislike and want from you. It’s a great place to take stock of where you stand and where you can improve.

But you need to make these review messages as easy on the customer as possible.

Remember, they’re not gaining anything from this.

They’re doing this purely to help you.

That’s why including a link to a feedback form in your texts may not be a good option. It’s an unnecessary extra step for the customer that might deter them from responding.

Instead, opt for simple SMS polls in your text marketing campaigns. 

You can simply ask them to review your service on a scale of 1-10 (like the example we highlighted).

However, this means that they’ll have to type out an answer themselves and adhere to a text character limit; so be careful with the kind of approach you take in your campaign.

9. Appointment Reminders

Sample 1

Dear Carol, you have an appointment with Dr. Antoine today at 4 P.M. Pls arrive at 18 H Blvd, CA 10 mins prior.
To reschedule or cancel, send RES to 55555.

Sample 2

Hey Tim, don’t forget your haircut today at 5 PM with LJ Hair Salon. Call (123) 456-7891 for any questions. 

Sample 3

Hi Kim, we have scheduled a DEMO of our new product on 8 Oct 10 A.M at our NY office for you. Pls reply to this msg with YES or NO to confirm your availability. Amy @ ABC

Why These Examples Work

Let’s face it: you can’t afford to lose a customer just because they forgot to check their schedule.

So what can you do?

You gently nudge them by sending text reminders.

These reminders contain details regarding their engagements, such as:

  • What the appointment is about.
  • The date and time.
  • The address of the event.
  • Communication details if they want to reschedule or cancel.

Avoid lengthy messages because you only want to make your clients aware of their sessions

You don’t need to expand on any extra details, you just have to remind them of it.

Remember to include your contact details like your name and phone number in the SMS. This way, they can reach out to you if they’re unable to turn up for the appointment.

Appointment reminders like Sample 3 can ensure that your client actually shows up for your engagement

Luckily, Salesmsg can reduce appointment no-shows by 90% as part of your text marketing campaigns in three simple steps.

  1. Schedule client meetings and use Salesmsg to send an SMS reminder before the event.
  2. Use your messages to ensure a higher turnout that leads to more sales.
  3. You can engage customers in real-time and qualify them with phone calls too.

If you’re interested in automating your SMS campaign, here’s a detailed walk-through.

Four Important Texting Tips To Use In Your SMS Campaign

1. The KISS Principle: Keep It Short And Simple 

Text message marketing is unlike any other form of marketing. While you can be more descriptive in formats like email marketing, text marketing has to be clear and concise.

You have a character limit of only 160 characters for each text message.
That’s it.

You have to catch their attention, engage with them and prompt them to take action with the same number of characters in this sentence!

That’s why it makes sense to:

  • Drop unnecessary details.
  • Use short forms.
  • Only include information relevant to the customer.

If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to convey your information and engage customers quickly enough.

2. Convey Emotion And Tone Through Your Message

People text because it’s casual, friendly and convenient, right?

And that’s exactly what a business SMS should be — warm, accessible and expressive.

If you want people to engage with your texts, you’ll have to make them more human. 

Think about it.

What text message would you pay more attention to?

One that’s warm and friendly?

Or one that’s devoid of any emotion and is obviously programmed?

But how do you convey emotions in a business SMS?

Using expressive words like “happy”, “sorry” and “excited” is a good place to start. Mentioning emotions is a good way to prompt the customer to relate and empathize with your message. And once they start relating to it, they’ll start engaging with it! 

However, that isn’t your only option.

You could even use emojis and pictures to get your message across without exceeding the character limit. 

3. Align Your Business SMS With Your Brand’s Style

Another important thing to keep in mind is aligning your texts with your brand’s style. 

For example, if your brand is a fun and friendly company, your text messages should reflect that. They should use friendly words, warm expressions and emojis like this: 

Date plans tonite?? 💕 Head to Parisio to taste some real French romance. 🍷
15% off total bill via YourFoodApp. www.urfoodapp/rom.com 

But why is this important?

Because it establishes consistency.

Your customers aren’t engaging with your company solely through texts. If they’re used to professional and formal interactions with your brand, a light-hearted, funny SMS message will look out of place.

You’ll be interfering with their expectations of what your brand is — thereby confusing your company’s identity in their minds.

4. Use The Right Text Signature

Your text signature plays a massive role in your text message conversions.


It shows the reader who this message is from — making your business message look more legitimate. 

However, writing SMS signatures differ from constructing email signatures.

Unlike email signatures, text signatures have to be very brief due to the character limit. Remember, since you only have 160 characters to work with, the bulk of it has to be dedicated to your message — not your signature. 

Can you imagine using this as a signature for your SMS:

Will send a text immediately. Thanks!
Joey, ABC Services, 1234 Park Avenue, CA, joey@thisisjoey.com, (789) 5557777

No, right?

You won’t have much space for your actual message!

A much better option would be: 

Will send a text immediately. Thanks! - Joey @ABC Services 

It shows the reader who is texting them in as few characters as possible. Aim to replicate this for all your business texts.


Text message marketing isn’t rocket science.

All it takes is a few crisp, engaging lines to hook your customers in and get them to interact with your messages. Use these sample text messages to customers to instantly boost your interactions and give your audience what they need.

You can also use dedicated texting platforms like Salesmsg to create, personalize and automate your text messages to streamline your SMS marketing strategy. 

It’s the perfect texting solution for any business, so why not sign up for a 14-day trial and get started today?

Looking for more examples? Check out this post on Sample Text Messages to Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention.

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