How to Make the Most of Group Messaging for Your Business

Effectively send business text messages to large groups by learning the differences between group messaging and broadcasting and how to implement both into your text message marketing strategies with Salesmsg.

How to Make the Most of Group Messaging for Your Business

Ding! We can all agree it's hard to ignore the little chime that sounds when your phone receives a text. The pull to check our personal devices is a big part of what makes text message marketing so effective. While the benefits of businesses sending text messages to their customers seem obvious, the how-to's may not be as widely known. In order to effectively utilize group messaging, businesses need to know the difference between a group text message and a broadcast message and how to use each.

In this article, you'll find tips on how to group text and get a glimpse into how Salesmsg's broadcasting service makes it easy to send marketing texts to your entire customer base with just a few clicks.

Group Messaging

What is a group text?

A group text is a text sent to multiple people at once in a single conversation thread. When you create a group conversation, those in the chat will also see any responses to your text--this is commonly referred to as "reply-all." Imagine a group text as making an announcement to a group of people in the same room. Everything said in the room will be heard by the whole group. Group messages are great for getting needed information to multiple people with the ease of sending a single text.

When you send a group text, it's usually for personal use or small-scale business conversations and is the little sister of a mass marketing campaign.

Group texting can be easily achieved and sent with your regular phone service; however, there are many extra perks that come with group SMS messaging when you sign up with Salesmsg.

Group Messaging with Salesmsg

Think you know everything there is to know about how to send group messages? Think again--Salesmsg's updates and improvements make group messaging easier and more useful than ever before! Here are a few tips we've compiled to help you make the most of every group message.

Tips to Make the Most of Group Texts

  1. Double check who you are messaging: Before you tap send, it's important to make sure you have the right contacts in the correct place. When you text within the Salesmsg app, you can easily add people or remove them from the group chat with clearly formatted commands.
  2. Name your group: Staying organized is crucial when managing numerous business conversations. Salesmsg users can create a group name or title that helps them stay organized and remember who is included and what the conversation is about.
  3. Don't create a new thread if you don't have to: If you unknowingly create a group chat that already exists, the Salesmsg app will revert you back to the original group chain, ensuring your online workspace stays clutter-free with no superfluous text conversations clogging up your feed.
  4. Be mindful of how many and what type of texts you send: Nobody wants to feel like they are being spammed. The last thing you want is for customers or colleagues to mute you. Be sure to keep your messages relevant and try not to overwhelm others with too many notifications.

Broadcast Messaging

What is broadcasting?

Those who want to mass market their business typically fall into the “mass texting” group. Mass texting is when a company uses a service to help them easily send texts to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers. Another term for mass texting is “broadcasting.”

When broadcasting, even though the same message is sent to multiple contacts, recipients see it as a private message, sent individually. If group texting can be likened to making an announcement in a room, broadcasting would be similar to fishing with multiple poles. Businesses cast multiple lines at once-- each sporting the same "bait" or message. Every response or "bite" is communicated on its own separate line or thread.

Salesmsg provides businesses with the software to create and send broadcast messages that reach all clients at once, with the ease of sending a single text. Broadcasting creates separate text chains for each customer.

Broadcast messaging can be used for all your business texting needs including promotions, sales, appointment reminders, and everything in between.

How do I send a broadcast message with Salesmsg?

Salesmsg simplifies this process. Creating, sending, and managing broadcast messages can be done right in the app. 

Steps to send a broadcast message:

  1. Name your broadcast: This helps you easily find and refer back to your broadcast in the future.
  2. Choose what phone number the message is coming from: Salesmsg makes it easy to manage all of the short codes, toll-free numbers, and 10- digit long codes attached to your business and send from the correct number.
  3. Use filters, tags, and segmentation: Our software helps you get specific with who your message goes to. You can filter contacts in a variety of ways including name, number, and email address.
  4. Decide if you want to delay sending or send immediately: Salesmsg "Send Now" or "Send Later" options make it easy to schedule the perfect moment in the perfect time zone.

Want to see our app in action? Click here for a free demo!

Comparing Group Text to Broadcast Messages

Below are a few key differences between group messages and mass marketing texts:

Group Texting

  • No special software required
  • No cost: comes with your phone service
  • Limited on how many people you can send (typically 30 max)
  • Uses a reply-all thread
  • Great for personal or small-scale use
  • Extra features and perks can be unlocked with services like Salesmsg

Broadcast Texting

  • A form of mass SMS marketing
  • Provided by platforms like Salesmsg
  • Included in Salesmsg plans
  • Send to hundreds, thousands, or millions of recipients
  • Each recipient receives their own message thread
  • Perfect for marketing your business

To summarize, group messages are like everyone is in the same room. Everyone can see everyone else's responses in a reply-all setting. Broadcasting is like casting multiple fishing lines at once. Each response from the customer is communicated individually back to the sender-- the lines are private, even when the message is general.

Using Salesmsg for all Your Messaging Needs

With Salesmsg, you can make the most of both group text messages and mass marketing through broadcast texts. With Salesmsg software, businesses can easily manage all their online business conversations and reach their customer base easily and efficiently.

You don't have to take our word for it-- Check out Salesmsg's free trial and make the most of group messaging for your business today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many characters can a broadcast message contain?

The standard 160-character limit applies to broadcast messages. You can create longer texts, but they will be counted as an additional message credit from your allotted plan.

What other features does Salesmsg offer?

  • Text-to-join keywords
  • Video SMS
  • Outbound calling
  • Call history
  • PDF attachments
  • Short URL's
  • User Permissions
  • Call recording
  • Dynamic segmentation
  • Website chat widget
  • Contact notes
  • Call analytics and more!

Can the Salesmsg messages app be used with other programs?

Yes! Salesmsg app seamlessly integrates with ActiveCampaign, Aircall, HubSpot, Keap, Pipedrive, Zapier and more.

How much does it cost?

With Salesmsg's transparent and scalable pricing, you'll find the right plan for your business no matter your budget. Plans are determined by how many texts you want to send per month. Click here for a more detailed look at pricing.

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