Using Bulk SMS to Scale Your Business

Easily manage your bulk SMS campaigns on our easy-to-use platform. We simplify the process and help you create, manage, and track all your online conversations. All your messages will be in one place, making it easier for you to stay on top of each text message.

Using Bulk SMS to Scale Your Business

In the fast-paced world we live in, being able to save time and lighten your workload with a few magic words would be a wish come true. Growing your business with the snap of a finger would certainly come in handy. Although bulk SMS marketing isn't a magic solution, it may be just the tool you're looking for to facilitate growth for your company. You'll be able to save time with a few easy actions, increasing recipient interaction, and marketing your business. The bulk SMS service Salesmsg offers a simple way to communicate with your target audience instantly. It all starts with a text message.

What is Bulk SMS? 

SMS stands for "short message service, " or text messaging. Bulk SMS is a powerful marketing tool companies use to send personalized text messages to customers en masse.

When you want to get information to a large group of contacts without the hassle of typing each message individually, bulk SMS is your solution. Mass or bulk text messaging is a valuable service for those looking to save time (and thumb fatigue) while still effectively getting in touch with the desired customer base. When you use Salesmsg, your bulk text messages can reach a large group of customers as easily as sending a single text.

How can Bulk Text Messaging Benefit my Business?

Whether you run a large company or own a small business, mass texting campaigns can streamline your marketing process and save you time and money. Sending bulk SMS messages can be used in sales, marketing, customer support, entertainment, and more. No matter your business model or industry, bulk SMS messages can help you send targeted messages, appointment reminders, alerts, and personalized content to your entire contact list simultaneously. Every business can benefit from this service!

When you choose Salesmsg, your company can reach thousands of clients worldwide and deliver your chosen message directly to your audience. You can't ignore the data that tells us 90% of people read a text message within the first three minutes of receiving it. Think of all your customers waiting to hear from you! With the help of a reputable bulk SMS service, there is no cap on the number of contacts you can reach by clicking send.

Bulk SMS services work overtime by sending, tracking, and recording all your online conversations with your subscribers so you don't have to.

What Limitations are there when Trying to Send Mass SMS?

The number of people you are trying to send bulk SMS to will affect how many messages you can send at once. Similar to an email service, you need SMS software like Salesmsg to utilize any type of communication besides one-on-one online conversations. Here are a few examples of mass text categories:

Local Numbers

Local numbers are meant for basic two-way conversations. Carriers will start to bottleneck communication and limit texts to 1 text per second.

Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers have slightly higher throughput and can send around 3 messages per second. This type of number is perfect for marketing messages such as notifications, alerts, and feedback polls.

Short Code

Finally, we come to short code. Short codes are the powerhouse of mass text messages and allow you to send anywhere from 500 to 5 million texts to your recipients. Short codes boast a rate of up to 100 MPS (messages per second). If you have a large audience, this avenue for sending mass text messages is the way to go.

Fortunately, Salesmsg's all-inclusive service covers local, toll-free, and short codes so you can be prepared to tackle anything that is thrown your way, no matter your business.

How do I Send Mass Texts?

To effectively send SMS messages simultaneously, you'll need to use a mass text messaging service. Your first step on the path to bulk texting and an SMS campaign is to find a service provider like Salesmsg.

When choosing a bulk SMS provider, there are many factors to consider:

  • Is the platform user-friendly?
  • Is it secure?
  • Is it compatible with other marketing applications?
  • Does it have proven success?
  • Is it scalable?
  • Does it offer segmentation?

When considering these factors, Salesmsg has you covered!

Why Choose Salesmsg?

Trusted by Thousands:

Used by large corporations and small businesses alike, Salesmsg offers an award-winning platform proven to successfully send, receive, and manage text message conversations online. Salesmsg checks all the boxes when looking for a bulk SMS service.

Our reviews do all the talking for us. CEO of Samcart shared that by using the Salesmsg program, their company tripled sales in just 60 days!

App Compatibility:

Not only is the Salesmsg platform user-friendly and easy to understand, but our software also integrates with your favorite tech apps including InfusionSoft, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, and more to make your use of Salesmsg as seamless as possible.

Another review from Allegiate co-founder Cody Romness states that he gave our product 5 stars and said, "Salesmsg + Hubspot do all that we need to do!"


It is important to make sure your marketing tools can keep up with the growth of your business. Our innovative SMS service will grow right alongside you, making sure you can effectively communicate with your growing number of customers with ease while executing an SMS campaign.


We offer specialized segmentation as a way to group your customers. Filters such as area code, interaction levels, products purchased, and other customer information can help you send personalized content to the specific consumer you are trying to reach through SMS campaigns.

Proven Success:

Salesmsg is ranked on Capterra's shortlist for 2022 and voted Voted #27 on the Fastest Growing Company in Southeast Region list by Inc 5000. Our customers have reported increased customer interaction, increased sales, and other benefits to their business.

Greg Hickman, CEO of reported a 45% decrease in no-shows after using Salesmsg for their SMS campaigns. To read other 5- star reviews and testimonials from businesses just like yours check out our website.

Where do I Start?

Get ready to easily manage your bulk SMS campaigns on one easy-to-use platform. Our product simplifies the process and helps you create, manage, and track all your online conversations. All your messages will be in one place, making it easier for you to stay on top of each text message. Salesmsg offers bulk SMS to send alerts, notifications, promotions, and appointment reminders. To learn more about how Salesmsg can help to grow your business through bulk SMS messaging and more, visit our website at or shoot us a text at (888) 409-2298.

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