Accelerating Sales with SMS: A Marketer's Perspective

Gain valuable insights on leveraging HubSpot Sales Hub and Salesmsg to accelerate your sales process, close more deals, and empower your sales team.

Accelerating Sales with SMS: A Marketer's Perspective

The average person checks their phone 160 times a day.

Let that sink in.

That's 160 times you could be connecting with your prospect and bringing them further into your world.

If your sales process doesn't include SMS, then you're missing out on a big opportunity to close more deals.

In the world of sales, it's the tiny little changes that make all the difference.

Just like in the ice luge during the Olympics, where the difference between first and last place is a fraction of a second. Texting can be that tiny change that helps you get the gold with your sales process. It streamlines sales and reduces any points of friction, all without taking much time or effort. That's where integrating SMS into your HubSpot Sales Hub comes into play.

Leveraging SMS for Sales Engagement

Remember the story of Jack and the Beanstalk?

Well, SMS messages are your magic beans, except you don't have to face off against a hungry giant to live happily ever after. By using simple text messages, you can improve every aspect of your sales process. It's the best way to speed up your sales cycle without doing a ton of extra work.

Here's why:

  • SMS can be used at virtually every point of the sales process, allowing you to engage with leads effectively.
  • Leads have to opt-in to receive messages, ensuring that they genuinely want to hear from you.
  • SMS addresses common points of friction during the sales process, making it easier to overcome objections.
  • SMS integrates with your existing CRM, such as HubSpot, improving your segmentation and personalization capabilities.
  • SMS keeps you at the front of your lead's mind, not lost forever in their email inbox.

The Power of SMS: Super High Open and Response Rates

Text messages have an impressive 98% open rate and a 45% response rate.

Compare that to phone calls that often get flagged as spam or emails that get buried in your prospects' inboxes.

If you want to engage with your leads right now, then texting is the way to go. It allows you to address objections in real-time, ensuring that concerns are resolved quickly and effectively. Furthermore, texting meets your customers where they're at, offering convenience and easy back-and-forth conversations, regardless of their location.

Incorporating SMS into the Sales Process

SMS isn't an island; it's more like a speedboat linking your sales activities together.

It works best when integrated into your existing sales and marketing campaigns. SMS shines when it comes to creating intimate conversations and serving as a gentle reminder of your brand and offerings in our ever-distracted age.

Here are some touch-points where including SMS can improve your sales process:

  • Send quick welcome messages to bring leads further into your world.
  • Continue chatbot conversations via text, so they don't wither and die.
  • Remind leads of upcoming meetings or product demos to reduce no-shows.
  • Address objections with simple questions.
  • Re-engage leads with concise messages to save time and energy.
  • Quickly score leads, so you only pass qualified leads onto your sales team.

Integrating Salesmsg with HubSpot

When I joined Salesmsg, my top priority was to align with the sales team. Being a modern marketer, it was the first checkbox on my 30/60/90 plan. After aligning, strategizing, planning, and more planning, it was time to inject some excitement and kick-start our campaigns.

Typically, marketers focus on executing lead-based campaigns, but we often overlook the incredible potential of SMS in enhancing potential Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns, especially when combined with HubSpot Sales Hub.

While this topic deserves its own dedicated blog post, let me give you a quick rundown of how our campaigns operate in five key steps:

  • Select the best accounts: Leveraging HubSpot, we've created company properties to identify and prioritize target accounts, or prospects, focusing on our Tier 1 Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Know about them: Using various tools and properties within HubSpot, our marketing team gains insights into potential fit for the Salesmsg SMS platform. We then build comprehensive company and contact lists.
  • Engage: As our marketing team runs display and LinkedIn ads from HubSpot to these lists, delivering exceptional content to the identified contacts and accounts, our sales team aligns their outreach efforts using workflows and sequences tailored to each individual's buying journey. HubSpot orchestrates our campaigns, incorporating personalized SMS and email follow-ups.
  • Collaboration with Sales: HubSpot Sales Hub and integrations like Slack ensure seamless collaboration between the marketing and sales teams throughout the campaign. Opportunities, funnel stages, reports, and dashboards are automatically updated, including Target Accounts activities and pipeline updates.
  • Measure what matters: "How much revenue did we generate?" To answer this crucial question, we rely on HubSpot Sales Hub and ABM reporting. Although we have numerous dashboards to mention, HubSpot enables us to track our ad spend, increased engagement from top accounts, SMS open and reply rates (which outperformed email opens and clicks), influenced open opportunities, and ultimately, the creation of new opportunities.

Intrigued? Try it out yourself and witness the magic! 😃

Remember, SMS integrations with HubSpot is not meant to replace other communication channels but to complement them. By incorporating SMS into your sales process, you can enhance engagement, improve response rates, and streamline communication, ultimately accelerating sales and empowering your team.

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