Webinar Workshop: The 7 Must-Have SMS HubSpot Workflows

For years, marketers and sales leaders like you have been searching for the best SMS HubSpot workflows to optimize their customer interactions. Now, the wait is over!

When: July 11th, 2:30 PM ET (11:30 AM PT)

Hosts: Chris Brisson, Grace Ohara & Jon Yourkin

Get: The best SMS HubSpot workflows that you can setup!

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Why Attend This Workshop?

Not Sure How to Get Started with SMS Workflows?
Discover the top 3 strategies to kickstart your SMS efforts and achieve immediate results while HubSpot Workflows do the heavy lifting.

Master the Art of Non-Intrusive Messaging:
Learn the right way to use SMS and become a "welcomed guest" instead of an "annoying pest."

"Textize Your Business" Across the Lifecycle:
Unlock the potential of SMS to generate leads, reduce no-shows, make sales, and obtain valuable reviews.

Qualify Leads Effortlessly:
Gain insights into the "Lead Qualifier" Playbook and explore real-world examples of how Salesmsg customers are successfully qualifying leads via SMS chats.

Meet Your Hosts

Get a chance to peek over their shoulders during the workshop!

Chris Brisson
I'm the co-founder of Salesmsg, a software that helps you connect with prospects and customers through texting. In today's world, people prefer texting over talking, and we're here to assist you with that.
Grace Ohara
I'm an Account Executive at Salesmsg, where I help businesses' learn how to best strategize their goals for SMS through our platform and leveraging integrations. It's exciting watching our clients get creative with SMS and see the ROI from it!
Jon Yourkin
I’m the Head of Marketing and truly thrilled about next-gen marketing and sales strategies. My mission is to modernize marketing & sales to be more human, more conversational… more real.

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