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Year End Promo

Hey! Chris Brisson here - CEO of Salesmsg.

We’re about to close the books on a phenomenal year at Salesmsg. As I write this, everyone on my team is trying to stick the landings on final tasks - so they can go relax and celebrate a much-deserved New Year’s. But, even at the end of such a whirlwind… I just can’t let this year pass without giving you one last chance to try an annual plan of Salesmsg for 2024.

Here’s why… First, we all know how important text messaging can be for your business. My team and I see it in all the stories that keep pouring in from Salesmsg customers.

Seriously, these numbers are almost unbelievable. Take a look…

  • An L.A.-based company saw a 30% increase in sales, reduced no-shows for client meetings by 20% and streamlined customer communications when the team combined Salesmsg with another integration.
  • Another Salesmsg customer boosted webinar attendance to 90% - by sending SMS reminders to everyone who signed up.
  • One coaching team added $250,000 to their annualized revenue using Salesmsg and their favorite CRM.
  • A real estate recruiter we know easily keeps in touch with his 5,000 clients - by using pre-written, automated texts from Salesmsg.
  • For customer support, a sports tech company used Salesmsg to improve their team’s response times. (They beat the industry benchmarks by 20%.)

For your own business…

You can use our simple, two-way texting platform to send, receive and manage text messages with your leads and customers from online or your phone.

That means you can follow up with qualified leads via text, answer questions in real-time (and overcome any objections to buying), encourage attendees to show up for your next webinar, book appointments and meetings, run promotions from anywhere…

You can do all this… And nearly anything else you can think of in your marketing with texting.

But this isn’t just about marketing.

At the core of our Salesmsg platform, we’re also ensuring that your business stays safe and compliant with up-to-date 10DLC registration - so you can continue to text customers for many years to come. (This is even more important this year because compliance regulations just changed in 2023.) That’s yet another reason why I can’t let this go. Everything we’re doing at Salesmsg is so timely that we need to share it.

So right now… pretty much by myself… I’m throwing together a very quick, end-of-the-year offer.

No fanfare. No video. No designs. No long-winded blog post or sales letter.

Just me and this offer. Here we go…

From now through the end of the year…

I’m giving you two extra bonuses when you purchase or upgrade to any annual Salesmsg plan by 11:59 P.M. Eastern on New Year’s Eve.

Why an annual plan? Because you’ll automatically get two months free when you choose the annual billing option. Also, any worthwhile marketing plan should last longer than a month, don’t you think?

Why two bonuses? Because I want to reward you for moving on this right now—even at the end of the year, when let’s face it…

You probably want to get to your New Year’s plans too. So when you purchase or upgrade to any annual plan of Salesmsg by New Year’s Eve, you’ll get…

Bonus #1:

Get “priority access” to every AI feature we’re releasing in 2024.

Right now, we’re building some very cool things for Salesmsg. Three of the many features on the schedule for 2024 all have to do with AI.

In 2024, we’re using AI to do more than just generate chat messages, so you can easily find the words for your next texts. (Actually, we already have this “AI Assistant” feature. It’s inside Salesmsg now.)

Taking this many steps further, we’re using AI as a way to qualify leads next year. That means you’ll be able to automate the process of finding the right customers for your products and services.

And that’s just one example.

Come 2024, you’ll get first access to every AI feature we release. That means you can be one of the first to beta-test these AI features—and see exactly how they work for you.

Bonus #2:

We’re going to geek out about marketing strategy together.

About 24 hours ago, I decided I’m doing something new in 2024.

I want the marketers on my team (including me) to speak to customers like you more often.

So as an extra bonus, we’re creating quarterly marketing strategy calls. That means we’ll jump on the phone with you -and all other lovely annual customers -and do a little strategy session.

We’ll answer questions, brainstorm marketing ideas, and talk through the latest ways we’re excited about using Salesmsg and texting in our own business.

So you can use our marketing ideas in your business too.

By signing up for an annual plan, you’ll get access to four of these quarterly marketing calls - which will take us until this time, next year to finish. (So that’s potentially a year’s worth of geeking out about marketing in four calls.)

Bonus #3:

You’ll get your two months free.

As I mentioned, you’ll get a two-month savings when you upgrade to or purchase any annual plan of Salesmsg before the end of the year.

Current Customers

  1. Login to your Salesmsg account
  2. Click this Upgrade Link
  3. Choose an Annual plan
  4. Get your bonuses!

Not a customer yet?

  1. Sign up for your 14-day trial
  2. Choose an annual plan before the end of the year
  3. Enjoy your bonuses

You can sign up for a 14-day free trial now, to get your bonuses, you'll need to upgrade before December 31st at midnight.

Either way, your new annual membership will be protected by our 30-day, money-back guarantee.

If you try an annual plan and don’t love it for any reason—we'll happily cancel your account without any penalties and refund your account less message credits used.

That’s it. No muss. No fuss.

Again, if you want in on this… You can only get access to these two bonuses (and get your two free months) when you upgrade or purchase an annual plan of Salesmsg before 11:59 PM EST on New Year’s Eve.

Want in? Customers, go here to login to upgrade your account now. Non-customers, click here to start your 14-day trial of any annual plan now.

And I’ll see you in 2024.

Happy New Year!
Chris Brisson

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