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Say Hello with Salesmsg Calling

Make and receive calls. All from your computer or mobile app.
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OUtbound Calling
Make Outbound Calls 
You no longer need to rely on multiple apps or switch between devices to be able to call & text your customers. You can now make outbound calls from your Salesmsg number. 
Inbound Caling
Receive Inbound Calls
Without call forwarding, you can now receive calls to your Salesmsg number and respond either on the web, mobile or the Chrome extension.
Call Recording
Record Important Conversations
Some conversations are just too important to lose. Now you can use automatic recording to record all incoming and outgoing calls from a specific number. 
chrome & mobile
Make Calls From Any Device
Whether you are away from your computer or working across web pages, you can use the Salesmsg mobile app and Chrome extension to make calls on the go. 
Call History
View Your Call & Recording History
All your inbound, outbound and call recordings will be viewable on the conversation timeline. You can download call recordings as needed with one click.
Integrate business texting & calling with your favorite apps
Salesmsg plays nicely with the apps you use daily
Don't see an integration you need? We use Zapier to fill in any gaps.
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