The Value of Video Texting for Your Business

With the rise of text messaging and video consumption, combining both elements into your marketing strategies can be very effective. Learn how to incorporate videos into your text message campaigns with Salesmsg.

Video Texting

Video consumption is always evolving. In 2013, the average American spent 270 minutes watching video content on their televisions and only 46 minutes watching videos on their phones. Fast forward to 2020, and the amount of time spent watching television decreased, while time spent viewing videos on cell phones more than doubled. According to Statista, cell phones are now the most widely used device for watching videos by consumers in the United States.

As video consumption trends evolve over time, it's critical for businesses to keep up with the changes and adapt their marketing strategies accordingly. Text message marketing is already an effective method of connecting with customers, and incorporating video can make it even more engaging.

Using videos in your business' SMS marketing strategy can improve engagement with your audience and build loyal relationships with new and existing customers, which ultimately increases your revenue. This article provides an in-depth overview of video texting and how you can include it to enhance your next text message marketing campaign

What is Video Texting?

Simply put, video text messaging is sending a video to a recipient via text message. It can be done from one cell phone to another, which is how the majority of video texts are sent in daily, personal communication. When sending videos for text message marketing purposes, it is best done through a platform specifically designed for SMS marketing.

SMS marketing is when a business uses text messages to send advertisements, promotions, updates, and more to its customers. It's a highly effective tool that delivers results, and including video in these texts makes it even more powerful.

There are two ways to send a video via text message:


SMS is an acronym for short message service, and it only supports plain text sent over cellular networks. It is limited to words and numbers, but a link that leads to a separate page (like youtube videos) can be included. There is usually a character limit of 160.


MMS stands for multimedia message service. It is capable of sending videos, audio files, GIFs, and pictures, along with plain text. The character count can be up to 1,600, but there is a maximum file size for the embedded media that is carrier-dependent.

Why Should I Use Video Texting in My SMS Marketing?

One reason why you should use video text messages is simply because consumers prefer to hear from businesses via text message. Seventy-eight percent of people wish to have a conversation with a business over text, and businesses that do so are more likely to be perceived positively. While posting a video on your business's social media or website can be beneficial, sending it directly to your customers' phones is even better.

Another reason why sending a video text message is advantageous is that people are drawn to videos. Cisco estimates that internet video traffic makes up 82% of all consumer internet traffic in 2022. What is it that makes videos so attractive to consumers?

Videos are engaging

Video content has higher engagement rates than both image and text content combined. This is because videos are easier to digest and understand. With the combination of auditory and visual stimulation, it is more likely to capture people's attention and keep the viewers interested. A video also has the ability to encompass many other forms of content, such as pictures, music, or text, which makes it even more captivating.

Videos are sharable

Because videos are so engaging, they have the power to evoke feelings, emotions, and reactions in viewers. If someone is drawn to a specific video or if it resonates with a person, it can be shared with others. This creates a connection between people over a common interest in a video.

Videos build a sense of familiarity and trust

Videos can also create a connection between consumers and businesses. Since people can see you and hear you in a video, it is much more personable than a still picture or written words. It helps the audience feel as though they have a real relationship with a business, which can turn them into loyal customers.

When Should I Send a Video Text Message?

There are numerous occasions that are appropriate to send video text messages. Regardless of the industry that your business operates in, or the size of your business, you can create and send purposeful video content that is relevant to you and your customer base. A few different objectives that provide the perfect opportunity to send a video could be to educate, engage, or entertain your audience.


You can position your business as an expert in its field by sending instructional videos. For example, if a new product is launched, you could text a how-to video that explains how to use it properly. For an existing product, a video on how to troubleshoot certain issues would be relevant and helpful.

Another educational video would be product demonstrations. Giving a thorough and detailed overview of a product, whether it is a sweater from a boutique or software from a developer, can pique the interest of potential buyers and increase the chances of them purchasing from you. Sixty-four percent of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Customer testimonials are yet another form of educational video that is highly beneficial. People are more likely to trust a peer's recommendation than a company's. It builds their trust in your business because they don't have to just take your word for it.


Sending updates via video can encourage your audience to be involved and interested in your business and what it has to offer. A video text is an excellent option for alerting customers about a promotion, sale, or limited-time offer. It can give more details than just plain text and also allows for a sneak peek at the products.

Another way of using video for engagement is updates. Maybe your business is changing hours or locations, or perhaps additional items were added to a sale. A short text video can bring them up to date quickly and effectively. Because they are the best method for holding someone's attention, your customers are less likely to miss any important information.


Sometimes a marketing motive can be as simple as providing entertainment for your customer base. Not only can they find enjoyment through video marketing, but it can create a sense of closeness. One of the best ways to build this familiarity is by giving behind-the-scenes content. You could show how a product is made from start to finish. You could give a tour of the warehouse where items are stored and shipped directly to their homes. You could introduce each member of the team and allow customers to get to know them personally. These make your business more than just a building or a website.

Video storytelling is another method of entertainment that allows people to know your business on a more personal level. Some examples of this would be explaining the inspiration behind a mission statement, or sharing how the business first began. Telling a story doesn't have to be elaborate or complicated to be entertaining and grow a connection.

How do I Send Videos Via Text Message?

Sending a video text message for business purposes is best done by using a text message marketing company, such as Salesmsg. With an award-winning, user-friendly platform that includes SMS marketing, calling, two-way business texting, and more, Salesmsg gives businesses the ability to customize text messages, manage conversations and campaigns, and easily text videos.

Salesmsg allows you to send both MMS and SMS text messages to an unlimited number of contacts that are managed within their platform. Personalized texts and videos can be sent to an individual, a group, or as a mass message to a list. Your business is able to track engagement and performance so that you can better strategize for future campaigns.

With Salesmsg, you can send videos that exceed the MMS limit, which means you are not highly restricted in content length. It's as easy as uploading from your video library and hitting send. With this advanced feature, recipients will receive a text message that includes a link to your video where they can watch it.

Getting Started with Video Texting

As video consumption on cell phones is rapidly increasing, now is the time for businesses and marketers to turn their attention to it. Including video in your text message marketing campaigns is a powerful and valuable tool that can get the attention of your client base and keep them interested.

If your business is looking to improve engagement with your customers and build strong, lasting relationships with them, video text messaging may be right for you. Partnering with Salesmsg can help your business leverage video texting to your advantage.

To learn more about Salesmsg, you can watch a demo or start a free 14-day trial to see for yourself the value of sending video text messages.

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