New Features! Search and Archive Your Messages

New Features! Salesmsg now gives you the ability to archive and search your contacts and conversations.

New Features! Search and Archive Your Messages

Things are really starting to heat up with Salesmsg and we've made some HUGE updates to the software and added some tight new features to make messaging a breeze.Here we go...

New Feature #1: Archive Messages

One of the biggest requests were heard from you, was that you wanted a way to see only the conversations that wee active and ongoing in your view.So we took a note straight from Gmail and now give you the lovely... Archive! With Archive, you can move conversations out of your chat view, giving you a clean inbox, kinda like Inbox Zero. All you have to do is, click the archive link and it'll be out of your view.We don't delete the contact or the conversation, we just move it out of your view.And when someone replies back to you, that conversation will pop back up in your chat center.You may be asking, "Great, but how do I find that contact now?"Glad you asked, here's how...

New Feature #2: Search

Mmmm, hmmm. :)

Just check out the left side of your chat interface and you'll see the search field. Just start typing in a number or a name and boom... contacts will magically appear.Then, just click the contact and the entire conversation pops up, ready for you to message them. Nice n' easy.

Update: Our New Help Center

We've been adding new tutorials to help you setup your integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, ActiveCampaign, and Infusionsoft. We have a lot in the works and new tutorials that should be launching soon, so be on the lookout there.

Need help? Check out our support center.

Lots more in the works.Let us know what you think. What else would you like to see us build?

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