NEW! Easily Schedule Your SMS Messages

Easily schedule your sms text messages with Salesmsg. Send and receive sms online and schedule your texts to go out when you want. Sign up!

NEW! Easily Schedule Your SMS Messages

We've been busy the past couple of weeks and we're excited to bring to your a highly requested feature.And after much thinking of the right name to call it, I'd like to introduce to you... "Scheduled Messages."Clever right?

Schedule Your Text Messages

Right from your conversations, you can schedule your text messages to go out when you want. Let's dive in and see how it works...

Step 1: Type in Your TextStep 2: Click the Clock IconStep 3: Send Your MessageThat's it.Can I cancel the scheduled text messages?Of course you can. Just click the cancel button or go to the Scheduled Messages page and edit or cancel the messages.

scheduling sms

We're all ears and love hearing your feedback. Drop us a comment.

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