Sample Text Messages to Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention

Improve customer acquisition and retention with sample sales text messages for birthday wishes, digital coupons, customer feedback opportunities, and more.

Sample Text Messages to Improve Customer Acquisition and Retention

These days businesses must work harder than ever to earn customer loyalty. Ubiquitous online commerce has enabled consumers to access the world’s products and services一whatever the quality, price, or location. Basically, switching between brands costs nothing.

If today’s brands are to be successful in this environment they must engage in meaningful ways with their customers. Through the marketing, sales, and post-purchase cycles, businesses must continuously add value to the customer experience. 

Should I Focus on New Business or Retaining Existing Clients?

That's not a question for most sales-focused organizations--and not for the reasons you might think. Sure, we all know that it can cost up to five times more to acquire new business than to retain it. But no business ever went to market promising to acquire a couple of lifelong customers and then shut up shop.

The truth is that you have to do both--often at the same time. If you've ever been in a sales role, particularly at a smaller organization, you'll know all about the pain of trying to balance your communication and outreach to existing clients while simultaneously following up on inbound leads (and probably trying to figure out some low-effort, high-touch outbound outreach into the bargain).

The good news is that SMS can help you to streamline your processes, have more effective conversations, and close more business. You already know that your current and future customers are using it: according to Pew research, some 83% of US adults owns a cellphone, with 73% of those using it to send and receive text messages.

Why SMS is the Perfect Customer Acquisition and Retention Tool

With people already tied to their phones and spending untold hours texting with friends, family, and colleagues, SMS is the perfect platform for your sales outreach. In fact, the majority of mobile phone owners (up to 68%) engage more with SMS than with other platforms like email or social media.

And get this: Text marketing is wondrously effective, sporting open rates above 90% and click-through rates of over 35%.

That said, building and maintaining customer relationships takes time, and the right message delivered at the right time can make all the difference. So, to get you started on improving your customer acquisition and retention strategies using SMS for business, take a look at a few sample text messages below.

Sample Customer Acquisition Text Messages

From the first stages through the final sale you’ve got to find ways to engage those prospects and leads. After all, your customer acquisition cost (CAC) will only increase the longer it takes to convert them to customers. Try a few of these to boost those conversions.

Sample message for site visitors:

Start things off right with a site pop-up encouraging visitors to provide their mobile numbers to receive updates. Then send an immediate follow-up text with a thank you message.

For example: 


Thank you for checking out [Company name]. 

As a little token of our appreciation, we’re including a coupon for 10% off of your first purchase! 



Sample abandoned cart text messages

Rescue those sales with a quick text showing that you’re paying attention and want to be helpful.

Here are a few examples:

Hi [Name], 

You’ve selected some great items today!   -OR-   Your shopping cart is full of cool stuff!

We didn’t want you to forget to complete your purchase!


You can even sweeten the deal by adding a special discount. Substitute the last line with:

How does an extra 5% off sound? Complete your purchase today to get this special deal!


Another approach is to see if they need assistance in making the purchase:

Hi [Name], 

You’ve selected some great items today!  -OR-  Your shopping cart is full of cool stuff!

Before you complete your purchase [Link] is there anything we can help you with? Feel free to respond directly, we’re here to help!

- OR - 

Before you complete your purchase [Link] can we answer any questions about the items you’ve selected? 

Feel free to respond directly, we’re here to help!

Sample "out-of-stock" SMS messages

Be sure and give potential customers the option to receive a text when an out-of-stock item becomes available. Then, wow them with a heavy dose of personalization:

Good News [Name]!

That cotton sweater tank you wanted in iced blue is back in stock and we’ve set one aside just for you!

You can complete your purchase [Link] or if you feel like doing a little more browsing, have at it! [Link] 

Again, you can always reward a lead with a little something extra:

Good News [Name]!

That cotton sweater tank you wanted in iced blue is back in stock and we’ve set one aside just for you!

As a thank you for waiting, we’re giving you an extra 10% off today! Complete your purchase here!


Sample Customer Retention Text Messages 

Once a lead has made a purchase, you’ll want to keep them coming back for more. To improve your customer retention try a few of these:

Sample "become a subscriber" sales text messages

Keep customers connected to your brand with a weekly text with news updates, promotions, or special deals. Fifty percent of consumers say they would join an SMS loyalty program if they were offered flash sales, discounts, or coupons in return.

You can invite them with a sign-up option as part of the check-out process (online or in-store), or open the list up to a wider audience by advertising on the site, on social media, and elsewhere.

Here are a few welcome texts to get you started:

Congratulations [Name]!

You made the list! Get ready for weekly [Company] texts with updates, news, and exclusive discounts on your favorite brands! 

Keep an eye out一we’ll be texting each Wednesday with all the deets!

- OR - 

Welcome [Name]!

Thank you for joining [Company’s] text subscriber list! 

Each Wednesday we’ll wow you with the latest news, blog content, or exclusive offers on your favorite brands. 

Stay tuned! We’ll be heading to your inbox soon!

Sample customer congratulation SMS messages

These are simple to implement and can make your customers feel special, whether it's their birthday, an anniversary, or another special occasion. Messages can be short and scheduled in advance. Take a look:

Happy Birthday [Name]!

Enjoy your special day from your friends at [Company]!


Happy Birthday [Name]!

Enjoy your special day with a 10% discount on your next purchase [Link] from [Company]!


Happy Holidays [Name!]

It’s a busy time of year and we know you’re doing a lot. 

We think you deserve a little something too! 

Treat yourself with 10% off your next purchase [Link] at [Company]!

Sample text messages for promotions or digital coupons

Get them shopping again with deals they can’t refuse. Buyers are particularly likely to open offer messages, and click-through rates are nearly 10% higher than those for other types of SMS messages. Here’s a couple of examples:

Hey [Name]!

You know that [product customer purchased] you got last year? 

They’re on sale right now at [Company] for an amazing 20% off!

Don’t miss out!



Hey [Name]!

Today is your day! Because you’re a valued customer, we’re sending you an exclusive offer: Get 15% off the entire online store一Right Now!


Sample SMS messages for early access to products and services

Advanced access to special items or updates is also a way to keep customers returning. Try these:

Hey [Name]!

You’re on the list!

For the next 24 hours, we’re having a pre-sale with discounts up to 15% off just for loyal customers like you!

Click the link below to get started! 



Hi [Name]!

We’ve just updated our site navigation to make it easier for you to find the things you love! Stop by [Link] and tell us what you think!  

Sample customer reminder SMS messages

This works especially well for services that people purchase periodically, such as gutter cleaning, HVAC tune-up, automotive servicing, and so on. For example:

Hi [Name], 

It’s time to bring in your [car make, model] for a 10,000-mile service visit. You can schedule an appointment from the link below.

See you then!


Sample SMS messages for customer feedback requests:

Make your customers feel valued by asking them for their feedback. Here’s an example: 

Hey [Name]! 

As a loyal [Company] customer for [X] years, we care deeply about your opinion. If you’d like to provide feedback on your shopping experience with us, you can let us know at [Link].

Thank you!

Additional Content

Getting Started with SMS for Sales

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Salesmsg also offers basic and advanced pricing plans (both costing pennies per text message) that include a range of features, such as SMS broadcasting (up to 1,000 texts at a time), customer onboarding, and premier support.

Oh, and using a comprehensive SMS marketing platform like Salesmsg can also ensure your messaging is compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations. 

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