New Filters For Customer Segmentation

We improved our filters to help you target your customer segments effectively!

New Filters For Customer Segmentation

Salesmsg Filters was already our customers' favourite tool for sending targeted messages, but with the new and improved filters, it got even better!

Now you can segment customers by their activity, opt-in source, or courier provider. Moreover, it is now possible to use multiple segments to send out broadcasts. That means you can target only those customers who are most likely to be interested in your message.

The filters are easy to use and designed to help you send tailored messages that get results. So why not try them out today?

Activity Filters

We know that sending the right message at the right time is crucial in closing a deal. That’s why we’ve added the ability to create segments to filter contacts. Now, you can easily send messages that are relevant to each stage of the sales cycle, so you can close deals faster than ever before!

Opt-in Filters & Opt-in Source

Salesmsg now offers Opt-In Status and Opt-In Source Filters to respect the compliance rules you need, so you can be sure your messages are getting through loud and clear. This means that you can quickly follow up with the hottest prospects and keep track of your most valuable customers.

Dates Filters

With the ability to combine date and activity filters, you can now easily segment your leads and send broadcasts to specific clients. This means that you can target your messages more effectively and get better results.

PhoneCheckr Filters

Our latest update includes new PhoneChekr filters that will help you save credits and ensure compliance. This will also minimise the number of bounced or failed messages, so you can focus on connecting with your customers.

Ability to Use Multiple Segments

With Salesmsg, you can send mass texts without worrying about coming across as spammy. You can now use multiple filters to better segment your audience and send broadcasts to those who are more likely to convert.

Beyond Filters, if you are new to Salesmsg here’s what else you’ll love...

👍🏻 Text from any phone number - Get a local, toll-free, short code, or use your existing landline phone number.

🎵 Never miss a text - Get notified right in Slack for any new incoming calls and texts right within your Slack channel.

😃 Send SMS and MMS texts - Reply to texts with images, gifs, emoji's, and more to richen your conversations.

☁ Send "saved replies" to save time - Select an SMS message from your list and we'll send it right away.

📚 Apply tags, add notes, and assign conversations - Manage your contacts and conversations right from Slack.

This is just the start. We’ll soon be introducing many more great features to make this integration even better.

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