Business Messaging for Franchises on HubSpot!

Create a network of franchisee accounts that are linked to the parent account with Salesmsg!

Salesmsg New Franchise Management

At Salesmsg, we created an easy way to manage business texting at franchise organisations. Ever wondered how to make all of your franchisee accounts compliant to all of your company’s standards? Our new revolutionary in-app solution is just about that!

With just a few clicks, you can create a network of franchisee accounts linked to the parent account. They'll gain access to saved replies, keywords tags and triggers that will make franchisee onboarding effortless!

Plus, with flexible payment methods there won’t be any hassle to buy extra credits for child accounts.

Your new team members will hit the ground running!

Business Messaging for Franchises

Franchisers out there, rejoice! Now, you can quickly offer business text messaging to all of your franchisees through Salesmsg. This powerful feature is purpose built for franchises using HubSpot.Beyond Franchise features, if you are new to Salesmsg here’s what else you’ll love...

Flexible Payment Options

We offer the perfect payment option for everyone - no matter your franchise size or budget! Pay centrally and make life simpler or passthrough the subscription cost to your franchisees.

HubSpot Contacts & Lists Visibility

Streamline HubSpot contacts & lists access for franchise owners to ensure everyone has the right view. This is easily done by mapping HubSpot teams as you invite franchisees to Salesmsg.

Share Keywords, Tags, and Saved Replies

Keep everything on brand, and share best practices with your franchise owners by creating shared Keywords, Tags & Saved Replies.

Manage All Franchisees From a Single View

As an admin organization, you get access to every franchisee's Salesmsg account with the flick of a switch. Plus, if needed take full control by assuming accounts for troubleshooting or training.

👍🏻 Text from any phone number - Get a local, toll-free, short code, or use your existing landline phone number.

🎵 Never miss a text - Get notified right in Slack for any new incoming calls and texts right within your Slack channel.

😃 Send SMS and MMS texts - Reply to texts with images, gifs, emoji's, and more to richen your conversations.

☁ Send "saved replies" to save time - Select an SMS message from your list and we'll send it right away.

📚 Apply tags, add notes, and assign conversations - Manage your contacts and conversations right from Slack.

This is just the start. We’ll soon be introducing many more great features to make this integration even better.

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