New Feature! Two-Way Contact Syncing For CRM Texting

Throw away your spreadsheets! With Salesmsg's new CRM texting two-way syncing feature, you can start texting your CRM contacts in seconds!

New Feature! Two-Way Contact Syncing For CRM Texting

Not a fan of exporting and importing your CRM contacts into Salesmsg?

Neither are we.

That's why we created a brand new feature called Two-Way Contact Syncing or in layman's terms... CRM Texting to give you a simple way to INSTANTLY start texting your HubSpot (and soon Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, and ActiveCampaign) contacts.

Plus once you connect your CRM to Salesmsg, we do all the work of keeping your contacts synced.

We basically created a robot army of little automation admins to do all the tedious clerical manual labor for you.

How it Works?

This new feature (ahem... army) we call CRM Texting works behind the scenes for you every time you to instantly search for your CRM contacts in real time.

You can throw away your spreadsheets since there's no more importing needed. :)

Step 1: Integrate Your CRM

Integrate your CRM like HubSpot, Infusionsoft, or Pipedrive (coming soon) to let Salesmsg sync your contacts.

Step 2: Search Your Contacts

Search for a contact in Salesmsg, CRM Texting runs to your CRM to link the contact record with Salesmsg and if no match is found, it creates and links a record for you.

Step 3: Send Your Text

Send a text or MMS inside your CRM, CRM Texting syncs this conversation with your contact's conversation history inside Salesmsg, so you never miss a message.

Two-Way Contact Syncing

Salesmsg works for you, behind the scenes keeping your contacts information up to date... automatically.

So when Charlie's name changes in your CRM, it's automatically updated in Salesmsg to match it perfectly.

🔥 HOT TIP! You also have the option to create new contacts on your CRM when someone calls or texts your Salesmsg phone number, to then trigger some automated followups. Lead generation anyone!

A Real-World Scenario

Let's say you're a new customer (or considering Salesmsg) and you need to follow up with a lead or prospect immediately. You can't remember his number (who memorizes numbers), but of course you remember his name.

Let's call him Bob Morton. 

Now Bob's contact record is in your CRM, but you want the ease of texting back and forth from the clean and simple to use Salesmsg platform.

What do you?

In the past you had to export and import your contacts out of your CRM and into Salesmsg.

Who enjoys doing that?


So now with CRM Texting, as soon as you integrate your CRM with Salesmsg, you're three simple steps away from texting Bob. 

  1. Type his name into the Salesmsg Search bar
  2. Tap or click on his name
  3. Write and send your message
Thank you CRM Texting! 

This is where your new army of little automation admins runs to your CRM to see if Bob's an existing contact record. If his record exists, CRM texting matches and links it automatically for you. 

And if Bob's phone number is not already a record in your CRM, a contact will be created and linked automatically for you!

Also any text messages you send Bob from Salesmsg will automatically be logged in his CRM's contact record. 


We made it even easier for you to start texting your CRM contacts today. No more importing, exporting, and re-importing over and over again. Just integrate your CRM, search for your contacts, and start texting.

It really is that simple.

Start your free 14-day trial with Salesmsg today.

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