5 Canned Text Message Response Templates That'll Save You More Time

Use these 5 canned response templates to drive more sales, schedule appointments, initiate conversations, and help you grow your business.

5 Canned Text Message Response Templates That'll Save You More Time

If you find yourself typing the same texts over and over again, our new Canned Responses feature will help you save a load of time.If you’re not familiar with them, you can save a response you craft and then, instead of constantly retyping it, you can click and insert it into your email, saving you time and effort.I've written these 5 canned response templates to help you quickly engage with your leads, customers, and help you drive more sales.

1. To Engage Your Leads

Sometimes, you need a simple message to engage your leads or customers in a conversation without being too pushy or sound robotic.And the best to get a conversation started is by asking a question. Here's a simple and real template to get a response from your leads that have no yet converted:

Hey {FirstName}, are you still looking to {action}?Here's the template built out...Hey Chris, are you still looking to buy a car?

You don't have to send off a huge text message to get a response. Simply ask your contact a question that's relevant to you and your product or service.

2. Initiate a Conversation

When initially sending a text message to a contact to start a conversation, it's best to keep it "conversational". Here's a simple text you can use to get that conversation started:

Hi {FirstName}, I'm {YourName} your {JobTitle} at {Company} and I just wanted to reach out. Are you wanting to use {thing} to {result}, {result}, or something else?Here's the template built out...Hi Jeff, I'm Chris the CEO at Salesmsg and just wanted to reach out. Are you wanting to use texting to grow sales, retain customers, or something else?

Rather than saying, "Do you have any questions?" it's best to guide them down the path that helps you quickly qualify and respond back.

3. Scheduling

Text messaging helps you quickly get things done. While you could call people and get little results, sending a text message makes it easy to get answer or schedule an appointment. Here's a template you can use to schedule a demo or appointment with your contacts.


How's your schedule this {DayofWeek} for a call?


Perfect! I just locked in our call for {Time} on {Date}. If things change, just send me a quick text and we'll reschedule.

Appointment Reminder

Are we still good for todays {call/demo} at {Time}?

Make your messages simple and personal. There's no need to get fancy.

4. To Drive Sales

Since text messages get a 98% open rate, it's hands down the best way to drive sales and responses. So in this template, you can use it to let your leads and customers know about a sale you are having.

Hi {FirstName} it's {YourName} at Salesmsg and we're having a 50% off sale for the next 48 hours. Do you want me to text you the link?

Rather than just sending the contact the link, let them respond back in order to initiate the conversation. Once they reply back, then give them the link to your sales page or the coupon code.

5. To Retain Customers (Failed Payments, Cancelations)

Every business has customers that fall off, cancel, or payments that fail. Using Salesmsg's integrations and Zapier integration, you can automate your text messages to let your customers know about a failed payment or initiate a conversation when they cancel.


Hey {FirstName} - I'm {YourName} the {Title} at {Company} and I just noticed that you canceled your account. I'm curious... what can we do better?

Failed Payments

Hey {FirstName} - I'm {YourName} at {Company} and noticed that your latest payment failed for your account. You reply back and I can help or just click the link to update it on your own http://site.com


And there you have it! There's a few canned response template to help you automate and streamline your business.What other messages, do you plan on turning into canned responses? Let us know what you think.

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