New Salesmsg 2.0: It’s Finally Happening

Salesmsg 2.0 is a whole new platform for our all-in-one texting and calling app. It's sleek. It's modern. It's designed to be even more user-friendly for your entire team. This new 2.0 platform begins today.

All-New Salesmsg 2.0

Salesmsg 2.0.”

This has been a dream of mine for years now.

I thought about it every time a customer asked us for a significant change for Salesmsg—that we couldn’t provide yet.

I imagined it every time I saw an opportunity to give even more value inside our Salesmsg app, that wasn’t technically possible with our original platform.

I pondered what Salesmsg 2.0 might look like every time I brainstormed new user-friendly texting and calling features that would be phenomenal for all customers—but for many reasons, we couldn’t add them to our app just yet.

Now I’m overjoyed to tell you… It's finally happening.

Sneak peek: The 2.0 platform I've wanted for years is on its way.

Introducing the first of many rollouts for Salesmsg 2.0

What is Salesmsg 2.0?

It’s a whole new platform for our all-in-one texting and calling app.

Of course, this new 2.0 platform will include all the calling and texting features you’ve come to expect from original Salesmsg over the years.

With a few key differences.

For starters, this 2.0 platform will have a new beautiful, modern design. New navigation. New functionality. New user-friendly features.

And many, many new upgrades.

As of this week, you can see the first of these 2.0 upgrades inside our app.

Once you login to Salesmsg, simply click on the “Try Salesmsg 2.0” at the bottom lefthand of any screen to see what’s new inside the 2.0 platform.

(Then you’re free to switch back to our original platform if you choose. Our original platform will be available for you as we rollout Salesmsg 2.0 over the next 90 days.)

To see the new platform, click “Try Salesmsg 2.0” on any screen inside our app.

What’s new inside Salesmsg right now?

If you’ve been a customer for a while, you’ll notice the first upgrades the moment you open Salesmsg 2.0.

After you click “Try Salesmsg 2.0,” you’ll immediately see the Conversation Page where you can check out all the changes for this first rollout.

Just as before, the Conversation Page is where your teams can send two-way text messages and manage calls for your customers.

The new 2.0 Conversation Page has everything our customers already loved from our original platform.

That includes our AI assistant to help you craft text messages, detailed conversation histories for your customers, enterprise-level calling features, the ability to send text messages with emojis, images, videos, PDFs, canned responses—to name a few favorite features.

Now, the 2.0 version of this Conversation Page includes…

Unprecedented flexibility for your inboxes.

With the left sidebar, you can customize your team’s private and shared inboxes like never before. You can mark particular inboxes as favorites—and move them to the “favorites” list in the sidebar.

You can group particular inboxes together in folders, and use the dropdown to view which inboxes are in each folder. You can also mute and unmute inboxes right from the inbox list as you like.

Easily manage conversations with enhanced features.

Once you click any inbox, you can use bulk actions to manage conversations. For example, you might search for conversations that arrived today, and mark them all as “priority” with this new bulk action.

From the dropdown menu, you can assign individual conversations to other team members, close conversations, mark them as unread, check opt-in status and make that conversation a priority.

Quickly filter and search for individual conversations.

It’s now easier than ever to filter and search for conversations inside your inboxes. You can navigate through your inboxes, searching by your customers' names or numbers.

You can also use filters to search for multiple conversations at once. You have the option to filter conversations by contacts, tags, inboxes, assignees and created dates. That means you can quickly search for conversations that match those filters.  

Really, that’s just the beginning.

Expect more features and a 99.9% uptime like usual

We’ll introduce exclusive features and upgrades for this 2.0 platform very soon.

Our master team of developers is rolling out our 2.0 platform in stages over the next 90 days. You can think of it as a series of “soft launches” leading up to the MAIN event when the entire 2.0 platform will be live.

We’re rolling out this new platform in this way for a couple of reasons.

From a tech perspective, this ensures we can provide our usual 99.9% uptime for all our customers who use Salesmsg every day to manage texting and calling for their businesses.

In other words, it’s business as usual for all customers.

If you’re already using Salesmsg, you can expect zero interruptions in service as we roll out this new 2.0 platform. (That’s very important to us.)

Another sneak peek: Our 2.0 platform will include advanced calling features like our new movable calling widget.

Also, this 90-day rollout gives you plenty of time to ask questions about this new platform, and give us feedback about all the new features and upgrades in real-time.  

And yes, we want your feedback. We want to make sure Salesmsg 2.0 is an upgrade for you in every way. Get details on how to submit your feedback right here.

Get started right now. Login to your Salesmsg account to see what's new inside Salesmsg 2.0. We can't wait to hear what you think.

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