5 New Business Texting Features For Marketing, Sales, & Support Teams

Business texting is all the rage! Read more to answer this big questions: “do you and your team have a business texting platform?”

5 New Business Texting Features For Marketing, Sales, & Support Teams

Business texting is all the rage! Customers, clients, leads… everyone wants to text you and your business. The big questions are: “do you and your team have a business texting platform?” and “are you sure you have the right texting platform for your marketing, sales, or support team?”

In this article, discover 5 business text messaging features to help you answer both questions, especially if you use HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, PipeDrive, or Zapier!

Business Texting Features You Need To Succeed

  1. Chrome Extension Notifications
  2. Team Profile Avatars
  3. Automated Zapier Tag Removal
  4. Webhook Search By URL
  5. Instant “No Import” CRM Texting

5. Respond Fast With Chrome Extension Notifications

If you spend a ton of time in Chrome doing marketing, sales, or support through sites like HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, Intercom, or Drift: this Salesmsg Chrome Extension feature is for you.

Before this feature it was easy to lose track of new and unanswered text messages, unless you were inside the Salesmsg web app or happen to catch the Chrome browser notification in time before it slipped away and disappeared.

Now whenever you get a text to your personal or shared inbox, the Chrome Extension will light up and stay lit until you read those unread messages! Which by the way you can read and respond to them right from the Chrome Extension, keeping you inside your marketing, sales, or support app.

Respond Fast With Chrome Extension Notifications

GO GET IT: After you get a trial or paid Salesmsg account, install the Salesmsg Chrome Extension, pin it to your browser, and go about your day. When new messages comes in you’ll always see how many unreads you or your team have waiting.

4. See Who Is Who With Team Profile Avatars

When two baseball players run to catch a fly ball and neither one calls “got it,” what happens? Boom! They collide and the ball hits the ground. Team Profile Avatars inside of a Shared Team Inbox are a simple way to make sure this doesn’t happen to you or on your team.

Before this update, all you could see was your your teammate's initials inside the conversation timeline. That was kinda boring and confusing if you had two or three people with the same initials working in the same inbox.

Now you and everyone on your team can upload a personal photo and have it appear on the conversation timeline. Not only does this update make it easy to see who is saying what to who, but adds fun personalization as well!

See Who Is Who With Team Profile Avatars

GO GET IT: After you start a trial or get a paid Salesmsg account, download the Salesmsg iOS or Android app. Then go to your profile, tap edit, and upload right from your camera roll. It’s so easy to get your face on your account. You can also add a photo from the Salesmsg website app, by going to settings and finding “upload” a profile image.

3. Automate Removing Tags With Zapier

If Salesmsg doesn’t have a native integration for the app you use, there’s always Zapier! Connect Salesmsg with Zapier to unlock business texting for thousands of apps. You’ll then see how helpful this neato update is, if you disposition contacts, leads, or customers using tags inside Salesmsg.

Prior to this Zapier enhancement, you could add a tag to a contact record inside of Salesmsg but, if a status changed and you wanted Zapier to automatically remove the old tag, you couldn’t until now.

Here’s an example of this at work.

Automate Removing Tags With Zapier
  • Let’s say an existing contact has a Salesmsg tag called “Lead”
  • Then this contact fills out a form to book an appointment
  • You tell Zapier to add the Salesmsg tag call “Appointment Booked”
  • Then you tell Zapier (using this update) to remove the “Lead” tag

Now within Salesmsg you can go to your contact list and type the name of the tag you want and target messages to those contact!

GO GET IT: Just login into your Zapier account, choose an existing Zap or create a new one. Then under “Set Up Actions” you can specific which tags to add AND which tags to remove! The options to automate your Salesmsg tagging with Zapier are now unlimited!

2. Find Triggers Fast By Webhook URL

By and large, if your CRM accepts webhooks you can create custom text messages in Salesmsg to trigger from your CRM when a set of conditions are met. If this speaks to you then, boy (or girl) we have made finding and updating all your webhooks tons easier!

Life before this “search by webhook URL” update was painful. With dozens of Salesmsg Webhooks baked into your CRM and it probably drove you crazy clicking through your list of Triggers in Salemsg one-by-one when you wanted to update a webhook’s message content.

In your new life, brought to you by “Find Triggers By Webhook URL,” you can now copy the webhook URL from inside your CRM and paste it into the Salesmsg search bar.

“Voila!” That’s it. Trigger found.

Find Triggers Fast By Webhook URL

GO GET IT: No need to remember what you named your triggers or suffer through any pain in the butt 1-by-1 searching! Just copy the webhook URL from your CRM and paste into the Salesmsg search bar. We’ll find the trigger for you in a second.

1. Instant CRM Texting Provided By Real Time Search

Let’s guess your favorite thing to do in the world. Is it exporting lists of contacts from one system and importing them into another? Forget that! You want to start texting your leads, customers, and contacts as soon as possible with the least amount of effort. So shake hands with “Real Time Search” feature.

Once Salesmsg is integrated with your CRM, you can start texting contacts without any cumbersome exporting or importing. Here’s how it work in three easy steps:

Instant CRM Texting Provided By Real Time Search
  1. Make sure your CRM is integrated with Salesmsg
  2. Type in the name of your contact into the search bar
  3. Start texting

It’s seriously that simple. Immediately text message any contact, no matter if they're in HubSpot, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, or Pipedrive from the Chrome Extension, Salesmsg website, or Mobile Apps.

GO GET IT: After you start a trial or get a paid Salesmsg account, the account owner needs to integrate your CRM with Salesmsg. Once that is done, you’re ready to run. Just type then name of your contact in the search bar and it will appear, ready to text!

What Do You Need From Us

Choosing the right business texting platform is no easy task. However the more you understand your options, the better off you and your team will be. Obviously we recommend the Salesmsg business texting platform for sales, marketing, and support teams. You can start a free 14 day trial here.

We believe conversations are good for business and we can be a powerful partner in yours. So if you have any ideas or feedback you’d use to know, show, share and tell us!

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