13 Amazing Business Texting Features Released In 2020 (Year-in-Review)

Discover 13 amazing business texting features released for sales, marketing & support reps using HubSpot, Infusionsoft, & more!

13 Amazing Business Texting Features Released In 2020 (Year-in-Review)

Discover the 13 amazing business texting features we released in 2020! If your job has anything to do with selling, marketing, customer support, or managing a team, these features are for you.

What's In This Article

  1. HubSpot: Send Short Code SMS From HubSpot Workflows
  2. HubSpot: Send & Receive SMS Texts From HubSpot Deals
  3. HubSpot: Show Activities On HubSpot Deal Record Timeline
  4. HubSpot: Two Way CRM Business Texting
  5. HubSpot: Auto Assign Conversations By HubSpot Contact Owner
  6. Mobile Apps: Mobile App Bulk Actions
  7. Mobile Apps: Shared Inboxes For Mobile Business Texting
  8. Mobile Apps: CRM Merge Fields For Android & iOS
  9. Mobile Apps: Conversation Notes In Mobile Apps
  10. Mobile Apps: Voice Calling From Mobile App
  11. Mobile Apps: Mobile Canned Messages
  12. Salesmsg Web App: Essential Business Texting Analytics
  13. Salesmsg Web App: "Auto Stop" Scheduled Message On Reply
  14. Plus 16 Honorable Mentions

HubSpot Business Texting

1. Send Short Code SMS From HubSpot Workflows

Send Short Code Business Texts from HubSpot Workflows With Salesmsg

Sending high-volume messages such as alerts, notifications, or verifications in seconds has always been one of key features of the Salesmsg platform. Now, if you are a HubSpot user, you can do it from your HubSpot Workflow directly.

Check out the HubSpot SMS Salesmsg integration.

2. Send & Receive SMS Texts From HubSpot Deals

Send & Receive Business Texts from HubSpot Deals with Salesmsg

Another great enhancement to Salesmsg and HubSpot integration is here. You can now send & receive texts right from your HubSpot deals to the associated contacts.

3. Show Activities On HubSpot Deal Record Timeline

Show Activities on HubSpot Deal Record Timeline with Salesmsg

Keeping track of Deal Activities has become even easier from your Deal Record Timeline. Now, if you are a HubSpot user, you can send a messages using Salesmsg Widget. You will see a send record associated with an appropriate Deal in the Deal Record Timeline.

4. Two Way CRM Business Texting

Once your Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Pipedrive, or ActiveCampaign is integrated with Salesmsg, you can text any contact immediately from within Salesmsg without any messy exporting. Plus when you change a contact's name, phone, or email from your CRM, it's updated in Salesmsg automatically! 

5. Auto Assign Conversations Based On The HubSpot Contact Owner

Automatically Assign Conversations Based on the HubSpot Contact Owner with Salesmsg

This neat little feature makes sure SMS conversations from leads, prospects, clients, customers, students, whatever you call them… people who already have a point of contact, get routed and responded to from the exact right person on your team.

No confusion or weird oops moments!

Mobile Business Texting

Perform Bulk Operations with Salesmsg Mobile Apps

6. Mobile App Bulk Actions

Repeating the same action dozens of times is not fun. Our “bulk operations” enhancements allow Salesmsg iOS and Salesmsg Android users to close, mark unread, and tag multiple conversations with a single click. 

  • Apply tags in bulk
  • Close conversations in one quick click
  • Mark as unread 
See Shared Inboxes for Mobile Business Texting

7. Shared Inboxes For Mobile Business Texting

Now every time a message hits your shared team inbox, you can read and reply to it from the iOS or Android app! There’s no work needed to get this working. If you’ve already got a shared or team inbox set up and you’re shared on that inbox, it will automatically appear for you in the app.

  • Send & receive business texts from any of your shared inboxes
  • Easily toggle between inboxes
  • Get in-app notifications specific to your shared inbox
Use CRM Merge Fields with Salesmsg Mobile Apps

8. CRM Merge Fields for Android & iOS

Need to insert a piece of customer information that is stored in your CRM? Just search for the merge field and Salesmsg will insert the data into your text. No copy and pasting necessary! 

  • Merge in your CRM contact and custom fields 
  • Integrates with HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft!
  • Easily personalize your texts
Write and Share Conversation Notes in Salesmsg Mobile Apps

9. Conversation Notes In Mobile App

You can now easily create conversations notes (that only you can see) within any conversation. Simply click the notes icon to switch into notetaking mode. 

  • Add notes to your conversations in 1-click
  • Keep your notes private for yourself and your team
  • Visible across all devices
Place Voice Calls from Salesmsg Mobile Apps

10. Voice Calling From Mobile App

Place a call from your native mobile number. You can now make voice calls within the mobile app. Simply click the phone icon in the upper right corner of your screen when you’re within a specific chat.

1-click reply to common incoming business texts in Salesmsg mobile apps

11. Mobile Canned Messages

You can now nearly “1 click reply” to common incoming sales, support, and marketing messages using “Canned Messages” inside the Salesmsg iOS and Android app.

Web App Business Texting

12. Essential Business Texting Analytics

See Essential Business Texting Analytics in Salesmsg Web App

Designed for account owners and admins, you can track five critical stats which highlight how you, your team, and shared inboxes are performing.

We’ve made it easy for you to visualize the number of message segment sent and received, new contacts added, as well as track opt-ins and opt-outs over any period of time you desire!

13. "Auto Stop" Scheduled Message On Reply

Auto Stop Scheduled Business Texts On Response in the Salesmsg Web App

We want you to schedule messages with confidence and not worry about any extra effort if a contact replies. That’s why we made this super simple feature.

Next time you finish writing a message inside of Salesmsg webapp, look for the clock icon close to your message character count. Click that icon, set the day and time, and then hit the toggle to turn on “Stop on Response”.

And Holy Moly Do We Have Some Great Honorable Mentions

  • HubSpot can now send MMS in workflows
  • Mobile Apps can now send MMS
  • Chrome Extension now shows Shared Inboxes
  • Chrome Extension now offers Canned Messages
  • Chrome Extension now sends MMS
  • Chrome Extension now offers merge fields
  • Chrome Extension now highlights textable numbers in HubSpot  
  • Salesmsg Zaps can now add or remove tags in Salesmsg
  • Salesmsg Zaps now offer expanded contact and user data
  • Salesmsg now notifies you when an integration disconnects
  • Salesmsg now forwards calls through to your extension
  • Salesmsg now lets agency owners choose to pay for clients
  • Salesmsg now lets you use an Aircall number as a shared inbox
  • Salesmsg now lets you upload a profile image to show up in chats
  • Salesmsg now offers a Beta public API (for you developers out there)
  • Salesmsg now makes it easy to enable your landline for texting
  • Plus 261 other enhancements and 457 squashed bugs

Voila, And There You Have It

That wraps up our 2020 year in review! If there’s something you want us to build, send us a Feature Request. Plus, check out the article 20+ Sample Text Messages to see what messages to send to your customers. You'll also see other feature requests from other customers as well. And if you’re not yet customer and want to try us out, go to SalesMessage.com to sign up for your free 14-day trial!

And finally check out our popular business texting articles like this one...


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