5 Reasons You Need 10-Digit Long Codes for Business Texting

10DLC offers multiple benefits including affordability, high message volume, regulation compliance, and local number recognition. Salesmsg makes 10DLC registration simple and so start sending reliable, regulation-compliant texts for your business today.

5 Reasons for 10DLC SMS

There's no denying text messages are the modern, and preferred, way for businesses to contact their customers. Businesses that want to remain ahead of the competition need to stay on top of the latest tools and adapt in order to thrive. This same logic holds in the business texting realm.

Traditionally, automated business texts sent to personal numbers went against the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association's (CTIA) guidelines. However, modern problems require modern solutions, and with the introduction of A2P 10DLC messaging, businesses now have a fully CTIA-compliant way to send text messages without spamming customers.

Approved by U.S. network providers to be used in application-to-person (A2P) messaging, 10DLCs give businesses an affordable way to send mass texts from a local number. These handy 10-digit long codes have all the sending power of toll-free numbers with the familiar charm of local area codes.

The benefits of using a 10DLC number include affordability, high message volume and throughput, regulation compliance, and local number recognition. Salesmsg offers customers a variety of features to improve business texting and makes A2P 10DLC compliance and registration a breeze.

What is A2P 10DLC SMS?

That's a lot of letters crammed together--let's break it down. There are two basic types of SMS (text messaging) services: A2P and P2P. A2P is meant for business-to-customer texting while P2P is designed for personal use. 10-digit long codes are a hybrid solution that takes pieces from each messaging type.

A2P Messaging

A2P stands for “application to person” messaging. This type of messaging allows companies to send automated texts to customers. A2P is the most common and cost-effective way for businesses to reach customers through text. 

Toll-free long codes are a type of code for A2P messaging and are an affordable option for businesses looking to send high-volume texts. Toll-free numbers offer high throughput rates (the rate at which mobile carriers allow messages to be sent) but can have an unfamiliar connection to customers who see a number from an area code they don't recognize.

Short codes are 5-6 digit numbers companies can purchase and use to send mass texts to customers. Examples of dedicated short codes are the texts you get to confirm payment and pop up as "12345" contact instead of a full-length phone number. These codes are quick and efficient but can be expensive and, similar to toll-free numbers, can feel impersonal.

P2P Messaging

Local long codes are regular phone numbers used for person-to-person (P2P) texting. Long code is affordable, limited to 1 message per second, but not designed as a marketing solution for businesses. In fact, using local long codes for automated business messaging goes against national CTIA regulations.

So, how does 10DLC differ from other forms of messaging? A2P 10DLC takes the best parts of each and combines them into one effective messaging solution. 

Benefits of 10-digit long code

10DLC SMS offers businesses many benefits including:

  • Affordability
  • Higher messaging throughput
  • High volume messaging
  • Regulation compliance
  • Local number recognition


To use 10-digit long code effectively and lawfully, you need to register your business (more on that later). There is a small, one-time fee attached with registration, and the monthly costs for 10DLCs are cheaper than short codes and comparable to long codes.

Higher Messaging Throughput

Messaging throughput is determined by network carriers. 10-digit long codes offer higher messaging throughput because, as a registered number, carriers know who you are and what you are sending. Businesses that use compliant 10DLCs will receive a message throughput of approximately 100 messages per second.

High Volume Messaging

10-digit long codes accommodate high levels of business texting and can allow businesses to send anywhere from thousands to millions of messages a day, depending on the number of 10DLCs you sign up for.

Regulation Compliance

Everyone wants fast, reliable text messaging, but with 10DLCs, you also ensure your business texting is CTIA approved. Regulation compliance means your messages will not be blocked or subjected to spam filters or heavy carrier firewalls.

Local Number Recognition

Remember how we love the trust and connection that comes with P2P messaging? While 10-digit long codes fall in the A2P category, businesses can establish a personal connection by choosing a local area code their customers will recognize. And if you already have a local number for your business, Salesmsg can easily convert your company landline to use for texting.

So there you have it--5 reasons you need 10-digit long codes for business texting. 10DLCs are a win-win for everyone. Businesses receive improved deliverability across networks and in return, provide their customers with a higher level of trust and transparency.

The How-Tos of 10-digit long code

Now that you're savvy to the many benefits 10-digit long codes have to offer, let's tackle some commonly asked questions.

How do I get started?

Before you request a 10DLC number, you must register your company with The Campaign Registry. Registration promotes transparency and makes it clear who will be sending these mass messages and what they will be about. Companies that use more than 5 long codes and send more than 3,000 messages daily in the U.S. need to register.

Salesmsg makes 10DLC registration easy and offers secure, regulation-compliant messaging tools for your business. Sign up and start sending business texts today!

How do I register for a 10DLC?

First things first, you need to decide which Salesmsg package is right for you. Are you looking to send millions or a few hundred messages?

Starter Package

This package option is perfect for those sending less than 3,000 messages per day and using 5 or fewer 10-digit long codes. If you qualify for this package, Salesmsg will take care of the 10DLC registration process for you. Once you sign up, you'll be able to track your registration status right from your phone through the Salesmsg app.

Worried you might go over 3,000 messages? Don't sweat it. Salesmsg comes with built-in compliance alerting. If your usage increases, you will be notified via the app and directed toward registration for the standard package, giving you peace of mind that you remain compliant no matter how much the amount of messages you send fluctuates.

Standard Package

Businesses that choose this option are those sending more than 3,000 messages or more than 5 10-digit long codes. If you fall into this category, we've added an intuitive registration flow in the Salesmsg app to help you easily add business information required by carrier networks.

Once you are set up on the Salesmsg app, you can check in periodically to see the status of your 10DLC. Once your status shows "Approved" you have officially been registered!

In addition to offering A2P 10DLC registration, Salesmsg offers a variety of secure and fully compliant tools including stir/shaken compliance, CNAM caller ID branding, TCPA compliant texting, data security, infrastructure built to scale, voice calls, and more.

What happens if I don't register?

To stay compliant, your business needs to be registered. If you don't meet the deadlines for registration, carriers can subject your messages to more filters, making it harder to reach your customers as your messages might be blocked and flagged as spam-like text messages.

Additionally, businesses that fail to register can be charged additional per-message fees. Penalties are also included for brands who attempt to route messages as a P2P instead of A2P or who violate content agreements. For more information on A2P 10DLC SMS pricing and penalties (both registered and unregistered) visit SMS and MMS Carrier Fees.

Needless to say, it's a good idea to comply with registration requirements.

What is a trust score?

Upon completion of business/brand registration, Salesmsg will send the required information to The Campaign Registry. The Campaign Registry assigns each business with a 10DLC registration a "score." Your trust score, combined with your campaign type, will determine your message throughput, or how many messages per second mobile carriers allow you to send. The higher your throughput, the faster you'll be able to reach customers.

How do I determine my campaign?

When choosing what type of campaign to register for, ask yourself what you hope your business texting achieves. Are your texts promotional messages, customer notifications, or something else?

Basic or Unregistered Campaign

This option is for those who are unsure of what type of messages you'll be sending and is considered "high risk." An unregistered campaign will negatively affect your trust score as network carriers have no way of knowing what content you'll be sending to personal devices.

Declared Use Campaign

Businesses who choose this option send messages of narrow use such as sending customers delivery notifications and confirmation codes.

Mixed Marketing Campaign

A mixed or marketing campaign is the level most businesses fall into. This option covers everything from "declared use campaign" level to anything else you would need to help market and sell your brand.

Additional registration information

Do you still have questions about 10DLC registration? Don't worry, you'll receive prompts through every step of the registration process through the Salesmsg app. Or, to speak with a Salesmsg rep, text (888) 409-2298.

Hopefully, this article helped you better understand how 10DLC is a messaging solution businesses can use to send mass marketing texts directly to consumers without breaking the bank (or any telecommunication regulations). 10DLC offers numerous benefits including affordability, high message volume and throughput, regulation compliance, and local number recognition. Salesmsg platform makes 10DLC registration simple and will help you start sending reliable, regulation-compliant texts for your business today.

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