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BONUS 1: "Here's my new number campaign" (Training Video)

BONUS 2: "How To Automate Appointment Reminders" (Training Video)

BONUS 3: "Help Me Set Things Up" Live Group Q/A Session

Workshop Timecodes

👍 10:00 "Why combine Video and SMS"
👍 23:00 "Where to Find Salesmsg in Dubb's Marketplace"
👍 26:00 "The More Appointments Now Campaign"
👍 36:00 "The Sales Acceleration Formula"
👍 48:00 "Legal Mass Blast Methods"
👍 1:00:00 "The Duplicate Yourself Campaign"
👍 1:12:00 "The Holiday Referral Campaign"
👍 1:18:00 "The Testimonial & Review Generator"
👍 1:27:00 "How Much Will All Of This Cost"
👍 1:33:00 "A Quick Demo Inside Salesmsg"
👍 1:37:00 "About the Special Bonues"
👍 1:41:00 "Frequently Asked Questions"
👍 1:46:00 "Best SMS Practices / Compliance"
👍 1:49:00 "How Connect Dubb to Salesmsg"

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