10DLC for Text Messaging: Requirements, Use Cases, and Best Practices

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The video provides a comprehensive overview of the 10DLC (10-digit long code) registration process for SMS messaging. Sergey and Dave discuss the importance of registering with every carrier and explain that carriers don't share information, so businesses need to ensure their information is kept in a single place, known as the campaign registry.

They introduce the concept of a trust score, which is assigned to businesses upon registration and determines factors such as throughput, deliverability, and cost of messages. They emphasize the need to declare specific use cases for messaging, such as two-factor authentication, marketing, sales, account notifications, and more. The more defined the use case, the higher the throughput and better carrier judgment of messages.

The video clarifies that the 10DLC requirement applies to local area code numbers, landlines, and VoIP numbers associated with SMS. It mentions that the deadline for registration will not be extended, and there is no way to avoid the registration process. Non-compliance will result in increasing fees, slower speeds, and eventually blocked messages.

They provide insights into common rejection reasons, including EIN and legal business name mismatches and opt-in forms on websites lacking appropriate disclosures. The video highlights the need for sender IDs and opt-out language in messages to ensure compliance and deliverability.

The speakers address questions about handling clients, downgrading or upgrading packages, managing new clients or additional phone numbers, and the impact of 10DLC on Canadian numbers. They emphasize the importance of adhering to compliance guidelines and offer assistance for disputed trust scores.

Throughout the video, they stress the significance of maintaining consistency, following best practices, and staying informed about any changes in the SMS messaging landscape. The speakers express their willingness to help users navigate the registration process and provide ongoing support.

Overall, the video serves as a detailed guide for businesses and SMS users to understand and comply with the 10DLC registration requirements, ensuring a smooth transition and continued message deliverability.

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