10DLC - July Webinar

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In this video, the presenters provide a comprehensive overview of 10DLC (10-Digit Long Code) registration for SMS marketing in the United States. They cover various aspects of the registration process, including package options, fees, best practices, and common questions.

The video begins with an introduction to 10DLC and its significance in ensuring improved deliverability and compliance with carrier regulations. The presenters emphasize the approaching deadlines for 10DLC registration and stress the importance of businesses taking action to avoid disruptions to their SMS marketing campaigns.

Moving on to the registration process, the presenters provide a step-by-step guide. They explain the business profile and campaign registration steps, emphasizing the need for accurate information, selecting the appropriate use case, and including essential opt-in and opt-out disclosures in text messages. They highlight Salesmsg's user-friendly application and stress the simplicity of the registration process.

The presenters address common questions and concerns related to 10DLC. They clarify that 10DLC registration is mandatory for texting mobile numbers in the United States and cannot be avoided. They discuss the limitations of using a sole proprietor option and explain that toll-free numbers also require a separate approval process. They stress the importance of selecting the correct use case to ensure optimal deliverability and throughput.

Regarding fees, the presenters discuss one-time and recurring fees associated with 10DLC registration. They explain that pass-through fees can vary based on message volume and provide information on where to track and monitor these fees within the Salesmsg platform.

Throughout the video, the presenters address specific concerns and questions raised by viewers. They provide clarification on topics such as opt-in procedures, non-marketing use cases, number transfers, deliverability issues, and disputing trust scores.

In conclusion, the presenters urge viewers to take action and complete their 10DLC registration to ensure compliance with carrier regulations and maintain the effectiveness of their SMS marketing campaigns. They emphasize the availability of Salesmsg's support team to assist with any questions or issues that may arise during the registration process.

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