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In this video, Jemima, the product marketing manager of Salesmsg, introduces PhoneCheckr, a powerful tool developed by Salesmsg. PhoneCheckr helps users identify the type of phone numbers, whether they are mobile, landline, or VoIP. Marlandi demonstrates how to use PhoneCheckr by uploading a CSV file and selecting the phone column to determine the carrier type. The process is quick and efficient. Users have the option to choose between a free or paid report, and upon selecting "Get Reports," they enter their email address to receive the results. The report provides detailed information about the carrier type for the selected numbers. Marlandi encourages viewers to follow Salesmsg for more helpful tips.

Hello hello Salesmsg! This is me Jemima your product marketing manager and I'm here today to talk about PhoneCheckr. Here we are what is PhoneCheckr you might ask. PhoneCheckr is a powerful tool created and powered by Salesmsg and it allows you to identify whether your phone numbers are mobile landline or VoIP. Right, so how does it work? Let me show you real quick. What you want to do is add any type of file, specifically CSV. What you want to do is go here we're going to add this file, upload it, select the phone column you want to see whether it's a carrier type or a number. Let's check. Look how fast this is. Here you have the option of a free or a paid report and once you select get reports you need to enter your email address right here. So I'm going to type in my email address. Take note because you can always contact me, and select get reports. What you're going to see is this report right here and it's going to tell you the exact carrier type you have for the numbers that you selected. Easy huh? for more tips follow us in Salesmsg.
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