May, 2023 - Product Updates

Intercom Integration, Chrome Extension Updates, Sharable Message Links, Personalize Images, Forward Calls to Voicemail & More!


Salesmsg has released a number of great new features and improvements this month. Intercom users can now send and receive text messages natively from the platform thanks to the Salesmsg Intercom integration. The Chrome extension now allows you to search conversations and add media such as photos, images, and documents. The Forward Directly to Voicemail feature has also been added to reduce stress when unable to answer incoming calls. The Merge Field allows you to customize images with customers’ names, and Shareable Message Links help manage critical customer conversations by generating a link to a specific message in a conversation to share with team members.

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another monthly product update from Salesmsg. We've been working hard to bring some amazing features and improvements to you, and a few made the cut this month. So let's take a look. Are you an Intercom user and you would like to further boost your customer engagement? How about adding text messaging support for your customers? Now, with the Salesmsg Intercom integration you can do just that. You can send and receive text messages natively from Intercom without switching apps. As a bonus, all your text message conversations will be automatically tagged as SMS to improve routing to the proper team member and ensure accurate reporting. Last month, the Chrome extension got a boost first. You're now able to search your conversations by contact, tag, inbox and more. You can also craft engaging messages by using the newly added Media library. You can add photos, images, documents and much more. Are you unable to answer incoming calls at the moment? Well, no more panicking about the phone ringing. You can go to any inbox Settings and enable the Forward Directly to Voicemail, the feature that we recently added just to give you more options to handle your incoming calls without the added stress. Welcome your customers with images customized with their name! To do that, simply upload an image via a URL, using any Image customization service and using the newly added Merge Field feature. Last but not least, to help you manage critical customer conversations, we added Shareable Message Links, which gives you the ability to generate and share a link to a specific message in a conversation with your team members. That sums it up for this month's monthly product update. Thanks for watching and I'll see you next month.
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