Introducing Salesmsg Chrome Extension

Discover the Salesmsg Chrome extension - a powerful tool to streamline your sales communications.


This video introduces a Chrome extension for Salesmsg, a platform that helps you keep track of your sales communications. The extension eliminates the need for a dedicated tab and offers various user-friendly features. It includes a list of inboxes with search functionality, allowing you to search and manage data easily. You can switch between conversations and contacts, apply filters, and access a search function for contacts, tags, inboxes, and assigned members. The extension also provides options to send messages, use saved replies, add media files, emojis, and record audio or video. You can forward messages, schedule them for later, and easily navigate back to search results or conversations. A unique feature of the extension is number highlighting, which allows you to interact with phone numbers on any web page by calling or messaging them directly. The video encourages viewers to try the Chrome extension and provide feedback.

Hi! In this video I would like to introduce our Chrome extension. It is a great way to keep tabs on what's happening in Salesmsg without the need to have a dedicated tab open for our web app. When you have Chrome extension installed you will have ability to click the icon and go straight to the account which you logged in in the browser. Inside Chrome extension you will find a set of features which are most popular with our users. On top we have a list of all inboxes for your account with the search functionality so we can search and go into the data routine. Below you have a switch between conversations and contacts which allows you to either view conversations or search for contacts. Then again below you have a search once again which we will talk about in a second and a filter for the type of conversations. You want to see these are the same filters we have in our web app so that you can bring your workflow straight from the web to Chrome extension. And down below you see the list of all conversations that you have inside this inbox let's talk about search real quick. When you start searching you will see that you can search through multiple entities like contacts, tags, inboxes and assigned members. In this case I'm searching for a contact so when my search continues I will have a search result page and here I see that I have two open conversation with Ivan. Let's open one of them. Here we are trying to get Ivan to see our demo and he doesn't seem to be interested, so we can either send a simple message or we can have a add a saved reply, merge field, put a file from our media library which is the same media library that you have in the web add emojis, record the video or audio. Again these are the same features you have in our web app and if you want to know more about how to use them you can always find an article in our help center. On top of that we have a ability to forward the message to our colleagues to easily send some important information also similar to our web app. We have the schedule for later tab which you can which you can schedule your message let's say for tomorrow 11 am and then then when I send it it's going to be scheduled and we can edit or delete it. Let us go back as you can see we go back to the search result page which is very convenient if you were searching let's say for multiple contacts and you want to work with them. Deleting the search request brings you back to the all conversation inside your inbox. I want to talk a little bit about number highlighting which is a unique feature for our Chrome extension. Number highlighting allows you to highlight all the numbers inside any web page and it will allow you to either call or write a message to them straight away. That is mostly it. Our Chrome extension is always adding new features so feel free to try it out and tell us how we're doing. Thank you.
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