NEW! Intercom Integration

Salesmsg brings you the world class Intercom texting integration that allows you to apply SMS in all stages of your marketing funnel.


In this video, we are walking you through our latest Intercom Integration that allows you to send and receive SMS messages via Intercom.

Are you using Intercom to support and engage your customers? If so, I have some exciting news for you today, we are thrilled to announce the Salesmsg Intercom integration, giving you the ability to use text messaging, one of the best customer engagement channels right from Intercom. To start in just a few clicks, navigate to integrations under Settings and select Intercom. Once you connect and authenticate, you will be able to select which sales message inboxes will send text messages to Intercom, making sure that your Intercom users are only getting the text messages that are relevant to them. From there, every Inbound text message will create a conversation in Intercom that you'll be able to reply back as a text message without leaving the application. Alternatively, you can send outbound text messages right from Intercom using the Salesmessage widget. All incoming text messages will be tagged with a Salesmsg SMS as well as the Inbox name. These tags will help you make use of Intercom's Inbox rules to better route conversations to the right team and help you customize your Intercom reports for SMS. With every Inbound text message, the integration will automatically search your Intercom contact list for any matches based on phone number and email and only create a new contact when no matches found. That way, making sure that your Intercom contact list stays clean without doing it. Connecting Salesmsg to Intercom will boost your customer engagement and make your customer support team more efficient. The integration takes just a few clicks and you can start for free today.
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