Add Salesmsg SMS to Vidalytics Video Lead Capture for Even Better Results

Boost video sales letter conversions, webinar replay leads, and HR & recruiting efforts with SMS video lead capture

How Vidalytics Helps You

Vidalytics is a video player for marketers who want to convert the coldest traffic and know exactly which point of their video is costing them conversions. This makes Vidalytics ideal for video sales letters (VSLs), online course creators, funnel builders, direct response marketers & eCommerce brands.

Designed For

  • Online course creators
  • Direct response marketers
  • Conversion rate optimizers
  • Marketing automation managers
  • Demand generation teams

Main Features

  • Video heat maps reveal consumption and abandonment
  • Trigger lead capture gate before, during, and upon pause
  • Trigger CRM automations with auto applied consumption tags
  • Countdown timers nudge viewers to next step of funnel
  • Smart autoplay gets video played when other players get blocked

How Vidalytics and Salesmsg Work Together

Connect Salesmsg to Vidalytics via Zapier and send automated text messages to boost video sales letter conversions and webinar replay leads.


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Demo Video


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Trusted by some of the best companies in the world...

Patrick Conley

Patrick Conley


Immediate ROI in our first week!

This is the app we've been dreaming about after months of manually using other phone line services that didn't integrate with our CRM. Our team finds it incredibly easy to use. It's a no-brainer must-have tool for your business.

Brian Moran

Brian Moran


Salesmsg tripled our sales in 60 days!

For my mother-in-laws dance studio, we tried everything: local ads, Instagram, Facebook ads, Yelp, even the Yellow Pages, but it wasn't until we started texting with Salesmsg that everything changed. We TRIPLED the business in less than 60 days!

Joe Ben Zvi

Joe Ben-Zvi


Increased our response rate by 52%

From task automation to workflow integration, Salesmsg has allowed us to move forward and innovate getting us an almost immediate increase in response rate by 52%. Everyone loves the service too! So glad I found Salesmsg!

Michail Koziol

Michal Koziol


Boosted webinar attendance to 90%

Salesmg is just what we need to build the relationships with our clients. We had another campaign we did using SMS - an offline seminar meeting, where 90% of attendees confirmed that they showed up only because they got the SMS reminders.

Kevin Jimeno

Kevin Jimeno


72% increase in engagement

We were limited to emails and leaving voicemails when a client was unavailable to answer the phone. The advantage Salesmsg gives us is quicker response times and an all-inclusive contact strategy increasing our outreach engagement by 70%!

Philip Powis

Philip Powis


Improved reviews by 21%

Before we were using another service’s built in text messages, but you can't respond to those. So we actually book sales now by text with real time personalized text!

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