Salesmsg’s Interactive Voice
Response: Not Your Typical IVR

Your brand is not a call center—Build a better brand experience with
Salesmsg’s IVR capabilities combined with our SMS platform.

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Continuous Availability

Salesmsg's IVR ensures continuous 24/7 availability. Unlike us humans, it doesn’t
need sleep or rest!

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Improved customer experience by providing a self-service method for callers to access the information that they need without the assistance.

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Your “Voice”

Providing customers with “your” branded solutions they need when they call will surely
make them feel valued.

How We Help Our Customers With Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Elevate your responsiveness with our IVR capabilities, ensuring efficient, personalized, and lightning-fast support for your customers.

IVR & SMS In One Place

Your Salesmsg Number Got  a “Cape”

Strengthen customer engagement with our all-in-one IVR
& SMS solution. Streamline communications and boost efficiency.

Unify Communication with IVR & SMS

One Number - Two Functions

SMS Familiarity With Your Number

Set The Tone

Enhanced Customer Experience

With our IVR configurations & call tree, your callers will be automatically routed according to their needs, avoiding unnecessary waits and repetitive conversations.

Efficient & Tailored Support

Swift, Needs-Based Call Routing

Prevent Repeat Call-backs

Beyond Customer Support

Be Memorable With Inbound  Calls

Leverage IVR for marketing and sales by adding promotional messages for active customer engagement during hold times
or trying to reach sales reps.

Customized Messages

Trigger Ideas With Your Callers

Offer "Text-to-Join" Opportunities

Responsive Resolution

Never Miss An Inbound Call Again!

Salesmsg's IVR ensures prompt issue resolution or engagement in the first customer interaction, avoiding
the need for follow-up calls by your team or the customer.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

Save Your Customer’s Time

Improved Reachability

Trusted by some of the best companies in the world...

Brian Moran

Brian Moran


Salesmsg tripled our sales in 60 days!

For my mother-in-laws dance studio, we tried everything: local ads, Instagram, Facebook ads, Yelp, even the Yellow Pages, but it wasn't until we started texting with Salesmsg that everything changed. We TRIPLED the business in less than 60 days!

Features built to help you scale

Outbound calling

Make outbound phone calls from your Salesmsg numbers from your computer, mobile apps, and Chrome Extension.

Receive inbound calls

Get incoming phone calls with your Salesmsg numbers across all devices. Never miss a call
with instant notifications.

Call forwarding

Never miss a call with our built-in call forwarding feature. Forward calls to your mobile, landline, or office line.

Call history

Easily see your calling history on your contact timeline just like your texts. Play your recorded calls and more.

Call recording

Record your calls on-demand or automatically record calls to save your most important conversations for later.

Auto-reply business hours

Setup your business hours and an auto-reply message to send when a contact tries to reach you in off hours.

Salesmsg’s IVR FAQs

Looking for more information about Salesmsg’s IVR capabilities?

We’ve shared some answers below to get you on your way efficiently and effectively!
Got More Questions? Text “ASK” to (888) 409-2298

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

IVR is a telephony technology that enables users to interact with a computer-operated phone system through voice commands or keypad inputs. This allows businesses to handle large volumes of calls and route them to the appropriate department or information without human intervention.

How can businesses benefit from Salesmsg IVR?

Businesses can experience numerous advantages with our IVR feature. It helps in reducing operational costs, streamlining call routing, improving customer experience, increasing first contact resolution, and offering 24/7 customer support without the need for extensive manpower.

Is there any additional cost for Salesmsg IVR?

Salesmsg IVR capability is included with any Salesmsg subscription plan, and can be enabled on one or multiple inboxes.

How easy is it to update or modify Salesmsg IVR prompts?

Modifying IVR prompts is straightforward with our user-friendly interface. Salesmsg Users can quickly make changes, test new flows, and implement updates without requiring specialized technical knowledge.

Will Salesmsg IVR work for toll-free and local numbers?

Absolutely! Salesmsg IVR is designed to seamlessly integrate with both toll-free numbers and local numbers, ensuring a broad range of communication options for businesses.

Can I use Salesmsg IVR to forward calls to external numbers?

Yes, with Salesmsg IVR, you're equipped with versatile call routing features. Not only can you route callers to internal Salesmsg inboxes, but you also have the flexibility to forward calls directly to external numbers, streamlining your communication processes.

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