NEW! External Webhooks

Make integrations between Salesmsg and your favourite apps more efficient than ever with External Webhooks, our no-code solution that will take your user experience to a whole new level.

NEW! External Webhooks

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NEW! External Webhooks

Low-code Integration

Salesmsg webhooks are a great way to get real-time notifications on Salesmsg events. With webhooks, you can integrate with apps we do not integrate with yet and run complex automation without burdening your developers. You can set up as many webhooks as you want for all the apps that need to be notified about Salesmsg events.

Instant Notifications

From a missed call to a new message, there is a trigger for it all. With over 20 trigger events, you can get notified about everything that happens on Salesmsg. For each event, the payload has even more information that makes automation possibilities endless.

NEW! External Webhooks
NEW! External Webhooks

Manage Your Webhooks

Take control of your webhooks! Create, edit and delete them like a pro; switch them on and off with ease. And get the inside scoop thanks to detailed history tracking for each webhook you created.

Trigger Event Information

For each Salesmsg trigger you add to your webhook, you can view detailed information about how the response is going to look like in JSON format. You can expand the details of each event to learn more.

NEW! External Webhooks

Integrate with your favorite apps

Simplify, scale, and streamline your business by connecting your tech stack with our apps

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Don't see an integration you need? We use Zapier to fill in any gaps.

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