Clear Your Spam Labels with Voice Integrity

Boost your call answer rates and protect your business's reputation with Salesmsg latest feature - Voice Integrity!

Clear Your Spam Labels with Voice Integrity

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Clear Your Spam Labels with Voice Integrity

No More “Scam Likely” Calls

Are your outbound calls constantly being labeled as "Scam Likely?" We now have a solution for you: Salesmsg Trusted Calling. By registering your business and phone numbers with Twilio’s Voice Integrity, STIR/SHAKEN and CNAM, you can remove this “spam” label and get your calls answered again. Plus, you can brand your calls with your company's name - reinforcing your brand identity with every call.

How Voice Integrity Works

Voice Integrity is the Twilio Trust Hub’s solution for spam. Voice Integrity clears spam labels on U.S. phone numbers - to help improve your call answer rates and boost your business’s reputation. Starting today, you can register your numbers via Salesmsg to remove your spam labels and soon monitor your business’s reputation.

Clear Your Spam Labels with Voice Integrity
Clear Your Spam Labels with Voice Integrity

Salesmsg Trusted Calling: Try It for 10% Off

Introducing Salesmsg Trusted Calling: Get rid of "Spam" labels, boost your call answer rates, and brand your calls hassle-free. With options like Voice Integrity, STIR/SHAKEN, and CNAM, you can build caller trust starting at $10/month. This month only, you can try our Salesmsg Trusted Calling for 10% off per month for the next year. (That means you’ll get this 10% off discount every month until May 31st, 2025.) Go here to get your discount!

How to Get Started

To kickstart your journey with Trusted Calling, head to the Compliance page inside Salesmsg. Activate the "Enable Trusted Calling" button. Upon activation, proceed to purchase Trusted Calling, confirming the purchase when prompted. Next, initiate the setup process for Voice Integrity, where you'll create a modal and input relevant details like use case and company specifics. As your status transitions to "Pending," Twilio will review your Voice Integrity, while your purchased numbers are seamlessly assigned to the system. (Remember: You can get 10% off every month for the next year when you try Trusted Calling in May only. This offer ends May 31st, 2024.)

Clear Your Spam Labels with Voice Integrity

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