NEW! Voice Compliance

Ensure your calls are never marked as "Spam Likely" and differentiate your business with a unique Caller ID.

NEW! Voice Compliance

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NEW! Voice Compliance


Trusted Calls with STIR/SHKEN

STIR/SHAKEN is an industry wide approach adopted by carriers to authenticate and verify phone calls. In doing so, they aim to reduce robocalls and promote consumer trust. With Salesmsg, you have the ability to register your company with all the necessary information carriers need for STIR/SHAKEN to completely eliminate the risk of your calls being labeled as “Scam Likely.”


Showcase Your Brand with CNAM Caller ID

Differentiate your business in the eyes of your customers and instantly building a connection with a unique Caller ID. Using our CNAM service you can add multiple numbers under one Caller ID, or alternatively have a dedicated Caller ID for different areas of your business.

NEW! Voice Compliance
NEW! Voice Compliance


Unified Business Profile

Update your Business Profile once and that information will be used across all the compliance products offered on Salesmsg including A2P 10DLC, STIR/SHAKEN and CNAM Caller ID. Should your business information change in the future, you will have a centralized spot to make all those updates.

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