Salesmsg Advanced Calling

Enhance Your Salesmsg Calls: Seamless Transfer, Dynamic Conferences, Waiting Assurance, Personalized Context!

Salesmsg Advanced Calling

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Salesmsg Advanced Calling

Call Waiting

Discover our innovative solution - Call Waiting! With our service, you can seamlessly place an ongoing call on hold, treating your caller to soothing background music as they wait. What's more, you have the flexibility to accept another inbound call or dial a new number, all while your initial call is on hold.

Conference Calling

Enhance your communication with our Conference Call! Merge multiple calls, dial new contacts, and join them into your Conference Call. You can even exit the call while leaving others connected for unmatched flexibility, providing unmatched flexibility in managing your conversations.

Salesmsg Advanced Calling
Salesmsg Advanced Calling

Cold Call Transfer

Answer incoming calls and transfer them to another Salesmsg inbox or external number, ensuring a smooth and efficient connection. If the recipient picks up, the call transfers, and if they don't, it comes right back to you.

Warm Call Transfer

Facilitate a warm call transfer with ease by initiating a conference call, introducing participants, and then gracefully exiting while the connection remains intact.

Salesmsg Advanced Calling
Salesmsg Advanced Calling

Call Screening

Add context to every forwarded call by customizing whisper messages for individual numbers. Our system uses advanced text-to-speech technology for professional and engaging intros. Or take charge with Call Screening! When a call comes from Salesmsg, you'll be alerted and prompted to press one to accept, ideal for managing calls on your personal cell phone without any surprises.

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