Salesforce Integration Updates

Powerful updates for Salesmsg-Salesforce integration: Seamlessly send Mass SMS within Salesforce UI, explore Salesmsg Widget and real-time syncing for better communication, and more!

Salesforce Integration Updates

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Salesforce Integration Updates

Salesforce Classic

Easily connect Salesmsg to either the Lightning or Classic modes of Salesforce with just a few clicks! No matter which mode of Salesforce you’re using, you’ll unlock the full potential of Salesmsg with our two-way texting and SMS broadcasts. Engage in live text messaging without leaving Salesforce. Enjoy real-time syncing between Salesmsg and Salesforce for contacts, calls and more.

Salesforce Widget

Now you can use Salesmsg directly from your Contacts and Leads pages inside Salesforce. Easily view and send text messages from a contact's profile with our new Salesmsg Widget. Craft better text messages with our Salesmsg AI Texting Assistant for more effective communication and lead nurturing from the moment a new lead joins your Salesforce list. Plus, much more.

Salesforce Integration Updates
Salesforce Integration Updates

Salesforce Mass Texting

Exciting news for Salesforce users: Our Mass SMS feature now flawlessly operates in both the Classic and Lightning modes of Salesforce! Enjoy effortless bulk SMS sending with saved replies, merged fields, new short URLs and much more.

Salesforce Person Account Support

Connect your Salesforce Person Accounts to Salesmsg just like you do with regular contacts. Once connected, you’ll enjoy similar features like the Salesmsg Widget, message and call logging, mass SMS and info synchronization between Salesmsg and Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Updates
Salesforce Integration Updates

Salesforce Sandbox

Easily connect Salesmsg to your Salesforce Sandbox environment, so you can test out the integration with complete peace of mind. Simply log into your Salesforce Sandbox, visit the Salesmsg integrations page, and select "connect." If needed, adjust the URL to direct to your Sandbox environment for seamless integration. Then you’ll be able to test out all the same features as our app.

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