Q4, 2023 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

HubSpot's Latest Boost: Enhanced Workflows, Seamless Salesmsg Integration, and Smarter Communication with Salesmsg Widget!

Q4, 2023 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

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Q4, 2023 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Ringless Voicemail in Workflows

HubSpot now offers Ringless Voicemail in Workflows! Connect with more clients faster - no more intrusive calls. Seamlessly deliver vital messages via voicemail notifications directly from HubSpot.

Custom Objects Workflows

Guess what's new in HubSpot Workflows? You can now power them up with Salesmsg Custom Objects! Want to send SMS, Ringless Voicemail, and add contacts effortlessly? It's all in there!

Q4, 2023 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates
Q4, 2023 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

Single Delivery Guarantee

We've enhanced workflow messaging. Send two identical messages via HubSpot? No worries! The system flags the duplicate, keeping communication clutter-free and super efficient for you!

Enhanced Widget

Guess what's making HubSpot communication even better? Say hello to the revamped Salesmsg Widget! Enjoy new navigation, expanded windows, more rows, and enhanced real-time timeline event management for an informative and seamless experience.

Q4, 2023 - HubSpot Quarterly Updates

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